Friday, December 29, 2006 :::

the true meaning of lust

budd & I watched the boondock saints over the holiday... nothing makes me want a cigarette like watching that movie.
and the fresh pack of lights sitting on my table, though not reds, are not making it any easier.
oh how they taunt me.

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I can't beat it

budd, beankin, my sis, my dad, and I played wii sports last night.
I had a great time, though I fell asleep a bit earlier than I'd intended.
and budd, the jerk, broke my router.
he stepped on it and broke one of the little antennea ears off.
oh and... we've been watching charlie the unicorn all day today and yesterday...

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Thursday, December 28, 2006 :::

wb wb~

so today is my first day back at work, after being off for... 9 days. only 9? seemed longer. maybe 'cause budd had 5 days (I think) off too.
I had a wonderful holiday, truth be told.
I didn't build shelves. I watched cinderella about daily. and I spent almost all of my time with budd. ^_^
for 24 hours I owned a pug - I ended up having to return him for safety's sake (walter tried to eat him), but at some point budd promised to get me a baby male pug for my birthday. he also mentioned something about moving in together, which I'm not sure how I feel about.
we got into a fight night before last - about marriage. wtf, eh? I remember when marriage first came up with my david, and I wrote it off as him just being almost 30 and wanting to settle down. but with budd? he's never even had a chick before. why would I want him to want to marry me? would I really want to marry him? do I already?
fuck all if I know. we're absurdly different, and while it seems to be working for us now, we're only a couple of months in.
I managed to get him a wii for christmas - actually gave it to him early (and unwrapped) 'cause I was afraid he'd buy himself one.
he got me a wii the day after christmas (I believe - I really should have blogged daily, but I didn't spend much time at my computer), and I'm so stoked. I promptly... well, by 'promptly' I mean 'after struggling for at least 10 mins to log into my router, which took me to my dsl modem, and eventually I got the wifi working properly' yeah - it was a bitch to set up, and I still dunno why it was acting like it was. anyhow... I promptly downloaded super mario bros, the old zelda, and toejam & earl. I need a couple of classic controllers. I also got the new zelda (yes rob, I'll send you a gamecube copy as soon as I can), and I would like to say I suck ~such~ ass at fishing.
I didn't play much WoW over the holiday... like I said, I spent most of my time with budd. we played lots of wii tennis, and I laughed so hard at his little mii flying across the screen that my stomach was sore for days.
I've also got some pics to post... I'll probably put a pic of us up on my myspace.
and I do believe I've run out of things to say.

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Friday, December 22, 2006 :::

he will be missed

walter, my sister's dog, kind of wants to kill roflcopter.
so I'm gonna take rofls back to the pet store, since farmer's market does not sell pet euthanasia kits.

he's damned adorable, though.

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Thursday, December 21, 2006 :::

hly sht! it's a pug!

yep. it's true. and his name is roflcopter.
and budd loves his wii.

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Monday, December 18, 2006 :::

holiday of my own

so good news all around.
the co I work for isn't closing...
I'm off work for about a week to use that pto I mentioned a few days back. I'm off starting tomorrow and don't hafta come back to the office 'till the 28th.
what will I do with my free time?
build shelves. go christmas shopping. watch cinderella.

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Sunday, December 17, 2006 :::

I think I love him

budd got me cinderella for christmas...
I used to watch this thing about every day when I was a kid... and I can ~totally~ see myself getting back into that routine.
he gave it to me friday night, and the first thing I did when I woke up on saturday was demand we watch it... and tonight, yep - I'm watching it again.

no I am not singing along, why do you ask?

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Friday, December 15, 2006 :::

I've contracted the black plague

I do believe i'm dying.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006 :::

/%t kicks gloves aside. Fuck Tina's gloves!

in an effort to use some pto that's not being carried over to next year, and that's not being paid out to us, I took the day off today.
great fun - slept in 'till 16ish... played some WoW (they fucked with honor again, and I'm seriously wondering why).... and then budd & I got together.
we were supposed to go out for ice cream, but that turned into us going to home depot, where he decided he wanted to hold my hoodie and my gloves (I'd been all about getting a cart)... he lost my gloves, ya'll.
then we went and looked for hairless hamsters @ petsmart... they had none... then to the bookstore (where we first met), and then to chickfila.
came back here with the intention of watching either conan the conqueror or boondock saints. ended up just lounging around talking while unleashed played in the background.
he says I'm not the type of girl he usually goes for, and I'm not what he expected. he says that's a good thing.
works for me.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006 :::

he said, I said

he said our anniv is tomorrow... I said he can't read.

