Saturday, January 31, 2004 :::

my three worst nightmares (literally)

Worst Nightmare 2nd Runner Up:
So I'm back home, in the Valley. Our back yard connects to the Junior High's field, so there's a 10 foot fence with barbed wire across the top. There's a big mesquite tree that leans right up agst that fence. I'm dressed like the crow, with my face painted white, wearing all black... even black nails. My hair is down and tangled and wet - dripping with sweat. My ex is standing on the roof... over the garage, also dressed like the crow. He's fighting all these people, dressed as ninjas. There must be btwn 6 and 8 guys he's fighting.
I'm standing on one of the 3 main branches of that mesquite... and I'm fighting 3 ninjas. All 3 ninjas are in the tree with me. 2 are on the same branch as me, up ahead where it forks. There's one behind me. I get kicked in the face, then kicked in the gut, then punched in the face. Each hit sends waves of pain. But none of it matters.
All that matters is that I knock these guys out so I can go help the ex.
I can't hardly see anymore, from the blood and sweat on my face, and it seems that one of my eyes is swollen shut. I see the ninja to the left, in front of me, coming in with a bow to hit me. So I jump.
I land on the branch of the tree that is directly over the barbed wire on the fence. I'm waving my arms around to try and catch my balance, only I know it's too much. So I try to reach down and grab the branch, to steady myself. My hands are bloody; my knuckles are raw. I grab a small branch that has thorns on it, and they cut further into my palms. And then I fall.
Not far, though.
I land directly on the barbed wire. I can feel the metal reaching inside me to tear me apart. Still, nothing matters but helping my ex.
My shirt, wet with blood and sweat, already torn from the fighting... is tearing across the center. I'm still trying to go help BoB so I'm struggling agst the barbs, trying to get free. Only... in my struggle I've managed to open gashes in my abdomen, with blood spilling out making my hands warm and sticky. I notice that my hands were cold. "Cold hands, warm heart."
Kind of an odd thing to say while I'm suspended in the air held up only by barbed wire.
So I'm struggling to get down, with deep gashes in my body. And now another problem. It seems in all my flailing I've gone and gotten the barbed wire entangled in my intestines.
Still, nothing else matters but helping my ex. If I can reach the ground I can grab the knife I carry in my boots and I can cut myself free.
So I reach up and grab my intestines. Slimy and warm, I'm again reminded how cold my hands are.
I pull. I'm pulling my intestines out of my body. And I can feel it.
The pain.
I can smell the blood, the sweat, and the grass.
I can't hardly see anything, and slowly everything is fading away.
The ninjas in the tree are gone. But still the pain. I look over to where my ex is fighting, now near the patio, in front of the banana plants... and the ninjas there are fading away.
He's standing there fighting no one. He looks like he's running through a kata.
The pain is all I can think about. I'm not concerned with helping him anymore. I call to him.
He turns and looks at me... he looks away. Then he keeps fighting.
But there's no one there.
Then everything starts spinning - whirling like some sort of distorted tornado.
I'm left there, suspending in the air, with nothing but my pain.
Until my intestines, that I had previously been so eager to get out of me, begin to unravel under my weight.
I close my eyes and scream.
All I can smell is the blood and all I can feel is the pain.

