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double dipping

so budd & I went to see the expendables on wednesday.
*ahem* spoilers below:
wtf @ sylvester stallone & his characters (rambo & the guy he plays in this movie) having some sort of connection with some chick that never gets explained. why does rambo care that some chick jesus fan wants to go to burma? why does whatever-this-guy's-name-is care that some chick didn't leave her country? I seriously want to know.
at least the chick from this movie is hot, but the one from rambo is... well, mediocre, at best.
*sigh* done I suppose.

oh and for an update in wow!
we downed lk last night.
I can tell you're excited.
I was... underwhelmed.
with a 30% buff to us and this late in the game... well, I guess it's still better than not having killed him.
perhaps this is why I'm mostly indifferent to raiding. whether we wipe or whether we kill the boss, I always seem to be doing the same thing as I was doing the attempts before, to where I know the outcome of the encounter doesn't really rely on me.
the last time I felt like I really made a difference was back in BC, against alar in TK. I was the last healer up for about 5 mins (not really sure, but it felt like forever) and was chain casting the entire time. gg! my twin ocd's must-have-retarded-amounts-of-mana-regen-in-case-I'm-ever-the-last-healer-up and must-stack-haste-because-I-want-to-pretend-I'm-secretly-a-shaman let us have our first alar kill.
the best time I've ever had was in ZA, on our first bear run. it was the first time we 2 healed it, and we were trying killing the first few bosses in a different order than usual. that night was the best boss kill I've ever had. seriously.
perhaps if we had ever legitimately killed kael, since we put so much effort into him. significantly more time than we spent on illidan, and then I never saw sunwell.
I dunno. we downed lk after... maybe 3 real weeks of attempts. as opposed to the months I spent wiping on kael.
so anyhow, I've got some screenshots from last night's kill, and since this is my blog you may have to suffer through seeing them.

I'm off work early, and I think I may enjoy some cherry garcia while reading one of the harry potter books.
just to be sure, you know, that my favorite ice cream has actually changed.

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Thursday, August 12, 2010 :::

ice cream 4: s'mores

it's been a while since I ate this one, but I haven't gotten around to blogging since I've been busy playing dress up.
well, the chocolate ice cream was pretty great. which is a good thing, you know, since it's the bigger portion of the pint.
from the description it sounded like it'd be rocky road but with no nuts and added cinnamon.
and I love me some cinnamon.
there were marshmallows, I guess, but I don't know that I can differentiate between "cold marshmallow" and "cold toasted marshmallow." maybe if I was more of a marshmallow connoisseur, but my love of fish sticks leaves room for no other!
the places where the cinnamon swirl were... like, it made the ice cream come off in chunks. does that make any sense? wherever the cinnamon swirl was the ice cream would come off in huge spoonfuls along the cinnamon-fault line, rather than just a regular spoonful. not bad, just kind of inconvenient.
supposedly it had bits of fudge, and it probably did, just I don't remember them.
so yes. pretty similar to rocky road, imo. just with cinnamon instead of nuts. maybe, anyway. now that I think about it all I know is rocky road is chocolate ice cream with marshmallows and some kind of nuts? just googled it, and indeed rocky road is chocolate ice cream with marshmallows and usually bits of almonds. according to wikipedia it's the 10th most popular ice cream flavor. but wikipedia lies (read: I am still crushed by the biblioburro incident).

biggest pro: yum chocolate ice cream
biggest con: cinnamon fault lines

TLDR: blue bell's rocky road is cheaper and easier to handle

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Sunday, August 08, 2010 :::

aw :x

my mom sent me a birthday gift...
a big box full of 10 bags of apple chips.

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Friday, August 06, 2010 :::

WoW RP clothes

so you know how I'm a chick? well in case you didn't, I am.
and I play a lot of WoW, right?
I collect non-combat pets and mounts.
I have a full set of the biggest bags in the game (well, minus 1 bag slot and 3 last-expansion's-biggest-herb-bags) with all bag slots purchased in my bank.
those bags slots used to be filled with assorted pets and mounts (before blizzard made them not take up any inventory space in this expansion).
now I collect clothes. and some cool looking weapons.
kind of.
it's gotten worse over this expansion, what with bigger bags and my mounts & pets not requiring inventory space.