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Monday, December 11, 2006 :::

mac-only and pro-whiskey

this weekend did not go as I had planned.
friday I was gonna play some WoW & meet up with budd @ ~ midnight.
instead... we met up pretty much right after I got home from work - had dinner with one of his best friends & her chick. I had a surprisingly good time (seriously - usually I fuss about meeting new people, especially when I know they're important to him), and pot roast is always yummy.
then we went to walmart, where I dug around for aaaages before finding him cute pajama pants. also got him some socks (so he, too, could bask in the glory that is new-sock-feeling)... picked up a load of vanilla frappuccinos (sarah's using the bottles in her wedding, so instead of redbulls I'll be drinking these for a while - they're quite tasty, though, so it's not like I'm complaining).
we were out 'till ~ 08, and I'm still so proud of him.
saturday, instead of me staying home & reading, we went out to bww, to meet a few of his friends. I had a good time there, too. I'd also wanted to do some shopping, but that didn't happen.
sunday... I didn't really have a plan, so I guess nothing too drastic to change. we ordered pizza and watched conan the barbarian. good times.

and right this moment tooter & I are listening to midwest irish and uh... lol... he sends in requests, and they totally read them on the air.
"[tooter's name] in texas says 'howdy.' well howdy [tooter's name]." I get such a kick out of that.

and WoW.
patch still sucks, but whatever. I'll do the grind, get gear, and still bitch about it.
my rogue hit 56 (finally) and it's so weird to play her... hard to get back into the kill-it-before-it-kills-me, instead of the just-gotta-live-longer-than-it-does strategy I use with my priest.

I was also an hour late to work today.
I totally just slept through my alarm.
I need a router.

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Friday, December 08, 2006 :::

wii want to play

so I went out with the guys last night... I had a great time.
went to buffalo wild wings for a while, then over to milkdud's and played some wii.
well, I got really drunk...
I was over near 2, where 1=happy drunk and 2=about-to-be-sick drunk
tooter was talking about not fitting in, so I went out to the garage to smoke with him... turned into us smoking and drinking and drinking and smoking and smoking and drinking.
milkdud saved me, though (peptol bismol to the rescue) - if not for that I'd probably have wound up sick.
so after I got back to happy drunk, milkdud & I played some drunken bowling & drunken tennis.
we were making plans to go to ihop when someone called, and I fell asleep while he was on the phone.
I woke up to gizmo asking for my keys to move my truck (he had to come to work)
then woke up again at 1230 freaking out about being late to work (milkdud's clock lies)

today's been really quiet; a nice change since it's been so hectic at work lately.
mostly I just wanna nap, but knowing me I'll play wow all night.
tomorrow I wanna go shopping with budd, and then read the book milkdud gave me.
yarp. sounds like a plan.

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Thursday, December 07, 2006 :::

and I shall call him ROFLs and he will be my ROFLCOPTER

I had a dream last night that I had a dog named roflcopter.... and I called him rofls for short.
so tomorrow (I meant to do it today, but got sidetracked) I'm gonna call every pet store in the area looking for baby short haired male puppies.

last night my sis, budd, and I went out for dinner at jason's deli, and then to see the fountain.
my sis and I were making bets on what budd would have for dinner - I bet he'd pull the old, "not feeling well" excuse out (I was right) while she was going with a meatball sub.
they have ~amazing~ strawberry shortcake.

the movie was good. I liked it, and it was really pretty to look at.
also... something about seeing [insert actor-who-played-wolverine-here's name] cry makes me cry too.
put me in a bit of a mood, though.
my plan for this weekend is to drink myself back into blissful indifference.

oh and one last thing.
I do believe I hate the new honor system.
no. rephrase. the point system is fine. it's all the shit players who couldn't handle pve and just wanna get gear.
it's gonna be just like av weekend... everyday.
I think I have no reason to want to pvp anymore.

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006 :::

my secret

if I had a secret to share... something I just wanted to talk about... not for you to draw conclusions; not for you to lecture me; not for you to decide...
could I trust you with it?
my fear. my indifference. my strength. my faith.
what if it was you I wanted to lean on?

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006 :::

I don't care if it hurts

well today is patch day, and I've been sitting here talking with gizmo and tooter all afternoon.
now I remember why it is I don't do that more often.

my lotion exploded in my bag, so my ipod smells like 'sun-ripened rasberry' now.
it didn't seem to want to boot up (I swear it was stuck at the loading screen for at least 5 mins), but when it did it acted like nothing was wrong.
mostly I'm glad, 'cause I ~hate~ the clickwheel. but kinda sad 'cause 80gigs of space would be nice.

milkdud got me my birthday gift last night.
a bottle of special reserve (yum) and the earthsea quartet. I'm pretty stoked about the books, and I expect to spend this weekend reading them.
I think maybe I don't wanna spend this weekend with budd. not that I don't want to see him, just not to the extent I usually do. I think it's just a sour taste left over from this past weekend, but it's how I feel.
of course, having the great below (Nine Inch Nails - Live: And All That Could Have Been - The Great Below) on repeat is probably not helping.

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Sunday, December 03, 2006 :::

no power in the 'verse

so my weekend was mostly mundane, with bits of it dipping into absolute shit.
budd, for whatever reason, was especially whiny and seemed to want to pick fights.
I did, however, have a wonderful friday evening/night. me, budd, and beanakin all went out for dinner and then back to beanakin's house to play munchkin. one of beanakin's roommates, and his roommate's chick, played too.
budd started being pouty friday night, and I swear to you it hadn't stopped when he left this evening.

we did watch all of firefly & serenity over the weekend.
and I dunno... maybe I was grouchy too? I'd been kinda in a foul mood all week, though seeing him almost every day made me feel better.

I got off work early on thursday, due to an "HR meeting."
did I mention that already? the place I work at is being closed. my last day is march 1.
fun times fun times
so I got off work early, and we went to the mall... I met this adorable little jack russell that I wanted to bring home with me.
if he had been just a couple of weeks younger, I'd have brought him home.

and folks, I do believe that's all for now.

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