Wednesday, August 31, 2005 :::

crouton o' christ

I'm a bit jumbled now.
I was kind of angry and kind of relieved that I didn't get a phone call from him (for my bday). the first year since I can remember that I haven't had to struggle through a few mins of conv just to keep face.
I expected an email, and was more than just a bit diappointed I didn't get one.
everything has always been forgivable.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005 :::

... I'm sweet enough

adrian gave me a copy of snatch for my bday.
I love that movie... and I hadn't seen it since he reclaimed all his movies a few months ago.
we went out for dinner and then he went home, but as soon as he was gone I popped the movie in.
my little neighbor d00d was watching something absurdly loud, but aside from that I enjoyed the movie.

before too long javi-er came by.
we played some tekken to avoid talking, but we were both kinda bummed.
eventually we talked about what was bothering each of us.
I'd been kinda concerned that he was mad at me, and I sure didn't wanna lose another friend... but it wasn't anything I did that had him bothered, and I'm so glad.

we talked a bit about what I now know to be the downfall of the friendship I spoke of yesterday.
I'm a pretty easy going person, so long as you stay away from certain topics; don't insult the guy I'm dating or any that I've dated, don't insult my friends, and don't talk about how much weight I've gained.
seems all 3 of those came up in conv that night, and I guess I could have handled things better.
I still stand by my choices, though - I won't apologize for something I don't feel I was wrong about.
friends are the most important people in my life, but I won't compromise who I am.

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Monday, August 29, 2005 :::

the finer points of telemarketing

so things could have gone worse, but they also could have gone better.
like I mentioned earlier the highlight of the weekend was dancing in the rain.
I should mention that my pride has shattered yet another friendship, and that makes me sad. I wanted to give in and do what was asked... if I had I wonder if things would have been ok.

my sis bought me an ice cream cake that we had with dinner sunday night.
I got a card from both my mom and my dad, and a bracelet from bonnie.
I've gotta do laundry soon.

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ess enn oh wu oh tee

thanks everyone for the awesome birthday wishes!
what I can remember from this weekend is a jumbled mess, but I'm gonna assume I had a good bday celebration.
the highlight of saturday night was when adrian & I and javi-er & I danced in the rain.
and my work schedule's changed, so I've been at work for the last hour.

my sis, our friend bonnie, and I went to the science spectrum after we had dinner...
my sis fed about $10 worth of quarters into this vending machine that gave us rocks.

well the guys are being quite vulgar and I'm having trouble keeping my train of thought; I'll write more once they calm down a bit.

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Saturday, August 27, 2005 :::

... just at tekken...

we played some heated tekken last night, then went out for tacos.
omg! the ~funniest~ thing!
I threw a chip at javi-er, and then he threw a sweet & low pack at me... things escalated and eventually I took him by surprise.
he was leaning down to sip some tea from his straw... and I punched him in the head.
not hard, mind you, but I couldn't stop laughing for about 10 mins.
seriously - I couldn't hardly breath & people were staring.
just the look on his face! shock, anger, betrayal... priceless.

after that we went back to my apt for some more tekken. we'd just come in from a smoke when I noticed milkdud called. I called back and got invited out for tacos!
javi-er was kinda sleepy but I didn't wanna go by myself, so I drug him along with me.
I finally got to meet the devil, and I've met his chick before, and some other d00d whose name I don't remember...
and jordan did a startling accurate rendition of dane cook's bit on fighting a monkey.

when javi-er and I got back to my apt we played a few more rounds of tekken... gawd he & I talk such garbage and get so rowdy when we play.
I've taken to just choosing random all the time, in the hopes of becoming a more well-rounded player.
the downside, of course, is that I'm not particularly good with any specific character.
unless I become the fanatic that I was with tekken 4; I learned everyone's moves, including a good portion of nina's combos & throws.
(she's still a whore, though)

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Friday, August 26, 2005 :::

what's so wrong with being single?

I ~really~ don't want a significant other right now.
and now that I'm happy being single I find it odd how eager everyone is to get into a rltnship.
odd and familiar.

maybe in a few months, when I move back in with my sis, and I'm back in school... but for now I'm surprisingly happy just hanging out with friends and family.

