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well I saw this on my stupid dog back in april, and I've been meaning to answer it since I read farenheit 451... so here goes.

1. You're stuck inside Fahrenheit 451. Which book do you want to be?
I'm gonna hafta say stranger in a strange land, since I think the whole 'thou art god' is worth chewing on

2. Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character?
lol - obviously

3. The last book you bought was...?
the battle of betazed (a star trek: the next generation book) and the battle for god

4. The last book you read was...?
book 1 of vulcan's soul - exodus

5. What are you currently reading?
I'm about halfway through battle of betazed, a fourth of the way through house of leaves, 3/4 of the way through the people's catechism, and a third of the way through catechism of the catholic faith. I carry all of them around with me in my bag... I read whatever I'm in the mood for.

6. Five books you would take to a desert island...
the once and future king, stranger in a strange land, vulcan's heart (another star trek book)... and I'm not sure what else.

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but I like the panflute!

lus, however, never did.

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ds9 rawks muh socks!

the reason I'm such a fan of ds9 is because of who's in it! I ~love~ garak, the ex-spy turned tailor, and bashir, the genetically enhanced doctor, the jem'hadar, genetically engineered soldiers who are near the ultimate warriors....
dax, the symbiotic slug that's lived through at least 9 lifetimes, kira nerys, an ex-resistance fighter who's joined the bajoran militia, sisko, who is emissary to the prophets, odo, the shapeshifter who's not got any idea if there are others like him - well, 'till they show up to be at the head of the dominion...
mostly garak, the jem'hadar, and bashir are my favorites.

When once asked by Bashir whether he was an outcast or a spy, Garak suggested that maybe "he was an outcast spy." The Doctor asked how he could be both, and Garak simply replied "I never said I was either."

Before each battle, the First states the following speech to his unit:
     "I am [Rank] [Name], and I am dead. As of this moment, we are all dead. We go into battle to reclaim our lives. This we do gladly, for we are Jem'Hadar. Remember - victory is life."
The rest of the unit then responds:
     "Victory is life."

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Thursday, September 29, 2005 :::

brilliant ideas

apparently home depot can not match a color if all I can provide them with is the hexidecimal code.
but since they can match colors if I take in a sample, my plan is to get one of those color maps and point and get them to match it that way.
hopefully, anyway.
/me crosses fingers

work has been really hectic, and I've got a few more hours here.
makes me really wanna rent a room & sit in a hot tub for hours.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005 :::

wish you were here

I sure would like to be sipping coffee from my new toothpaste for dinner coffee mug while reading my new (and autographed) toothpaste for dinner books.

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I could get used to this...

but it would not be cost effective.

I came to work this morning @ 09, then went to lunch from 1230-14.
instead of going home I stopped by barne's & noble and poked around for a bit - picked up the battle for betazed (I've been aching to read it since I read lwaxana's bit in tales of the dominion war) and anxiously grabbed the battle for god.
then I stopped by chickfila for food...

I've gotten a lot of things off my wishlist - it's down to 100 from ~ 115 or so.
now I've just gotta spend more time reading and less time sleeping.
or maybe just more time awake during the day?
/me shrug
oh and rob's back from thailand! yay!

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canvas & paint

I wonder... if I take a hexidecimal code for a color to home depot, can they match it for me?
I'm thinking about reproducing some art I've found on the web, but I want it to match as closely as possible...
but I'm also kinda embarrassed to ask the little paint d00d at the store.
maybe I should call it in?

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are you the sweet invention of a lover's dream?

adrian and I've decided to date again.
seemed like a good idea to make it retroactive since we'd been spending so much time together lately, so we've decided to make it effective as of the day we hung out at best buy & watched the brothers grimm.
so since sept 3.

I read a book night before last... something in the book reminded me of him.
it was interesting to want to see him or talk to him right that moment.
instead of calling him I just sat up for a bit, took note of how I felt, and then went back to reading.
some romantic I am, eh?

