Wednesday, February 23, 2011 :::

just gimme an excuse

I wanna go back to dallas. I am trying to convince lus he should take a few days off and we can make a road trip out of it.
I'm gonna miss him so much when he's gone.
but for now - off to my sister's to put together furniture!

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Saturday, February 19, 2011 :::


the only thing that could make this trip better is if lus was here to eat all this deliciousness too (not that I don't love you guys that are here with me, 'cause I do! <3 to all of you!)
the downside is: I've probably gained 10 pounds

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011 :::

battle for shelf space: which action figure will win?!

my trip to dallas has been so much fun. the food here is so wonderful and I don't ever want to go back to lubbock.
of course, I'm kind of afraid of crowds... and DFW is full of people.
still, though, fantastic food!

ikea was great. held off on buying the stuff until I'm headed out of town because the box for the couch is fucking huge.
and the rug is pretty huge too.
and after dicking around with a loft bed on display, I'm seriously considering just buying one instead of making one. I dunno, though - there's still so much stuff I hafta buy. I should sit down with a calculator and figure shit out.
on the bright side, when I get back into town I'll either have an entire half bedroom complete, or possibly the whole bedroom (depends on the bed).
I'm seriously thinking about getting rid of the huge desk that I have, since I haven't really used a desktop computer in years. but lus gave me a printer, and it'd be nice to have somewhere to put it.... guess we'll see.
I could just hold off on buying the bed and come back around for another vacation (seriously it's been like a week long slumber party so far) and lord knows my dad would be up for that. plus, now that I think about it, the box for the couch is so big that I don't think I could fit the box for the bed and the box for the couch in my truck's bed even if I wanted to.
I will talk things over with my dad and take it from there.

speaking of the slumber party.. I have had more to drink in the last week than... probably about the last 3 years.
there's this star trek drinking game....

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Saturday, February 05, 2011 :::

it lives!

so this past wednesday & thursday my dad and I spent a few hours making me a bookshelf.
I'm pressed for space in my room, and previously I'd been using 3 small bookshelves (~ 3' tall, ~2' wide) and one large one (~ 5' tall, ~2' wide)... and I decided to make one big bookshelf to save on space.
I decided to place it along the wall by the door (the place where previously I'd been able to fit 2 small bookshelves) so it's 8' tall by 6' wide.
here are some pics!

me & my dad after getting one side attached

the back support

my dad standing next to it, before we attached it to the wall

loading books into it - found my copy of women

found my copy of the earthsea quartet

me unpacking a box of star trek books

books unpacked - still one entirely empty shelf up top!

so far I'm pretty happy with it :)
I've still gotta make a new coffee table, but my biggest concern is making my bed.
did I mention I plan on making my bed?
I'm hoping to build a loft bed (saving space is a continuing theme), so we'll see how that turns out.
and I knoooooow - the biggest space saver is the nook budd got me for christmas.

I'm REALLY looking forward to having my own space again.
if I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: I am never sharing a 1-bedroom anything with anyone again.

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Tuesday, February 01, 2011 :::

hurry up and wait

well, I've filled out my fafsa and applied to my current college of choice.
just need to mail in my application fee and then start requesting transcripts.
hopefully I'll get in, but my gpa is gonna be super low.
so low I will have to petition the dean to get accepted.
but hey! hopefully I'll get started in the summer, or in the fall at the latest.

it's fucking freezing out.
so far, the warmest it's gotten is a whopping 9 degrees.
gonna make some tea here in a bit, and then get started on my model-to-scale loft bed.

I'm heading to dallas next week to stop by ikea.
I have a couch all picked out:

I haven't decided on an area rug, but I'm hoping to get one as well.

have decided to build the bed and bookshelf, and buy a couch & closet organizer.
it's gonna be great! wooh!
still need another fridge.. but then I should be set.
aaaaand gonna go make some tea.

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