I really wanna thank all of you who've been here for me over the last year; they were tough times for me, and I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you.
/me kisses your collective cheek

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epic battles all around

adrian & I have been watching firefly all week (minus last night). it's one of those things that I knew he'd love, so I talked him into watching the pilot... and he ~loves~ it.
so he's enjoyed watching them and supposedly he's buying the dvds today.
sunday night I'm going to force my sis to watch all the episodes; she wants to see serenity, so I think she'll like 'em too.

yesterday irby & I tried to go buy some liquor, but wayne's didn't have the vanilla vodka I was looking for.
I've ~got~ to get out to the strip tomorrow.
only I'm not too sure where it's at.
and I've ~got~ to clean my apt. ugh.

last night the anarchist hippie and I were sitting around talking when suddenly I had the urge to play with legos. so we ran off to walmart and bought some.
we tried putting the knights together without directions... javi-er did well enough, but I had my knight's legs stuck where his arms should be.
we also got some sidekick-infantry-animal guys...
all 4 are now waging war on my coffee table.

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Thursday, August 25, 2005 :::

I compared it to me, once.

The Red Wheelbarrow

      so much depends

      a red wheel

      glazed with rain

      beside the white

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005 :::

just my luck

so I ordered paper mario for rob for his bday...
today he messaged me saying, "guess what I've been playing!"
and I was like, "omfg."

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005 :::

relevant text ads, eh?

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jesus wore sandals

you all should be so proud of me; I made a friend last night.
apparently I've got a new neighbor - this kid named chris.
and he seems like a good enough kid.

I was laying on my hood last night smoking when he pulled up. after a few trips back & forth to his truck he said something.
the moment of truth!
instead of doing my usual glare&run I made some lame comment about his apt being drastically cleaner than mine.
after that we just kinda chatted & had a couple of beers....
when javi-er showed up we all played some tekken and then headed out to rosita's.
**FYI: rosita's is only open 'till 22 on mondays and tuesdays**
since it was a little after 02 rosita's was closed... so we headed to ihop.

that kid chris has been in town for about a week and has only met 3 people (some chick at a store, me, and javi-er)... apparently that chick works at ihop.
it was kinda funny, imo.

then we all went back to my apt and played more tekken.
eventually javi-er went home, but me & chris kept playing 'till sunrise.
he seems like a really cool guy, and he's into video games too.

omg! one more thing! he moved into the apt where the 7 el salvadorians were living... apparently it's only a one bedroom.

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Monday, August 22, 2005 :::

she's a hottie

adrian and I went to see the skeleton key this weekend. I know I say I don't go out on the weekends, but he guilted me into it. It was disgustingly crowded and I was sitting btwn him and this other big man. the movie was pretty scary, but honestly I think adrian was wigging out more than I was (you didn't hear that from me).
also I had my first-ever shot of jack daniel's. it's a lot rougher than crown, and made my lips go numb. but it made my stomach stop grumbling (my stomach was making noises like it was trying to boil the plums I had for brkfst) and it wasn't bad, so I guess I shouldn't fuss.
after the movie we went back to my apt and just jacked around for a few hours. I was trying to convince him to stay up and watch firefly with me, but it didn't happen. when he went home I put an episode on, and ended up watching the entire season.
after that I fell asleep, and woke up about midnight sunday night. I returned some calls, had a sandwich, took a shower, and then went back to bed.
I woke up this morning and just lounged about. I accidently started reading stranger in a strange land on saturday afternoon, so I read a bit more of it. and I've smoked a lot today - I'm not sure why. I've been through half a pack in just a few hours, with my last on the way to work... and I already want another one.

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Saturday, August 20, 2005 :::

not like I've kept up with it

I've really not kept up with any of the shows I used to watch... over the last year I've had cable and then not had cable and then had cable and now I don't even have those basic channels (I have no rabbit ears) and use my tv for movies or games and that's it.
anyway... the reason I'm talking about this is 'cause apparently wwe is coming to lubbock.
david's a big fan and we used to watch it every week. even after we split up I kept up with it as best I could... but now I don't think I've seen it since february or so.
so I'm not gonna go, and even if I did go I've been out of the loop for so long... but I still kinda wanna go.

oh and here's rob's halo feed, in case you're interested in how he's doing.
*rolling eyes*

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grumble grumble

so we got that poster laminated, plus a sheet of paper we doodled on... and a gum wrapper.
*cough cough*
in my defense, I'd never used a laminator before.
after tacos we stood around admiring devil jin. took a while but we finally picked a place and then put it up, along with the old contemplation poster and that batman poster I picked up a few days ago.
I still want another strategy guide poster, 'cause the back side of the poster has the 3 new characters, and really it looks pretty awesome. I've already picked out a place for it, too.

