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Oh my goodness Jonathan... I don't think anyone would know what you're talking about...

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It's like 75 degres out and I'm wearing my wool greatcoat....which weighs like 30 pounds. I'm THAT cold.

just had to tell you.

I'm still older than ha...ha ha....hahahahahaha....hahahahahh..haha..ha..hahahahahaha....wait...haha...ha

I just finished 'Princess Mononoke". good movie. you should watch it.

*dozes* *wakes up* oh hi.

where was I?

oh yeah. So there I was. 20 of them in front of me. 20 behind, and 20 on each side...

I had no option...I ate the whole thing.


Is it me or do you have no clue what I am saying either? ^_^

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Wow I'm bored. I was like... crazy tired earlier and had such plans to go to sleep. David and I stopped by WalMart earlier and FINALLY bought Desperado... and get this - it came with El Mariachi. I feel sooooooo hispanic right now. It turns out I watched El Mariachi in Spanish!! I like.. didn't even know it 'till the end... guess they used a word that's not in my vocabulary. lol. Anyhow... I still feel like SuperHispanic!

This d00d I used to know is apparently trying to convince me that David's cheating on me. Guess he doens't know David too well. Or maybe it's that he doens't know me too well. I do admit I'm kind of high maintenance.... so yeah. Anyhow... the point of this paragraph is to tell David that I don't think he's cheating on me. I know... Physics is hard.
Speaking of physics... I'm looking into buying my own domain. I know I talk about it often and haven't actually done anything (kinda like david and him getting a mac, eh?), but now there's not too much of an excuse. If nothing else I'm getting rid of my msn acct and switching to .mac sometime soon. I'd like to do it now but apparently I've jacked up my mail settings and can't send mail using the little mail feature on this comp. I dunno exactly what .mac offers, but I think it's time for a new email address anyway. Now I'm still gonna need an isp, though. I'm still iPod less, so I don't need high-speed just yet, but Godwilling I'll be getting it soon.
I get paid 3 times in August... so I'm stoked! An extra $300! That'll be my spending money unless I can't get my bday weekend off. I dunno... I had been really stoked about going to Vegas for my 21st, but since I'm not gonna be able to do that... just seems like another birthday. I did tell a buddy of mine I'd buy him a bottle of something, since I finally can.
Looks like I'm out.

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Ok so I just went to PetsMart and picked up more puppy food for Squishy 'cause my little man had run out. He had like busted through this whole serving so I rushed out to get him more since he was starved. While I was there I picked up some BitterApple (so he'll stop chewing on my Nemesis action figures) and this rawhide chew bone that's like... the size of him.
So I bring it all home and I'm thinking he'll be stoked 'cause he's hungry. But noooo.. not this little man. He jumps at the bone chew thingy and he's not let go since then. And it's sooo been like an hour since I got back!
*shaking head*

I'm still working on getting those pics of baby Lucky uploaded somewhere so I can link to them and then ya'll can all feel my pain. Lucky was crazy cute when he was a baby and look how.... unproportional... he turned out.

David! Feel free to host those pics for me!!!

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So I was at maddpr0n, right. And I was talking to my old buddy r00, and this is what he posted there.

what the shizzle?
so like i was gonna put this great post regarding
this really great anime i saw called "FLCL (furikuri)"
with pictures and stuff.. or at least one pic..and i
couldn't even upload the damn thing 'cuz it was like
"no d00d"..and i was like "wtf, d00d?!" ... it was like
" d00d.." ggrrrrrRRRrrr!

I just thought that was crazy funny.

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Monday, July 28, 2003 :::


Ok... So David's stoked about this mac. I like to call it the POS.
But I'll give it props. It connected to the web and we didn't even know it.

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Wish I could just fall asleep.


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*dances around happily*

Hi hi!! Stopping by to catch up on things. Will return. I pomise.


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OK... now what in bloody hell is up with all the older than dirt geezers that keep hitting on me?!?!