I had the weirdest dream btwn 07 and 0730 this morning...
the kid was in it, and I was taking her to school or something, and playing hopscotch, maybe?
amy was there too, and I was asking her why she divorced berto while we played with the kid...
then lj, this kid I met at that hardcore show javi-er took me to... he was vomiting, so he tried to get into my bathroom, but jeremy (AKA tooter) was in there and refused to come out...
and we'd had brkfst or something, so lj was vomiting up bits of potato on my couch and almost hit me with his projectile vomit.
so yes. gross dream.

and ever since I watched cinderella I've had all those awesome songs in my head.
like, constantly.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005 :::

quizzes aplenty

You are a

Social Liberal
(70% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(30% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

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I see your blood as soil

so we went straight to the theatre after I got off work on friday... we got there a bit before they started seating for our show, so we sat around in the lobby. well, adrian sat. I was standing around not far from him.
we're there talking about some little chick who was wearing a shirt very similar to a disco ball, and I was recalling how I used to dress when I was her age.
then some woman comes up to us and asks if I would watch her child.
"will you watch her for a bit?" and runs off to do something.
and this kid is cute, ya'll. a little morenita with hair down to her waist that curled at the tips... maybe 5 or 6 years old.
I sit her down and ask all the mandatory kid questions - what's your name? how old are you? blah blah blah?
and she's an awful cute kid.
before too long her caretaker comes back to retrieve her.

now I guess I look trustable, but I still can't believe that woman left her child with me!
adrian made some comment about my "unassuming yet predatory nature" a few nights ago (in a totally unrelated incident). it may be possible that I come off as more... harmless than indifferent, but still.
that woman's lucky I didn't run off with that kid.
don't get me wrong - it's not like I want a little person just yet.
but she was awful cute.

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Monday, September 26, 2005 :::

for fuck's sake

taki had 4 baby hamsters on thursday.
they were dead by saturday.
apparently she was pregnant when I got her.

I got another hairless hamster - the last one that was there.
I've named him simon, for jet li's character in black mask.
hwoarang beat the crap out of him... I'm gonna need a 3rd cage.
/me sigh

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Friday, September 23, 2005 :::

I wish my car was this dirty

adrian & I are both fans of tim burton, so we're gonna go watch the corpse bride here in a few.
we went and saw the emily rose story last night... think he was wigging out more than I was. mostly it just left me wanting black contacts.

and apparently the jesus fan is quite popular.
and has clear urine, too.
/me winks

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I call him tooter for a reason

so um... I was at market street last night... picked up assorted fruits I've never eaten before, one being a little box of cape gooseberries.
I didn't like them too much so I brought them to work with me, in hopes that the guys would eat 'em.
so gizmo took one, bitched about how it tasted, and refused any more.
tooter... he took one, licked it, held it in his mouth for a few mins, then decided to SPIT IT AT THE WALL! once it bounced off the wall he scooped it up, wiped it off on his jeans, then popped it back into his mouth while hollaring, "five second rule!"
then he bit into it, made a face, and spit it into a napkin and threw it into the garbage.
/me shaking head
he does an awesome pig impression though... sounds just like a pig oinking.

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Thursday, September 22, 2005 :::

human nature does not allow for happiness

or maybe it's just me.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005 :::

interested or not?

I'm not sure why anyone would be so damned intent on going out with me.
seriously - I'm not that great. I'd rather stay home and read or play video games than go out and face the crowds. and as much as I hate to admit it, I do tend to lean towards being a nerd.
and I don't even want someone that's going to be around all the time - I'd rather jack around on my own or with friends than spend every day with my "significant other."
/me sigh

I went and managed to get a hold of a vhs copy of soldier (rawk!) & a copy of bloodsport (w00t!), and I also grabbed a copy of suicide kings (I've never seen it, but it came highly recommended). and I got 4 cassette tapes (I didn't know they still made them). I got adrian a vanilla ice tape - I could tell he wanted it. lol
we were at the mall to get balls for my hamsters, and I grabbed those plus some new food. their brother was still there, but I didn't get him 'cause I don't think there's enough room for him. I'll need a bigger cage, and I'm planning on getting them a bigger one anyway... so hopefully I can do that pretty soon.