I've been looking at weapons all morning.
I dunno why, but I really want some bladed tonfas. or maybe another sword?
and I've decided I'm going to be a ninja for halloween.

rob's a sweetie, and I love him.
/me loves rob forever

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Friday, August 19, 2005 :::

I sincerely hope it turns into a bday gift

so javi-er and I bought the tekken 5 strategy guide today.
we were actually looking for tekken tag or ff7, but we found this instead.
and it's ~way~ better!

there's a poster of devil jin!
/me drools

we both play well enough, but the poster is ~so~ worth the cost of the guide.

.oO(I wanna get it laminated)

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Thursday, August 18, 2005 :::

he's not a tame lion

I'm not sure why... I think it may have something to do with how many people I block...
but I always get a real kick out of it when I see someone's blocked me.

whenever school started I got to see a side of the jaded idealist I hadn't before.
he'd always seemed so... complacent, maybe?
but I talked to him one night and he was all riled up about stuff he'd been learning.
I miss that.

work is slow again tonight.
earlier I was helping the jesus fan work on his site (the stuff we'd been working on is live, now, so check it out)...
he's so cute, always changing it up every couple of months. says he doesn't want it to get stale.
me, on the other hand... I doubt I'll be making any notable changes anytime soon.

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a shallow little bitch trying to make the scene

I finished the chronicles of narnia last night. about the end of the last book I was nearly in tears.
/me sigh
it's not like I read fast or anything, just I spent a lot of time reading. a few hours here at work and most nights after work I'd read for 4 or 5 hours.
I'm ~such~ an exciting person, I know.

I wore my che socks yesterday, all stoked and showing them off.
I showed my dad and he just looked at me and kinda patted me on the head.
speaking of socks - I've been thinking about buying a few more domains...
sockninja, tacowhore, and maybe tinafish.
I get the feeling I'm gonna do it, if not in the next few days then most certainly when I move back in with my sis.

.o(I'm such a nerd.)

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005 :::

alone in the dark

I've been single for a few months now. and I'm really proud of myself, ya know? I'd never been single for more than a few days, not since I started dating, anyway.
I seem to have fallen back into my routine - get home, wash dishes, make dinner, read or watch a movie, then go to bed.
and I'm fine with that (which is also new to me).

last night, though... I didn't get to sleep for a while.
for the first time in months I was wishing there was someone laying next to me.
weird, huh?
since justin I hadn't found anyone I was that into - no one I wanted to share much of my time with, much less my bed.
when I woke up this afternoon I was hugging my pillow and had my bear under my head.

I had this realization a while back, about how I've been missing david for two years even though we only broke up a year ago.
since then I hadn't looked back. everything made more sense and I felt a lot better.
I'm not sure if this is me not wanting to be alone or me wanting david again.
not to say I ever stopped wanting him.
looking back, if I could change anything, I really don't think I would.
but I sure do miss him calling me his little burrito.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005 :::

I'm sure I'll hate it

I've started re-reading the chronicles of narnia, and it's certain that I'm going to hate the movie.
there is no possible way they will be able to capture how amazing aslan is.
in the trailer he's just some lion, but in the books... well, it's my imagination, ya know? he's a larger than life, glorious, terrible creature...
... but I don't think I've ever seen a movie that I didn't like better as a book.

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Monday, August 15, 2005 :::

well she's a bright one

my sister called me earlier asking me if I want lemon chicken for dinner.
and I told her, and this is the truth, I'm not much for chicken (we used to feed our dog chicken & since then I've associated chicken w/ dog food). I'll eat it in a sandwich, but to eat just chicken I've seriously gotta be in the mood.
and I'm not.
so I told her, "I don't like chicken."
"blah blah blah I'll get you something else," she says.

an hour later I talk to her again... she's all, "I stopped at chick-fil-a and got you some chicken tenders."