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So I've got this boyfriend, right? Sounds great, doesn't it? And I should understand that there are things he's gotta do, right? 'Cause everyone's got things they've gotta do. And no matter who I'm dating there's gonna be something, at some point in time, that he's gonna have to do. I've been through this before, remember?
I remember one of my teachers in high school used to always say "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always gotten." Words of wisdom, ya know?
So what I've gotta stop doing is throwing a fit everytime whoever I happen to be dating has something he's gotta do.
Easier said than done, I'm sure.
So let's face it. I'm spoiled. And I still throw tantrums every time I don't get what I want. And just last night I was talking about how much growing up I've done since I moved here. Makes me wonder who I'm trying to convince... I'm not sure I believe it anymore.
And now I'm back to wanting to go home.
I talked to BoB a couple of weeks ago. I had made him this photo album for him for our five year anniversary, and since I never figured he and I'd break up I'd put a lot of original photos in it. And not just pics of us but pics of our friends and families and such. I had been feeling kinda homesick lately and around his birthday I'd called him to wish him a good year and the likes and he and I started talking... catching up, ya know? After all this time he still knows me really well. So I asked him to ship me that album so I could make copies of some of the photos.
In some manner he took that to mean that I miss him. Now don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't miss him. But David's a whole different person than Bobby. It's just nice to have a history with someone. Like I can tell David about stuff that happened when I was in high school, but BoB was there. And there are certain aspects of BoB that I do miss a lot. He was a huge part of my life for so many years... and it was the years that matter most. I mean, if it wasn't for him, I'd never have played paintball, or installed a stereo... or eaten meat. It's crazy.
And I'm so used to getting what I want right when I want it. He was this big bad guy to the rest of the world but he would've done anything if I asked him to. Except go on vacation with us. I never did manage to get him to go on vacation with us.
David's not like that. He's the same way with me as he is with any of his friends. And that's not a bad thing, it's just not something I'm used to.
I always wanted a boyfriend that would do anything for me, not everything for me. BoB did everything for me, and David would do anything for me.
So now that I've got what I've always wanted.... why am I so dangerously close to throwing another one of my infamous tantrums and sending it all to hell?

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Well my mom's just gone back home. Apparently she'd been running around California for the last couple of weeks and then dropped by up here. Or down here, is it? *shrug* I dunno. I'm still used to living in the Valley where everything, except Mexico, is "up" there. We've our own little language down there. Like "going across" means going over to Mex to party. I miss the Valley. All the familiar faces and places and such. A friend of mine told me that everything's changed since we graduated. That all the construction that had been going on is done and all the roads are new and buildings have popped up and all that jazz.
Sometimes I wanna go back. To just give up and go home. But even though I've not got as many friends here, and that there's hardly anyone I can just chill with... I don't wanna go back 'cause of all the things that've gone on back there. We were all a lot younger and I admit I still make some pretty rash decisions, but I think I've grown up a lot. I really do feel that this move was good for me as a person... and yeah, so I can't go to Whataburger and have a discussion about the speed of light, or pop down my tailgate in my driveway and just see who drops by... but I guess that's what this whole "growing up" thing is all about.
I do miss the ocean, though.

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Thought I'd put another pic of my guy up here...

Don't see him often anymore... he's always studying and then there is the whole different schedule thing. Considering that I think we've done fairly well. He's a keeper, eh? So long as you don't pay too much attention to details, and Lord knows you ought not go poking around his site. Kinda worries me sometimes, actually.
*tilting head*

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So I saw Johnny English. I'm tellin ya, that d00d is my hero. Not a single word outta his mouth the entire movie.

On a lighter note I saw Pirates of the Carribean. It's the second movie this summer that I will actually recommend. Johnny Depp's character, Capt Jack Sparrow, is the the real kicker. I wanna be a pirate, if I could manage to get outta so many scrapes.

Well there's loads more to talk about but I'm just not in the mood to type right now.

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Well I've got loads to talk about... didn't think this whole thing would be that big of a deal.
Think I'll write more tonight, just wanted to answer ya Cliff.

No worries, I hate this life too.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2003 :::


im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired
what is this world coming to when you have to work for a living????

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oh my goodness... this is crazy!

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Oh my goodness I am sooooo soooo soooooo sleepy. *yawn*

Well what can I talk about today? There's nothing really going on in my life... today was a fairly lazy day.
I did talk to Joe today - told him I'd put a few links on this post for him. Here goes.

and this is the back

Now is it just me, or are these shirts not the greatest?

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Oh my goodness I had the worst experience today.
I went out for breakfast this morning so I got home kinda late and really tired. And my little man just would not go to sleep this morning. He was wide awake and kinda hyper. So I called David and asked if I could take Squishy over there for a while so I could get some sleep.
He said I could, so I packed up Senior Squish and headed over to David's.
I left Lucky running around the apt and put Squishy in the bathroom.
When I woke up I was gonna grab Squishy so we could play. Guess what I found waiting for me in David's bedroom.
If you guessed about a pound of doggy poopy, you were right.
It was disgusting. A huge mound of poopies. And since I had left Lucky free and David was at Aroma's studying, I felt like it was my duty to clean up the mess.
So I did. And let me tell you it was some stench.
*shaking head*
Remind me to never feel obligated to clean up Lucky's poo ever again.


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Sunday, July 20, 2003 :::


Wow. Life can be so fragile.

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ooh.......... google is the awesomest!