I've been meaning to screenshot all the shit I have now and show y'all, 'cause that's how awesome I think it is.
I mentioned my brother being in town, right?
I'm pretty sure I did. well his daughter was intrigued with WoW and how I have one of each healer (so was my brother).
so I logged into my favorite character (the ever popular sockninja1) and decided to show them some of the outfits I've created.
my awesome fishing outfit, my cooking outfit, my full set of t6 (the bits that I actually deserved, not just stuff I can get at 80), my nearly complete t1 set2 (milkdud & I run MC almost weekly), the s2 armor that makes sock's wide & child bearing hips look not quite so wide, assorted cute dresses complete with matching MH/OH3 frill & head pieces, a yellow outfit I made when I finally got my AB tabard, and... you get the idea.

I recently acquired a chest piece that looks like a tshirt while questing on my little female creature and knew I had to get it on sock while I had the chance (before cata may-or-may-not remove the quest). so I did, and had been trying to build an outfit around it.

I picked up some awesome (lame) looking socks & sandals shoes a while back in a BWL I got invited to.
aurora pants look a lot like some rolled up jeans, and I liked the look but I've been aching to use that foot piece I just mentioned.
so I headed over to the auction house to "try on" all the leg items listed. by sheer luck I happened to find some shorts (at least, they look like shorts on a human female).
I give you the only wow shorts I've been able to find.
they went fairly well with the outfit I had in mind, so I snatched them up.
I also put on an offhand that looks like a plain black book.
I'm pretty happy with how the outfit looks so far - like I'm heading off for some light reading in the sun somewhere.

since then, though, I've been trying to find more shorts.
and I've not found anything! well I found some scandalous panties but I'm not into my priest looking like a whore. I also have seen a lot of capri type things, but I want something above the knee.
slave suggested trying wow model viewer a try, and I guess I'm gonna have to.
in the past I've tried checking a WoW database for all cloth leg items (was looking for a nice skirt to go with my sawbones shirt), but having to go through and click on each one & then also view in 3d takes FOREVER.

so I'm at a loss.
we all know how much I hate talking to people I don't know, but I'm pretty close to registering at a WoW RP clothes site and asking if folks there have seen any others.
but ugh I don't want to.

anyhow, I'll be back soon with a write up of my latest ice cream taste test.
for now, I'm off to try and convince budd to get me some spinach alfredo pizza. yum~

and yes, I got a bit carried away with the superscript. I know.
too bad I didn't feel like looking up go-to :P

1 give my gear a break; my guild is less-than-casual (read: dead) and I hate pugs. AND I raid mostly as holy (hence the heavy spirit) but spend most of my time as disc
2 benediction included, along with vanilla enchants :) and sometimes I LFD with 2 pallies and heal heroics in it :D
3 main hand/off hand

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Tuesday, August 03, 2010 :::

maybe they do have souls after all

my brother was in town for a death in our family... I spent about 18 hours with his kids this past thursday. it was pretty intense, though they were remarkably well behaved.
the kids were pretty impressed with budd. his video game collection was a factor.

oh and good news - starting tomorrow sweet potato fries are back at outback!

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Sunday, August 01, 2010 :::

ice cream 3: peach cobbler

it was fantastic, y'all.
the peach ice cream was tasty, the bits of crust (shortbread, I think?) were great, and there were huge chunks of peaches as well.
I feel like I should try to tell you more about it, but I think the only thing that would explain it is to pick up your own pint and give it a whirl.

biggest pro: I am a huge fan of peach cobbler
biggest con: for how good the bits of crust were, there should have been a few more

TLDR: cherry garcia is dead. long live peach cobbler.

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