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Saturday, August 13, 2005 :::

good food is always worth it

I grew up in raymondville, a small town in south texas with nothing to do.
being a small town our restaurant choices were limited, so it was not uncommon for us to drive a bit for a meal.
fairly often we'd make plans to drive somewhere for lunch, then drive a bit further for dinner, and then end up spending the next day in another place.

there's this pizza joint in kingsville called young's pizza, and they have these ~awesome~ sandwiches - with strips of steak with mozerella cheese topped with sauteed onions and mushrooms. trust me, it is ~totally~ worth driving 70 miles.
and if we had lunch there, since corpus is only 40 of 50 miles further, we'd opt to head to landry's for dinner. now it's true that we have a landry's in the valley, but the landry's in corpus is a boat down at the end of a pier! awesome and ~totally~ worth the drive.
so then we'd wind up thinking that the riverwalk at night is always fun so we'd drive the 150 miles up there. we'd get convinced that seaworld was the next logical step, so we'd get a room and then call my mom to tell her where we were & how we got there.
more than once she flipped out, but oh well.
after spending most of the next day at seaworld we'd decide we have a long drive back home and try to leave, but since fredericksburg is only 70 miles away we can practically smell the cream puffs! so we'd head up there for dinner (read: to raid bakeries).
after gorging ourselves on various pastries we'd eventually begin the 300 mile trek back home.

so see? driving across town and into the barrio for tacos ~is~ reasonable!

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tacos were good last night, but I was in a bit of a foul mood.
lus, javi-er, irby, demetrius, and I all crowded into a corner booth and ate.

javi-er and I started the evening by playing a couple of heated rounds of tekken (we ended up 2:2) before dinner.
after dinner the guys sat around and had a few beers, then lus started to go home and javi-er and I decided to rediscover the joys of tree climbing.
on the way over I accidently caught a bird...
then we resurrected the tradition of climbing the tree on fridays. we're gonna try to keep it up.

before too long irby went home and the anarchist hippie and I played some tmnt.
it'd been too long since we'd heard michealangeo's "neeeeenja turtles!"
so that was fun.
then he went home and I proceeded to go to bed and stare at the ceiling for 2 hours.

we talked a bit about how "commercialized" taco friday has become, and we're seriously thinking about taking it back to just me & him heading out there.
guess we'll see what happens come next friday, eh?

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Friday, August 12, 2005 :::

talk to the gripping appendage

I carry around a few books with me, in case I get the urge to read.
last night I put a bottled coke in my bag and then headed to walmart.
then I stopped by my sis's, and got my bag down.
(I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this)
when I put the strap on my shoulder the bag kinda bounced on my leg...
the bag was holding a pool of coke, and the books were drenched.
thing is, not all of them are mine - one belongs to lus and another to javi-er.
my netflix dvds were swimming too, but by the grace of god my ipod (in it's timbuk2 case) was sitting at the top so it didn't get too wet. my headphones, however, were floating around.

I talked to r00 earlier, about that guy I know from houston...
it was nice to just talk it over.
good thing, too - he (the guy from houston, not r00) messaged me a few mins ago.
so I 'fessed up, and that's that.
he seemed genuinely surprised, and almost cross that I hadn't told him when I lived there.
that's flattering.
anyhow... he's doing well, and I wish him the best.

we'll be quite the crowd at rosita's tonight.
if everyone who's supposed to go shows up we'll be a group of 6.
I really like that we go out for tacos every friday. and no, not just 'cause these are divine tacos (according to milkdud), but because we all make the effort to head out there and chill for a while.
that's the stuff memories are made of.

