Saturday, December 31, 2005 :::

"hold please"

I'm not sure wtf, but every single day in the last week work has been absurdly busy.
and it's not like we've had any network issues (aside from today) that can be blamed... just lots of different folks calling in with lots of different problems.
and I've not had a good 12-hour-or-more run of sleep in almost 2 weeks (usually have one at least once a week).
my eyes sting, and I left my glasses at adrian's last night.

I feel like a jerk for falling asleep while visiting him last night.
apparently I took 2 naps - an 8 minute one (felt like a couple of hours, it was so refreshing) and then an hour long one.
I was really looking forward to getting off work @ 16 and sleeping 'till tomorrow... I'd forgotten my nephew's bday party is today.
and then tonight we're gonna watch all 10 star trek movies in a row, eat apples and cheese on trisuits, and drink carbonated grape juice.
it's a great thing to have friends and family that also enjoy scifi.

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Friday, December 30, 2005 :::

the glory that is netflix

ds9 is so incredibly awesome!!!

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for shame

didn't get off at noon like I'd hoped.
and um... when I got off work yesterday I went home and took a nap... woke up @ ~ 19... hung out with the kids for a bit, then hung out with adrian a bit, then hung out with my sis for a bit...
didn't even notice it was 04... by that time I'd only get a couple hours of sleep so I didn't bother going to bed. figured since I'd be getting off at noon I could get home and snooze for a few.
oh well.
at least I got my chicken nuggets.

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Thursday, December 29, 2005 :::

scheduling wonders

so my schedule this week was supposed to be 08-14 tues-thurs, and 08 to 17 on friday. and I'm scheduled for saturday too.
I worked from 08 to 17 tuesday and yesterday...
so it would seem I'm getting off at noon today and tomorrow.
so that's cool.
I can go home and read for a few hours. or play some soul cal. or just hang out with the kids.
funny thing - today is game day. usually on wed I bring some video games with me to work and just stop by adrian's on the way home to game with him for a while.
well, not really ~with~ him. he plays his mmos and I do console games.
anyhow. I forgot yesterday to pack my games... and I got off later than I was supposed to. today I actually rememebered to bring my games, and I'll be getting off absurdly early.

my dad got back into town last night.
he brought some kind of corn tamales for us... and I saved some for adrian.
I liked 'em and all, but I'd have loved them if they had raisins.

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peach of my eye

I find it quite attractive that adrian reads more than I do - that he knows more about history and other stuff than I do.
at the same time, I find it quite irritating that adrian reads more than I do... and that he knows more about history and other stuff than I do.

so yes.
much to everyone's surprise tooter showed up for work this morning.
he's all half dead and moaning in the corner, but at least he's here.
and he's a chocolate milk drinking machine this morning... usually he drinks one of those 20 oz bottles of chocolate milk, but atm he's on his second quart of chocolate milk.
/me shrug
whatever works, I guess.

adrian and I went to b&n last night to buy the left hand of destiny, but I wound up with a couple of books on the crusades and a copy of the hot zone. the hot zone has been on my wishlist for aaaaaaaaaaages, so I'm pretty excited about that.
the crusades books... meh. I'm sure it'll hold my interest well enough, but I doubt it'll inspire me to take up history.
who knows, though. hopefully I'll be surprised.

omg. now tooter's looking for gandy's web site.
/me sigh
he's a chocolate milk fanatic

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005 :::

self assessment worksheet

    • pleasantly deal with irrate customers

    • struggle to give accurate ETCs for network issues

    • answer calls in the order they were received and in a timely manner

    • take out garbage

    • pretend we are fully staffed

    • unlocked profiles for all characters in tekken 5

    • purchased a vintage mac

    • not getting screwed nearly as often as my coworkers

    • I am a good team player. This year I served on a company wide team that worked on the development of a new employee recognition program. I did the 'thought for the day' a few times

    • I use a mac

    • I don't need to take anger management classes

    • become more familiar with older versions of windows (even though they suck ass)

    • better learn our network map (so I can be prepared for when our crap breaks)

    • learn our parent company's [shit] software

    • get back in school and graduate

    • join the peace corps

    • beat soul cal 2 for both consoles

.oO(I wonder if anyone took the eval seriously)

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so apparently tooter did not quit.
but it does look like I will be here by myself a bit later than I'd hoped.
ok, a lot later than I'd hoped.
and different parts of our network have been deciding to upchuck periodically.
oh well.

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death by degrees

well I'm sitting here by myself...
apparently tooter quit...
so now there's only 5 of us...