I feel gross.
I've been achy everywhere plus the severe pain in my shoulder... and I've been absurdly queasy today too (I blame that on the massive headache I've got).
I bought some tylenol pm (yes I know, but I'm sure my liver will be fine) and slept for about 12 hours last night, but I still feel gross.
think I'm gonna do that again tonight, and hope I feel better tomorrow.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005 :::

so much for the glory of rome

omfg my head hurts.
seriously - it's hard to focus it hurts so much.

I played a bit of mercenaries last night then fell asleep.
I'd had such plans to have subway for dinner, get to the mall for balls for my hamsters, and go watch a movie at the theatre.
instead I played for about 15 mins then dozed off.

and I just found out that .mac no longer comes with virex... I'll need to purchase an antivirus prog... guess I'll go with norton or something.
I won't hafta make that leap for another few months, but at least it'll happen sometime soon.
I sure miss os, though.

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Monday, September 19, 2005 :::

I'm a huntress on an african safari

I forced adrian to watch cinderella with me!
it was a lot worse than I remember it being, but omg I still remembered some of the convs and a surprising number of the songs.
I do love that movie.
/me nostalgic
and he bought me a book, ya'll.
/me loves bubba forever
he got me a copy of tales of the dominion war, a book I've been wanting for years (literally) but never quite makes it home with me.
I got all teary-eyed when I was reading lwaxana's story.

I finally got new bedding & proper food for the hamsters.
I'm gonna run by the petstore before I go home, to pick up a couple of those balls for them to run around in... and I'm kinda concerned that if the other naked hamster is still there that I'll buy him.
guess we'll see, eh?

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Friday, September 16, 2005 :::

I believe in you

my sis came over last night... we chatted w/ my little neighbor for a bit then watched the last 2 dvds of firefly.
I bought her the immortal edition of the first highlander movie a few days ago, but hadn't given it to her 'till last night - she hopped around and screamed a bit.
/me rolling eyes
we were up 'til 06 watching firefly; I went to bed & she put on the movie.

I was late to work today.
I'm not sure if maybe my alarm just didn't go off or if it did and I turned it off.
/me sigh

I think maybe I'll rent a room this weekend... or maybe next weekend...
I dunno. but I think I wanna just lay in a hot tub for a few hours.

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Thursday, September 15, 2005 :::

user does not exist

I keep buying crap.
in the last few days I've bought final fantasy 7, tekken tag, a ps1 memory card, 2 toothpaste for dinner books, a toothpaste for dinner coffee mug, hamsters & hamster junk, a tshirt, the firefly comic books, and assorted other crap that's not worth listing.
I think it's 'cause my lease is almost up, and I can see the end of my budgeting days.

think the first thing I'm gonna buy is a fridge, and then I'll start saving for a new computer.
and at some point I'd like to get a cell phone of my own again, but I'm not so tied to it as I used to be.
honestly I'm not in too big a rush to get a new computer, aside from when I get really frustrated with using windows at work.
I really wanna get some new bookshelves, and loads of books to fill them.
hm. I'm not sure when this shift in my choice of pastimes occurred.
/me shrugs

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005 :::

he can stand alone

I've always needed reinforcement.

I wonder if I shape my life or if my life shapes me.
if I make choices or if the choices make me.

someday I will stand alone too.
I'm still not sure if that's good or bad.

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I'm convinced they think they're going somewhere

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crippled and septic

[18:24] milkdud: *Kills Brannon Braga will a well placed shot to the head, the exploding head causes Berman to impale his face on a straw, because he's a puss*

from what I've heard of the way enterprise ended, how is this even possible?

"This would take place just a couple of years after the end of the events in ENTERPRISE but well before the original series, and it would look at the inciting incident that started everything," [Jendresen] states. "The story is big and epic, and it isn't as antiseptic as the television stories had to be."