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little paper umbrella

I have some bad news.
mickey's steak house (home of the only cheese rolls I've ever had) has closed down.
I can tell you're upset.
lus and I found out the hard way.
so instead of chicken fried steak, salad buffet, banana pudding, and cheese rolls... we had chinese food for lunch.

oh and fun at work today.
someone took a screenshot, then moved & hid the taskbar, changed the screen dimensions, and locked the desktop icons.
sources point to the chach being the culprit.
/me glaring in the chach's general direction

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Thursday, August 11, 2005 :::

rawk! she wants muh nutz!

you know... honestly... I do feel that's a legitimate battle cry.
that's just me, though.

so I went over to my sis's for a while last night; I'm trying to get used to spending time with her, since pretty soon I'll be living with the nut.
we watched a couple of movies again - the third crow movie and independence day.
salvation was actually better than city of angels (the 2nd crow movie), imo. I didn't really like the guy's hair (it was short instead of long), but aside from that it was cool.
I hadn't seen independence day since it was released in theatres (summer of '96), and omg I cried when the president's wife died. I think maybe I really like the chick who played her, or maybe my attachment is just left over from her role in battlestar gallactica.

omg! lus got me some more socks!
see, I am a sock ninja.
it's a really funny story about me, squish, and david... but yeah, I run around sometimes swinging socks around like nunchaku...
*cough cough*
so anyway! back when I still worked at the hospital lus, the anarchist hippie, and I were having a discussion about which would be preferable, communism or anarchy.
a month or so later lus brought me a pair of commie socks! it was so great. (here's a link to the commie socks lus got me)
and last night, mostly for my bday, he gave me a couple of pairs of socks!
che socks and bicycle porn socks.
(I have no idea what bicycle porn is, and neither does lus, but it was still really funny)
and so atm I'm wearing the bike porn socks, and have been showing them to anyone willing to look at my ankles.
(all socks by sockguy)

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005 :::

she really does have a straw hat

adrian come over for a bit last night... for whatever reason he wanted to be home by midnight, so mostly we just lounged about the living room talking.
he makes fun of me being spoiled; says I throw tantrums (I do, but not nearly as often as he claims) and that I should be stomping my feet... I kinda make a face and whine sometimes - mostly that just gets a laugh out of him.
so I threatened to cry, and he didn't believe I could, so I did... not like it mattered, since he kept on teasing anyway.
all in all I had a good time with him, like I always do.
he ended up not leaving 'till nearly 01, and I now have a toothpaste tube that means the world to me.
*rolling eyes*

after he left I thought about cleaning up, but instead I headed over to my sister's.
we ended up watching a couple of movies - the ever popular romeo must die and this chinese film called dragon inn.
omg ya'll that dragon inn movie was insane!
it had the chick who played flying snow and the guy who played sky (from hero) in it. but seriously the movie was really weird. not saying it was bad, 'cause it held my interest and all... just it was weird.

and omg ya'll my sis is retarded.
I'm sure I've mentioned before that she's lactose intolerant.
*shaking head*
we're sitting there between movies, and she asks if I want some ice cream.
apparently she's got a gallon of homemade vanilla in her freezer... get this - "in case of emergency."

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005 :::

utterly despicable!

audioscrobbler's gone and become
in it's reincarnation it's certainly gotten slower and uglier.
I wish there was a button somewhere that said "use old layout that didn't suck so hard" or something, 'cause this is ~really~ gross looking.
now, more than ever, I wish I could publish to a page of my own.

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I'll pass on the jewelry

I had a lot of weird dreams last night - think it's time to stop playing god of war.
ugh! that game! both my sis and I died I dunno how many times (in that room with the box and the spikes) so we've just given up and sworn off the game.

when I got home I meant to clean up a bit, but instead I went to bed.
I've been reading a lot lately, but the last week and a half or so I've been unable to really sink into any book.
I'm about halfway through a religious book, midway through life, the universe, and everything (the 3rd hhgttg), 1/3 of the way through moby dick, a few chapters into the chronicles of narnia, and there's various other books I've picked up and put down.
so I dunno.
I think I may just pick up a star trek book and have a go.

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Monday, August 08, 2005 :::

the way I still look at you

I lived in houston my first year out of high school.
overall I learned a lot about life, but when it comes to school mostly I wasted my scholarship money.
oh well.
I met a lot of different people when I lived there, and I got my first real job. went to my first club, had my first roommate, met a d00d in drag for the first time.
it really was a learning experience.
one that I almost missed, though.