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005 :::

because I ~know~ you've been wondering

cat 6 vs cat 5
gbit/s vs 100mbit/s

and now you too can sleep tonight

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well, I've not used a computer in over a week.
I swear it's a new record.
ok ok ok, I used my vintage mac a bit, but only a little bit... really just to touch base with slave over the holiday.
came back to quite a few emails... a particularly nasty one from doke.
/me shrug
the others were nice - even got an email from demetrius, whom I've not talked to in a while.

my time off went really well.
I took some notes about stuff I wanted to blog about, but one of them was concerning a fight I had with adrian that first saturday night... don't really wanna relive that, so I'm not going to rehash those notes... also some from... wednesday night. I did some painting...
and christmas.
I got adrian a bat'leth and a couple of books. he seems to like them well enough.
he got me an xbox and soul cal 2 for xbox. I can now play as spawn whenever my heart desires.

we went to see king kong with my niece and nephew on friday evening.
we talked a bit before the movie about some boondock saints tshirts I'd seen at hot topic (the kids watched the movie with me last time they were up here & mostly loved it)... I was particularly excited about the one with the bros & their guns.
my niece was just like, "yeah. uh huh."
she can be kinda moody, so I was like, "er."
fast forward to late christmas eve/early christmas morning.
I open my gift from her.
it's that same tshirt.
she was all, "yeah. I had bought it for you that morning..."
she's super awesome, ya'll.
me nephew got me a tinkerbell stocking, so I'm reading for stocking stuffers next year.
they also got me a gift card that helped me buy an extra xbox controller, a couple of ps2 memory cards, and soul cal 3 (just a $25 gift card, but still it helped)

I had a really good time overall, but the fun times were marred by bad.
hwoarang and taki have passed on.
/me sigh
I was/am pretty sad... adrian mentioned that I chose hamsters 'cause I didn't want much of a commitment... but dammit I should have chosen sturdier rodents. some with hair or somethimg.

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Saturday, December 17, 2005 :::

goodbye* cruel world**

*for now; I'll be back in a week or possibly less

**I actually mean workplace, but since I'm not in school or doing much of anything aside from working, it mostly is my world

hope all of you have a nice time
/me kisses your collective cheek

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Friday, December 16, 2005 :::

comet sucks ass

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5% juice

I had this big post all written up...
kinda an angry one
decided it's better left unsaid.
/me shrug

I was off yesterday, in exchange for working tomorrow.
buuuuuuut I have ~all~ next week off.
I'm ~so~ stoked, ya'll. I haven't gotten any time off since last thanksgiving.
I'd planned on going to austin for a couple days to see mike, but I've not talked to him in the last month so I don't wanna risk not being able to get a hold of him.
then I considered heading to the valley for a few days... but frankly, I don't think I'd hold up too well.
looks like I'll be staying in town... maybe with that much free time I'll finally get myself properly unpacked. and my bathroom fully painted. and my posters put up. and final fantasy finished.
mostly I expect to sleep a lot.

last night I watched a couple of ds9 episodes with my sis, then 6 more by myself. then I watched girlfight (left over from my michelle rodriguez kick last week), which was... interesting.
also, I have eaten 5 tuna sandwhiches in the last 24 hours. I dunno why, but I've been on a real kick for tuna with pickles and tomatoes.

apparently adrian purchased my christmas gift, and is quite sure that I'll like it. he's actually been teasing me since he picked it up on thursday night.
it's really cute, ya'll. honestly I don't think he realizes how often I'm joking with him.
anyhow... btwn his teasing and awesome assurance that I'm gonna like whatever he's giving me, I've become quite concerned that he may not like the crap I picked out for him.
/me crosses fingers

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005 :::


work today has been excruciating - we've pushed through some email changes... and not all the changes were expected.

and I had a pretty bad dream last night...
woke up pretty freaked and unable to get back to sleep.
come 1000 I was still peeking out from under my covers.
/me sigh

and some fella came in a while ago to jack with his server...
and jordan was all, "put on your jacket." and then it escalated to "OMFG PUT YOUR FUCKING JACKET ON!!!!!!!!"
I promise it was funny.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005 :::

but he doesn't wanna show his face

so tooter, one of the guys I work with, got bored earlier.
he grabbed my scarf and wrapped it around his head... then demanded that gizmo take a pic of him.
but first, he had to make a mask; he doesn't want people to know it's him.
I can't decide what's funnier - that he took this pic to place on forums he frequents, that he does this quite often (every time he puts some sort of cover on his face - last time he used a paper plate w/ a slit cut out for his eyes), or that he thinks a bit of a coffee filter is going to protect his anonymity.
so anyway... here's his pic...

gotta love these guys

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Monday, December 12, 2005 :::


our anniversary is on the 28.
that's what I'm sticking with.

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chocobo inbreeding

so I've decided it's time to start breeding chocobos.
I spent about an hour last night catching chocobos up around icicle inn & going back to the chocobo farm to see what kind of chocobo I'd found.
I ended up with quite a few that chocobo billy did not approve of before I finally got my hands on a wonderful female chocobo... now I need a wonderful male and a load of greens... and then I'll hit the races.
fun fun.
in an effort to fund my breeding I've begun to sell materia that I've mastered. and I've mastered a lot of 'em, really. guess I didn't think I would, but I have.
atm I'm roaming around mideel growing materia to sell so I can afford the mess of greens these birds require.
so that's what's going on at the final fantasy front.

adrian & I watched the video game awards, and that made me ~really~ wanna finish god of war.
supposedly adrian's gonna buy it, so hopefully I'll be able to mooch it off of him sometime. if not, I'm gonna hafta hound irby for it.
speaking of irby, think when serenity's released he's having a movie party... we'll hafta see how that works out.
and speaking of games I wanna play, I was seriously gonna join gamefly. think I'm gonna push it back, since all I'm playing atm is ff7.

and that pretty much wraps up my weekend.
oh wait. we had choochai for dinner last night... apparently the little cook d00d was on a helluva spicy kick; I couldn't eat my pad thai.
adrian & I are gonna watch aeon flux tonight, I think. I'm trying to convince him to go to the mall with me (I'd rather go with him than my sis, but he thinks of shopping with me as I think of shopping with my sis)... I've gotta buy some stuff to wear to mass.