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005 :::

"get your nuts off my pellet"

I bought some pets yesterday evening: hwoarang the hairless hamster and taki the screaming, poo-flinging hamster-ette
they're fucking ugly, ya'll.

(that's not one of mine, but it looks just like 'em)
they were so gross looking...
I went to the pet store intent on getting a guinea pig, but when I saw these hairless hamsters I was like, "omfg they're disgusting!" -pause- "I'll take 2!"
and I did. and I brought them home and still think they're the most disgusting things.
and the d00d! omfg! his balls are huge! they look like tumors!
(and no, I'm not infatuated, but if I was a d00d I'm fairly sure I'd have an inferiority complex by now)

omfg these guys
some kid messaged me... asking if we could chat...
gizmo was like, "we can not chat here, but we can chat there"
the kid said, "here"
gizmo said, "there"
and then the kid said "asl" so I blocked him.

I played a lot of socom last night...
I haven't played in ages; I'm not very good... but I'm prepping for socom 3.
and omg! we played some survival in soul cal 2 last night... there's this one bit called death match... javi-er and I joked that we'd been training for it 'cause sometimes we'll set our health to 5% and see who wins (really it's just whoever gets the first hit), which is pretty much what this deathmatch was doing. we both made it 13 matches, but he did it in 13 secs as opposed to my 15, so he's got the high score right now.

I had a dream about david last night.
every time I think I'm absolutely fine I go and freak out over something.
/me sigh
I do wish I'd just get over him already... not like he's still fussing over me.

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Monday, September 12, 2005 :::

hwoarang the hamster

  • Hamsters typically live no more than two to three years in captivity, less than that in the wild. Because of their short life expectancy, hamsters mature quickly and can begin reproducing at a young age (two months). Left to their own devices, hamsters will produce several litters a year with several babies in each litter. Male and female hamsters are therefore usually kept in separate enclosures to prevent the addition of unwanted offspring.

  • It is often said that goldfish have a memory span of only a few seconds, but this is not entirely true. Goldfish have what could be called a selective memory; that is to say, they have some kind of consciousness of what has happened on previous occasions, but may not be sure exactly what it was. They can learn to eat from a certain ring inside their tank, or even from their caretaker's hand, because they will remember that there is something good in that area, but might not remember what. This behavior, or type of learning is an example of classical conditioning. If a predatory animal such as a heron is around, they will likely hide away for quite a while, but they probably do not know what it is they are hiding from; they simply know it is worth avoiding. Goldfish have a sense of time, and in captivity may be able to recognize a set feeding schedule, becoming excited before food even appears. Contrary to the notion that goldfish have poor memory, they will respond to a visit by a predator such as a raccoon, which may completely trash a small pond traumatizing the resident goldfish, by remaining extremely shy and jittery to any approach thereafter.

  • In their wild state, Guinea pigs are found on grassy plains and occupy an ecological niche similar to that of the cow. They move together in small groups (herds) eating grass or whatever other plants they come across. They are crepuscular, tending to be most active during dawn and dusk, when it is harder for predators to spot them. If startled they can run for cover with surprising speed. Domesticated guinea pigs have developed a different rhythm, and have longer periods of activity followed by short periods of sleep in between. Activity is scattered randomly over the 24 hours of the day.

  • When ferrets are especially excited, they will perform the weasel war dance, a frenzied series of sideways hops.

  • In Canada and the United States, the Betta is sometimes sold in a vase with a plant, with the erroneous claim that the fish can feed on the roots of the plant. Betta species are carnivorous, though, and an appropriate food must be provided, such as dry "betta pellets" or live or frozen bloodworms or brine shrimp. When kept in a small container such as a vase, the fish need frequent water changes, and the container must be kept in a warm room. A larger tank with a heater will provide better living conditions. Wherever the fish is kept, water must be treated with an appropriate water conditioner before use.