BoB and I dated forever, it seems... and he was particularly un-fond (is that a word?) of me going anywhere without him.
so for months I mostly stayed in my dorm room and spent time on the internet (which he later came to also be un-fond of) until one day, me being me, decided to go out with the guys even though I knew he'd flip.
eventually BoB went back to the valley and left me in houston. for a while I freaked out, but soon enough I decided to date around.

so I met this guy, who I sometimes still think about.
he was everything I wasn't, ya know? does that make any sense?
I grew up in a small town and didn't really believe homeless people existed (it's complicated, but that's the gist of it), while he grew up in houston and had friends that were homeless people (maybe not ~friends~ but knew their names and stuff).
and you know how I said I'd been getting im's from a familiar screenname?
well it's him.
and I'm stoked and I really wanna catch up and see how he's doing...
he's like... someone who's made a big difference in my life.
in a few hours he taught me more about real life than I learned in 2 sems worth of psychology, sociology, and philosophy.
honestly I think it's kinda funny... I sincereley doubt he realizes what an effect he's had on my life... I wonder if I will tell him.

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maybe it was the parsley?

we made spinach lasagna last night, and chopping onions kicked my ass.
I'd never done it before, and when I saw lus peel a couple of onions I volunteered to cut them.
irby was crashed on the couch (he had a whopping one beer last night) so he was useless.
omg those onions! like... I was crying so hard I could barely see! and it wasn't just tears rolling down my face - my eyes hurt. ~hurt~.
so I never want to cut onions again.

lus came over early saturday evening, and we went to the pour house for dinner.
a while later irby called and then met us there.
lus asked hayden about the altercation that happened tuesday night - turns out pizza hut guy was involved.
I dunno... I think they handled it badly.
but oh well.
we left early - made a walmart run, and after much fanfare started making the lasagna.
it wasn't ready to eat 'till 06 or so.
but it's really good.

so my dad's in the hospital. he had an ebt saturday, an echo earlier today, and tomorrow he's having a ptst.
my sis & I are gonna go visit in the morning.
I think his chick is staying with him, so at least he's not bored.
oh and he ~loves~ hospital food. like, during lent he & I will go to the lakeside campus of a local hospital just to have lunch or dinner. it's pretty funny, 'cause my dad's a really friendly person and he'll start talking to the people next to us in line... and inevitably they ask who we're there to see... it's alway a laugh when he tells them we're just there for the catfish.

oh and funny story - milkdud's friend the devil... apparently he drove out to dallas this weekend...
something about being in the reserves or something...
only he didn't need to be there...
so he drove 600 cumulative miles for a 30 sec conv he could've had on the phone.
and he calls ~me~ a loser?

and this is the last thing, I promise.
that kid irby, that I keep ragging on for being such a lightweight, he emailed me pics from that night we met.
thought I'd share one with ya'll, to prove that he really does get trashed just by smelling liquor.

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Saturday, August 06, 2005 :::

no longer mystical

overall there has been something near mystical about taco friday.
it's not just driving into the barrior for tacos, but the experience on the drive over, and sitting there for an hour after we've finished eating, just chatting and all...
last night, taco friday was... different.
javi-er and his sidekick james (I love both of these guys) went out with me, but also 2 other guys came with james - his little brother and one of his cousins.
it's not that either of thse new guys was mean or anything - they seems like really nice kids.
I just really don't like meeting new people. I'm uh... really antisocial, or something.
so they all rode together and I drove myself... and the whole meal was kinda pressed... and then we sat there not talking for about 5 minutes before we left.
I dunno.

when I got home I took some lortab and had meant to finish god of war...
instead I fell asleep.
I'm kinda mad, 'cause I wanted to finish the game...
guess I can finish tonight, but I think lus wants to go out. and I don't think I'd do too well if I was trashed while playing.

she's got a bible; she's born again
she's got a shutgun; ain't afraid to sin

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Friday, August 05, 2005 :::

not like I'm getting laid

so I'm not sure how this happened:

My life is rated NC-17.
What is your life rated?

guess it's my laungage or something...

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besitos, sabores, y olores

like... so many of the guys I know tend to not think of me as a girl... mostly I'm just one of the guys.
and then sometimes one of them will go off saying things... and it always turns out to be right on the brink of offensive.
so maybe I should be offended, eh?

anyway... I'm dead tired.
I went over to my sis's last night and we played god of war all night.
she's actually got worse jumping skills than I do (amazing, I know) but her walking skills (like walking on planks of wood) are hella better than mine.
I had a really good time, only I didn't get much sleep again.
in the last 3 days I've slept... 12 hours. 7 hours in the last 2 days.
at least I'll sleep some tonight and won't be dragging ass at work tomorrow.