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Friday, December 09, 2005 :::

midnight showings are awesome

you know, narnia's gotten a lot of grief from folks... honestly I liked it. I mean, it's no where near as awesome as I'd imagined... but that's to be expected.
so yes... I'll recommend it.

after the movie we (well, minus adrian) went to ihop.
I ~finally~ got to have eggs benedict... not quail eggs, though.
jordan, bonnie, jj, and I have all read the book... so we're sitting there talking about how true to the book the movie is....
my sis, who has not read the book, busts out with, "I saw a special on pbs."
it was really funny, and I plan on teasing her about it for the next month at least.

~and~ adrian's agreed to have pho for dinner!

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Thursday, December 08, 2005 :::

unsecured debt

so I'm just now getting back on my feet... the whole living-alone-while-not-making-hardly-any-money thing really screwed me.
since that can be traced directly back to the breakup with my david, really I just screwed myself.
anyhow... I've been meaning to sign up for credit counseling for months.... just now submitted an app to accc, so lets hope it goes through.
I didn't add all my creditors - just mbna (my star trek/apple card)... unfortunately I forgot to bring statements for my wells fargo and providian credit cards. plus I've still gotta look into paying back my school loans.
at least it's a start, though.

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spite is not pride

I finally made it to disc 2 (in ff7)
~ 50 hours of gameplay on the first disc...
this is a hell of a commitment.

I forgot I had to come to work today...
good thing today I'm not supposed to be here 'till 14 (usually I come in at 12)...
my dad's finally back in town, so we sat around talking for a few.
he seems a lot happier than he was before he went down south... I'm glad my mom's gotten over whatever she was peeved about.
she even sent me a soup maker thing since I've been asking her for recipes.

my sis, our friend bonnie, milkdud, adrian, and I are going to see narnia tonight.
I'm pretty stoked; my sis, bonnie, and I'll probably head out for food after the movie. bonnie's a lot of fun.
only thing that could make it better is if adrian'd be able to go. but he's already making a huge exception to his in-bed-by-2300 rule, so I shouldn't fuss.

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Wednesday, December 07, 2005 :::

worf has arrived!

so I watched the first disc of ds9's season 4 last night...
worf is now stationed on.. the station.
seriously though, I was pretty stoked to see my favorite klingon in the uniform I like best.

I didn't play ff7 but for half an hour or so... just running around the temple of the ancients growing materia.
don't wanna think too far ahead in the story... since apparently something big's gonna happen soon.
I did spend the evening watching ds9 with adrian, and then a dvd on my own (I've learned that watching the episodes by myself first saves me the trouble of bitching at adrian for talking the whole time), and then I watched blue crush.
it was pretty bad, ya'll. I mean, I wasn't expecting anything that great... but it was still pretty bad.

I'm hoping to order pho from saigon tonight... they close @ 21 (the same time my shift is up) so I think milkdud and I may do takeout.
this is perfect pho weather - been in the teens all day, plus windchill.

oh and I thought this was a jem:

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005 :::

hwoarang not houdini

so on friday, when I got home from work, I checked on the hamsters.
taki was in bed being her cranky self...
but hwoarang was no where to be found.
I woke my sis to ask if he had possibly died and she'd thrown away his little body... or if maybe she was playing with him and he'd scampered off or something.
so we walked around the house calling his name.
then she starts calling me kinda urgently... apparently he was just snoozing behind the stove.
we keep calling him... I get some food for him... he crawls into my hand and then I put him back into his cage, and he began to drink an obscene amt of water.
crazy little guy.

adrian and I finally made it out to walmart last night.
I bought stuff to make sandwhiches with, and for the first time since I moved out of my apt I had a sandwhich for brkfst.
and orange juice.

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Monday, December 05, 2005 :::

spoiler alert

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Friday, December 02, 2005 :::

looks kinda tame to me

so... I'm in the process of purchasing tickets for the 0025 showing of narnia thursday night/friday morning...
I get off work at 2330 on thursdays, though.
I can't decide if one hour is enough line time.

looks like I'll hafta put off my purchase anyway; can't get a hold of my sis.
she loves the odd-hour showings, so I've gotta check to see if she can make it.

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Thursday, December 01, 2005 :::

living in a lonely world

so adrian's crap came in... now I'm wishing it was already christmas so I could give this stuff to him... I'm almost certain I'm gonna end up blurting out what I've gotten him.

and today is my brother's birthday... he's 31 today.
I just sent him an icard, and my sis & I'll probably call him when she brings me lunch.
speaking of lunch... I've been wanting lettuce.

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