  • In the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, white mice are pan-dimensional beings who commissioned the construction of a giant computer, the Earth, that would provide for them the question of the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. This is revealed after the earth is destroyed by a Vogon construction crew five minutes before the question is finally calculated. The mice re-appear to commission a second earth and discover Arthur Dent, the sole survivor of earth's destruction, and offer to buy his brain , expecting it to contain the question which they seek.

  • Most other lizard species are utterly harmless to humans (most species native to North America, for example, are incapable even of drawing blood with their bites). Only the very largest lizard species pose any threat at all; the Komodo dragon, for example, has been known to attack and kill humans and their livestock. The chief impact of lizards on humans is positive; they are significant predators of pest species; numerous species are prominent in the pet trade; some are eaten as food (for example, iguanas in Central America); and lizard symbology plays important, though rarely predominant roles in some cultures (e.g. Tarrotarro in Australian mythology).

  • Many species of frog (and toad) have deep calls, or croaks. Frog noise tends to be spelt (for English speakers) as "crrrrk" in Britain and "ribbit" in the USA. This difference is due to Britain and the USA having different species of frogs (e.g. Rana temporaria in Britain and Rana pipiens (leopard frog) etc in the USA.) The croak of the American bullfrog Rana catesbiana is sometimes spelt "jug o' rum". The Ancient Greeks (for example Aristophanes) spelt the croak of the usual Greek species of frog as "korax" or "brekekekex co-ax co-ax": that species is probably Rana ridibunda. Small tropical frogs tend to have higher-pitched calls. Rigveda book 7 hymn 103 describes frogs with different calls (gom?yu = "having a voice like a cow's" and ajam?yu = "having a voice like a goat's") calling when the rains bring the breeding season.

  • The toes of the gecko have attracted a lot of attention, as they adhere to a wide variety of surfaces, without the use of liquids or surface tension. Recent studies of the setae on gecko footpads demonstrates that the attractive forces that hold geckos to surfaces are van der Waals interactions between the finely divided setae and the surfaces themselves.
    That these kinds of interactions involve no liquids (or no gases) is important; in theory, a boot made of synthetic setae would adhere as easily to the surface of the International Space Station as it would to a living room wall.

  • Chinchillas are unique and charming pets. In captivity they live up to 20 years, but they usually do not live for more than 10 years in countries with a climate that they are not adapted to.

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fucking [ass]empanadas

I made empanadas this weekend.
they're disgusting. what's worse is that I never completely follow the recipe, so I'm not too sure what I did wrong.
/me sigh
they're better than last year's, at least.
and I cut myself while trying to cut the pumpkin - 3 of my fingers are cut across the fingertips now.

my sis has been trying to hook me up with some kid she works with.
I dunno why she keeps trying to set me up... it's kinda annoying.

I read farenheit 451 on saturday while my pumpkin was cooking.
I'm kinda sad; I don't think that guy I met up with is going to be getting in touch with me again.
oh well.

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Friday, September 09, 2005 :::

shapely sugar butt

so like I said I met up with that guy last night...
things went surprisingly well, imo. it's been a long time since I wasn't completely bored to death (and/or frustrated) by a guy.

work has been interesting.
we talked about jail, hookers, and assorted other topics normally nsfw.
I dunno how I feel about this place anymore... I mean, I love the guys, but I've got no loyalty at all to the company...
and when my lease is up I won't ~need~ a job.
/me shrug
guess we'll see what happens.

and for justin:
toy trucks look cute with lifts!