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Thursday, August 04, 2005 :::

I should've called in

work is slow tonight.
I'm kicking my own ass for not calling in.
I could be playing god of war right now.

I just read a bit of a walkthrough for it - only up to as far as I've gotten in the game.
medusa killed me three times before I went to bed.
after my third death I called her a "snake-headed whore" and stormed off.
I'm all stoked about the game, though.
I'm gonna go back and do the whole romp-in-the-hay with the half naked chicks. instead of jumping into bed with them I told them to get out and then I ran off to kill some demon d00ds.
this game is really cool, ya'll.
you get health by killing humans - I still think that's great.
but omfg the camera angles blow.

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my moral standing is lying down

so that kid, irby, is actually a bigger nerd than I am.
and honestly - I think he may be a bigger nerd than even milkdud.
and this isn't simply a case of the pot calling the kettle black... this is more like a quart of milk pointing out that there's 4 quarts-worth of milk in a gallon.
I mean... not only is he an anime fan... but he's got anime scrolls.
scrolls, ya'll.

so after work last night I went over to his apt. first thing I noticed is a ghost in the shell scroll... then another anime scroll across the room, this one for cowboy bebop. and get this - he was wearing a cowboy bebop tshirt.
I ended up hanging out there 'till almost 06... called lus to make sure we were still on for brkfst... then went home.

now, I was incredibly hungry because I hadn't eaten since the tacos I had for dinner, and I'd been up all night.
I'd planned on playing god of war for maybe 10 mins, and then getting up and making some corn to eat before brkfst.
an hour and a half later lus shows up. I had not noticed I'd been playing for that long. it's a really cool game, and I think I'll hafta rent it sometime, or continue to borrow it or something.

speaking of borrowing - lus said he'd lend me his ayn rand books, so someone remind me to take them off my wishlist.
and another tangent - since I'm talking about my wishlist - I have no idea what I'm gonna do for my bday. this d00d I used to work with, loyd... his bday is the 27th. So I think the plan is to go out on saturday (the 27th) and just keep going 'till noon or something.
/me shrug
I dunno.

anyway... after brkfst I went home and played god of war for about 5 mins (I got tired of medusa killing me) then tried to go to bed.
only I couldn't sleep. lus and I decided to try some random restaurant this morning, and they had ~really~ good coffee, so I had about 6 cups. only coffee makes me sleepy, so all morning I was shaking off sleepiness... and when it came time to sleep I ended up just laying in bed staring at my ever-popular ceiling fan.
come noon I about kicked my own ass for still being awake while laying in bed instead of playing god of war, but I guess I fell asleep before too long 'cause I didn't see 1300 roll around.

and now I'm at work.
fun fun.
I like, wanna invite the entire office over for my bday, but I doubt I will. usually I send emails out, and I don't know anyone but tech support's email addresses.
I dunno... every time I try to plan something big I end up not completelty following through.
guess we'll see, eh?

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Wednesday, August 03, 2005 :::

I am a taco whore

so this kid, irby, came over last night.
he brought over god of war, which I've been aching to play for a while a now.
we didn't actually play, though.
he just moved to lubbock a couple of saturdays ago, and he'd not been out in town anywhere...
so we chilled at my apt for a bit then headed over to the pour house.

and omg!
a couple of drunk d00ds got into a fight last night at the ph!
I was like, "WTF!?!"
so we tabbed out early and went back to my apt.

he had a couple more beers there, and he was ~completely~ trashed.
seriously - he had 5 beers and 1 shot spread out over 7 hours.
/me shaking head

so like I said earlier, he seems like a really cool kid.
we have a surprising amount of things in common, ya'll. seriously.
and he's a mac user!
+ 5 hundred MILLION points for him

we had tacos for dinner at work tonight.
jordan was like, "so... you want tacos?"
and I was totally for it, as always.
I loves the tacos.