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I took Squishy to the vet on Thursday - that little man is costing me loads of money. But that's not what this post is about. What I'm going to talk about is something that happened while we were waiting to be seen.

My neice, Sandra, and I were sitting there with Squish in the waiting room... waiting. There was also a man with a medium sized dog and a woman with two large dogs. Anyhow, we were all sitting there talking about nothing in particular... the weather, and how Squishy looks like a jack russell. Then this d00d walks in... early 20s and kinda ratty looking to be honest. He's got in his hands this little teeny weeny dog. Looks kinda odd seeing as how he'd just stepped off a lifted z71.
So he walks to the counter and tells the receptionist that he'd found this dog... about 12 blocks away. He'd tried calling the number on the dog's tag, but there was no answer. Since the rabies tag said the name of the vet clinic, he'd decided to just drop by and leave the dog there. He was on his way back to work after lunch and couldn't spare any more time, but he'd sure appreciate it if the office could give that number a call again.

I thought that was just the sweetest thing in the world. Not 20 minutes later the dog's owner showed up and took the little guy home.

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Monday, July 14, 2003 :::


Yay! Squishy comes home today! In just a couple of hours it'll be back to getting my toes bitten and making sure he doesn't go poopies anywhere he shouldn't.

I love my little man.

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Oh my goodness I want an iPod sooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad!!!
I'm gonna get it as soon as I can afford it.

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Sunday, July 13, 2003 :::


Well it's all been worked out now.

I'm still sore. I decided a couple of days ago that I was gonna start working out so that I won't look so disgusting and all. And my legs are extraordinarily sore. *sigh*
I'm sooo out of shape.

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Saturday, July 12, 2003 :::


Ok there's a major hitch in my plans. Apple doesn't ship to PO Boxes. I tried calling David and having it shipped to him, but he's not answered. *sigh*

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So I've decided I want an apple.
I was watching Legally Blonde a while back and I've decided that I want one too.
I'm kinda funny like that.
It's quite an impulse purchase.

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So I want these...

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OK.... so I guess I'm keeping my makeshift column.

And welcome back, jonathan.
Just don't tell David I kissed you - You know how silly boyfriends can be. *rolling eyes*

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I found the address Tina. So.....I'm back...

*continues his maniachal laughing*

HAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAHHH *chokes* *coughs* *stops laughing*


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Sunday, July 06, 2003 :::


Grr... I hate this thing.

Maybe I can get my AWESOME friend Chris to help me do this... or maybe do it for me?
Now if only he was sober enough to remember his name. *rolling eyes*

Fairly tired tonight. We went bowling today. I did really bad. On purpose, kinda. You know how it's always more fun to go and do things you suck at with people who suck at it too? Well, I think that's loads more fun than going places and being competitive with other people who are competitive. You know I bowled a perfect game once. Aaaages ago. Maybe that's why I'm not too concerned about any of this - the whole score thing. Ya know? I mean, I guess I could try and all, but what's the point? I'd most likely just get upset if I was busting my bum and coming up short. *shrug* I shall continue to stand and bowl.

Squishy's with David tonight. Hope everything's ok - that David doesn't roll over and squish him (making his name a self-fufilling prophesy) or Lucky decided to eat him.


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I finally added that column I'd been talking about. It's not exactly what I wanted (obviously), but it'll do for now. There's always next weekend to try and figure it all out. *sigh*

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*trumpets blaring*
Here's my finished Top Ten List.

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Saturday, July 05, 2003 :::


I went to a parade this past morning. Somehow in all the hustle and bustle I told David that when I was younger I used to want to be a dance instructor. I'd wanted to have my own dance studio and the whole deal. Hadn't thought about that in years. I sure do miss dancing, though. Did keep me in shape, and was very good for flexibilty. I've still no plan for my future, aside from get my bum back in school. Don't even know what classes I'm gonna take. *shrug*

You know, life is a very fragile thing. One minute you're talking with someone.... and the next minute you've slipped into afib then vtach then it's grab the crash cart need a pump for these iv meds can't find one so squeeze it then clear! then someone's paging a doc to have you pronounced. And it's all recorded...... we all know exactly what time you slipped into vtach, when you were shocked and how many joules were used. But no matter. You're still dead.

I'm a donor.

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Ok guys so here's the deal. Ya'll all know about my guy David, right?
Well he recently had this epiphany that's he's erm.... how did he put it? Weird. Yeah. He just realized he's weird.
And I was poking around his site tonight and look at what I found.


I worry about him. Worry more about myself, though. 'Cause I'm his girlfriend. So what's all this say about me?

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And to complete my Top Ten List.....


Think I'm gonna republish the whole list... and maybe put them in order too. Just took me aaaages to find a pic of this d00d.

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