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play a game of fucking insincerity

I met up with this guy last night... I've known him for a week or so online and he finally accepted my invite over.
he seems really cool, tall and gangly and wears glasses...
/me blushes

I think he may be kinda upset at me...
he stayed over for a few more hours than he'd planned...
we played some tekken and then lounged about talking.
I hope he keeps in touch, when he's not too busy.
/me crosses fingers

(and before you start fussing about how I shouldn't have beat him at tekken, he won more rounds than I did)
(and no, I wasn't just letting him win)

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Thursday, September 08, 2005 :::

flustered is annoying

I talked to justin earlier today...
it's true I don't get as ridiculously happy around him as I used to, but just chatting with him gets my heart beating kinda faster and I breath a little harder.
I've gotten better at handling it, though. I'm not sure if it's because I don't think of him in the same way I used to... or maybe it's just that I'm a bit older now.
/me shrug

work sucks tonight; we're making outbound calls.
and my shoulder still hurts a lot.
/me grr

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not that I would ever say this...

ok maybe I did back when my drive would spin but never boot up.
/me blushing

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syrup+coffee+butter > pancake sandwhich

and by greater than I mean significantly grosser.
javi-er and I went to ihop last night because we went by rosita's and it didn't look like it was open.
but it was.

we finished up story mode last night - paul, jack-5, panda, murdock, kuma, and eddie.
omfg we were so discouraged last night! it took about 15 mins for us to beat story mode w/ murdock (at 10 or 15 seconds a match, mind you) and we both wanted to just quit playing!
I felt a lot better when I beat story mode in under 3 minutes w/ eddie - then played arcade mode for 20 matches straight before losing with him.
and funny thing - whenever the anarchist hippie would push on my head (with his hand) I'd get a tekken roulette.

my shoulder hurts a lot today... it hasn't hurt this bad in a while.
I just took some aleve, but I'd rather have vicodin or lortab.

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005 :::

the devil within

I've finally finished the fountainhead, and hopefully I won't be such a pain anymore.
I had this big long conv with adrian yesterday... I dunno why I feel like I can be completely honest with that kid.
it's not right, though.
he's got feelings too, and I dunno why I so often feel like he's an extension of me.
guess that's what friends are for, eh?

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mr pumpkin is his name

I drug adrian with me to walmart last night to buy bread.
I came out of there with a load of stuff I didn't need, but I decided I was going to make adrian have dinner with me.
we had this mexico cheese in tortillas - I wouldn't go so far as to call them quesadillas, though. and I chopped up a jicama and put salt & lemon juice on it... had some tomatoes with italian dressing... and some sweet potatoes with cinnamon and sugar.

I got all excited when I saw that it's pumpkin season!
I bought a pumpkin with full intention of making empanadas, but I got distracted before I could buy a pot big enough to cook a pumpkin in. I'm not sure where I left that recipe I used a couple of years ago, but I'm almost sure I can find it.
I've just gotta remember to not use so much sugar in the masa....

it's come up, more than once, that I should put pics of me with short hair up.
I don't think it'll happen anytime soon, since for the most part I still look the same just with a lot less hair.
it's not really noticable, since it's still long enough to wear up like I always do, and most of the guys I work with didn't notice 'till I told them.
I'll be sure to take & post some pics when I get it colored, though... assuming I have the nerve to get it colored at all.

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005 :::

/me loves the jesus fan

aaron just gave me a little ship!
it's a small enterprise d!

I can tell you're excited.

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revenge of the grape jelly

the show on sunday night was surprisingly fun; I had a really good time watching the kids hardcore dance.
I also recognized a song by remembering never, and I like throwdown well enough.

I lounged about a lot yesterday, reading and watching a few movies.
adrian and I watched the fog (absolute crap, really), then I went over to my sis's and fought with her...
went home & read for a few hours then watched the rookie (disappointing) and ever after (I love this show), and then went back to reading.

I've not yet started on any of the books I bought this weekend, but I'm almost done with the fountainhead.
think after this I'd like a nice suspens-y novel, but I dunno how well I'll handle house of leaves.

work so far has gone by quickly... good thing too, since I think I stay late tonight.
I don't think I like my new schedule, but it's not so bad this week as it was last week.

oh I cut more hair off - didn't do so well this time.
there's a tuft of hair at the back that's about an inch shorter than the rest.
I haven't decided if I'm gonna go to a salon to have it fixed, but if I do color it I may as well get it evened out.
plus my sis offered to pay for the haircut, so at least I won't be shelling out anything this round.