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once upon a dream

ooh... I've been getting messages from this screenname that looks vaguely familiar...
and like...
if it is who I think it is, I'm gonna be ~so~ stoked!
and if it's not who I think it is, well I'm sure I won't be too disappointed.

I talked to this chick that I went to high school with last night...
she's gotten married and is buying a house and all...
she sent me some pictures of her wedding - she got married on the island.
looks good in the pictures, and they make a cute couple.

I went out last night with this kid I met on yahoo personals - he's such a light weight.
didn't take any roofie-coladas to get him trashed...
I'll blog more about it later, but I promise he's a sweet kid.

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005 :::

sharing secrets

so it's come up more than once in the last couple of weeks - thought I'd clear it up once and for all.
most of the images I use aren't mine. usually I'll take a couple and work 'em into one, but really the only picture I took is that one of the clouds on my main page.

the cloud with door picture uses a pic I took on the way to albuquerque when I was turning 21. I can't find the original, but I've got the edited pic... I had to take out some ground and the timestamp... here's the cloud and here's the door.
the hooded angel pic uses some concept art for the crow 2 and a picture of glass wings from a catalog.
the header image of my blog uses a photo from a kodak tutorial.
what else? the crying angel on my about page is just this picture enlarged and with a color change.
oh and my 404 error page's bound angel is here, again with just a slight color change.

I think those are all the pictures I've actually decided to use.
periodically I google for images to use, just in case I'm struck with inspiration and want to make another page.
for the most part I've got more pictures than I've got things to do with, but I'm sure when I get bothered enough to make more indexes for all my folders I'll be running short.

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le pant y le caw

crow night has been a complete disaster - we didn't even make the pumpkin pies!
ok so the pumpkin pies don't really have anything to do with crow night, but we figured since we'd be up all night we may as well make a couple of pies, ya know?

but like... the anarchist hippie is working days all this week and next, and is off tomorrow.
only, he's been up since the crack of dawn. and I stayed up really late last night talking to slave, so I didn't get to sleep much either.
he ends up dozing half way through the first movie. eventually we take another smoke break, and he's fine after that... but neither one of us thinks we'll make it through another complete movie.
so we've post-poned, again.
think we'll try again this weekend sometime.

instead of putting on another movie, we decide to watch bits of the first movie in french with spanish subtitles.
it's pretty funny, really... like... we both got a load of cheap laughs out of it.
my favorite kill is still tin tin's... that whole "victims, aren't we all" gets me every time.
I dunno. I went through this phase when I thought it was ~such~ an awesome movie... then I thought it was absolute crap... now I'm back to thinking it's an awesome movie.
I'm glad too - since I've got 2 crow posters.

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Monday, August 01, 2005 :::

steve jobs is pretty sexxxy

ok so like... remember how I said milkdud and gizmo have been giving me shit about bailing on 'em...
apparently the devil is giving me garbage too.
milkdud's retarded boards
yeah... I answered the phone and some d00d's all, "YOU'RE SO FULL OF BULL SHIT!!!" and I'm like, "wtf?" and it turns out it's the devil on the phone.
work is soooooooo fun

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so both milkdud and gizmo have been giving me ~such~ garbage for not partying with them this past weekend.
like... thursday night I accidently fell asleep... and friday night I was more than a bit trashed by the time I talked to milkdud, and we were playing im tag - with about an hour's lag.
and they didn't even tell me about saturday night!
*rolling eyes*

and I'm sitting here bitching about yahoo personals, since I'm looking at my personals inbox... the jesus fan suggests I unsubscribe.
and I'm seriously considering it ya'll. being single is t3h awesome.
but this whole time I'm reading this kid's ad, ya know? it sounds really ordinary, and his title is something like "there is no title" or something... but then I get down to the part where he mentions he's got an ipod and just bought a new mac!
so I'm mostly back to loving yahoo personals.

speaking of yahoo personals, I've been talking to this guy for the last week or so...
now that I've gotten to know him a bit better, I've decided on his nickname.
I'm gonna call him the unappreciated teacher.
he seems like a good enough kid... coming to tech soon... moving this coming weekend, I think. he's a big history buff, which I find unfathomably banal.
it makes me want to shoot myself in the foot.
but aside from that he seems like a really cool guy.
*blinking innocently*


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if I was the battle...

... you have won the war

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