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Sunday, September 04, 2005 :::


I cut my hair yesterday morning.
I decided it was going to symbolize my emotions... cutting my losses.
I got rid of 6 or 7 inches.
I stepped out of the shower, ran a brush through my hair, grabbed some scissors and 2 snips later I had significantly less hair.
it looks surprisingly even, considering that I leaned over and just cut off hair.
it's a bit past my shoulders, and I may cut more off; it was quite liberating.

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shattered expectations

BoB is married.
I knew he was engaged, but I guess I never really expected him to marry her.

friday adrian and I went to b&n for some books...
this whole coming into work early and getting out early is making me feel obligated to do things while places are still open.
anyway... I finally got a copy of farenheit 451 and house of leaves... plus some book on how to make sushi (it was on sale).
I was torn btwn the sushi book and an autobiography of st thomas aquinas. I ended up with the sushi book 'cause st thomas is like a pet of mine and I wanted something different.
/me shrug
I swear there's msg or something in those tacos; I'd still been having a shit day (no offense to adrian but I always hafta be on good behavior around him or we'll get into huge fights) and so had javi-er, but after we started in on those tacos we both felt loads better.
there was this creepy drooling guy a few tables over, who got kicked out and almost got a beating with it... dinner & a show, according to javi-er.

yesterday I had a really bad morning...
around noon adrian & I went to best buy to buy a movie...
I got my mail from the postman - he laughed because I was only concerned about netflix & macworld... and he knew my name, which I thought was kinda creepy.
/me shrug
we walked from best buy to the movie theatre (just across the parking lot) and caught a showing of the brothers grimm. it was surprisingly unspooky, with just a few things that popped out and startled me.
we went back to my apt & lounged about (seems I'm still avoiding cleaning my apt)... and now I'm at work.

my shoulders and back are aweful sore.
I got all pissed off yesterday when it occurred to me I probably couldn't do a front over.
I got more pissed off when I proved myself right.
I've been doing front overs since I was about 6 years old, so I decided I'm gonna practice this week and get back into doing them.
the plan is to work in a few tick tocks once a week or so.
I'll let you know how it goes.

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Friday, September 02, 2005 :::

I stand avenged

javi-er and I played survival last night... you know, for all the trash-talking we do, you'd think we'd be better.
think my record was 10 wins with christy, and his was 11 wins with devil jin.
and omg!
/me drools
this one fight was jin agst devil jin... I was like, "whoever wins - I win!"
(they're both super sexxxy)

I have this bear named Planet BoB, and lots of times when I play video games I'll have him in my lap.
javi-er has decided that planet bob is like my gaming fez.
we were emailing the other day and he said something like, "the bear is your link, from a good game to a bad game," much like the whole, "the crow is his link from the land of the living to the realm of the dead."
it sure made me laugh.

work has been hectic, and I'm not particularly happy to be coming in anymore.
/me sigh
dunno what it is... but I've been very uneasy lately.
last night I wanted to pick a fight with someone, but had the sense not to.
I'm tired, sleepy - just in a foul mood overall.
at least it's taco friday.

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Thursday, September 01, 2005 :::

I want to hit him

this d00d!
I just want to smash him to bits - starting with his absurd little glasses!
and I want to pull apart his stupid little mustache!

.oO(this may not have been the best time in my life to read this book)

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I <3 penguins

I drug adrian to the theatre with me last night. I'd had my eye on march of the penguins for a while now, but hadn't gotten around to seeing it.
I tried to tactfully find out how he feels about penguins, but in the end he never did tell me.
I had a good time, though. I really do like penguins; they're up there above monkeys and below squirrels & prairie dogs.
and the baby penguins were ~super~ cute!

and I feel like a putz.
last night javi-er came over for a bit... well honestly I'm not sure for how long.
he went out for a smoke break and I accidently fell asleep on the couch.
I woke up ~ 03 (he was gone by then) and went to bed.
in my defense, I stayed up all tuesday night reading; I forgot I come into work absurdly early now.

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