Worst Nightmare 1st Runner Up:
For this dream you need some background. One of the guys I was engaged to, we'll call him Monkey, used to visit Houston fairly often. We went to high school together, and at some point we modeled together. He's the one who gave me the same engagement ring his father gave his mother. He's in the army... and I haven't really talked to him since David and I started dating.
So about my dream.
I'm in my bedroom here in Lubbock laying in bed. Monkey comes to my window and tells me he's missed me and that he really does want me to keep the ring. Then he asks if I want to go to a rave, that it's in Houston and he knows I have friends there I haven't seen in ages.
I say yes, and get up. I guess I wasn't supposed to leave the house because for some reason I follow him out the window. As soon as we walk around the house to the street, we're in Houston. And 2 of my girlfriends are with us.
Now all 4 of us are walking through some sort of residential neighborhood... but it's kinda in the slum part of town or something. The rave's to be held in an abandoned building somewhere nearby, so we're walking.
There are all sorts of weird dressed characters... and so me and one of my gf's start cracking on them. At some point we're making fun of some really young girl - she's probably in high school or something.
So then we're at the rave. Flashing lights everywhere, lots of things glowing and such. Monkey and I are sitting at a table talking about what's been going on lately, and my two gf's are off dancing. Then this other girl that I went to high school with, this chick who always had a thing for Monkey, comes up and starts mouthing off about how I "stole" him from her. I was like... "um.. no. go dance with him or something."
And so Monkey and Monkey Lover go to dance.
Then this girl I kinda knew when I lived in Houston comes up to me telling me she's gotta go home... that she needs to get to a bus stop and she doesn't want to go alone. So I try to round up the other 2 girls but they don't want to leave, and since I'll be coming back I don't really worry.
Then I see the original crew. When I was growing up there were 5 of us - Monica, Amy, Daniela, Stephanie, and Me. We all start jumping around and screaming and stuff 'cause we're all stoked. So I invite them to come with me so we can catch up w/out having to yell over the music.
So all 6 of us leave and start walking to the bus station. None of us know where it is, so I ask the girl from Houston. She says it's at the corner of some street and 102nd. I look up at the next street sign I see and it says 3rd street.
We're walking along in the middle of the street talking and laughing, catching up and all. Then Monica comes closer to me and whispers, "someone's following us."
I grab her hands and kinda whirl her around still laughing and stuff so I can look behind us without making it too obvious. And there's that one high school chick, trailing a large bald man, and a crowd of other people walking along the sidewalk... ducking in and out of the doorways and shadows.
I just laugh and say, "it'll be ok."
We're coming up to another corner... the sign says 80something. We see more people coming from the street that connects to the one we're on. My friend Amy reaches over and kinda grabs my arm.
Still all I do is say, "it'll be ok."
We're still walking along, no laughing anymore, and we're kinda hunched together in a group.
We're all afraid.
They kinda herd us into the center of the intersection...
And the bald men pulls out a knife.
I stand in front of the rest of the girls... I'm the first one to get hit.
They proceed to beat all of us. The man with the knife comes to me, presses the knife agst my throat. I can feel the blade start to block the pulsing of my carotid artery.
I'm afraid, but still I think "it'll be ok."
He cuts a thin line across my neck, my right cheek... the top part of my chest. Tears are streaming down my face, my heartbeat echos in my head. He brings his face down close to mine... and I can smell the beer on his breath. With each exhale I can feel the heat and see the vapor... I look into his eyes and see my reflection.
He takes the knife and runs it lightly yet roughly up and down my arms.
I close my eyes and think "it'll be ok."
I can feel his hands start to roam... places where I screamed when he touched them.
I can hear the girls, muffled moans and crying.
When he is done with me I lay there in the street... my clothing ripped and scattered about. I'm clutching my side - I think my ribs are broken. It hurts to breath, to swallow... to open my eyes.
I see headlights coming towards me. Help.
"it'll be ok."
My throat is bruised, cut... it hurts to even whisper the words.
The headlights get closer...
"it'll be ok."
They're not slowing down.
"it'll be ok."
It's the bald man.
And I don't know what to say.
Not even a scream as the car hits me.

Worst Nightmare:
Now that it comes down to it I'm not sure I want to put this one out there. It's a bit more... personal.. than these 2. And it's the worst dream I've ever had.

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Laffy Taffy Jokes

What do you get when you cross a werewolf with an octopus?
a fur coat with a lot of sleeves

What did the noodles say to the butter?
don't try and butter me up

What do you call a pig comedian?
a real ham!

Why did the rooset cross the road?
to get a chick

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Friday, January 30, 2004 :::


So I'm playing Socom II, right. And I got the little internet adapter thing. And so there are ethernet cords stretched across the apt.
So my ~awesome~ little dog decides to chew through the cord!!!


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comic reading frenzy

work is really slow tonight. And I'm absurdly sleepy. I've spent the last few hours catching up on my comics.
I've read all of both AppleGeeks and Diesel Sweeties tonight.

*staring at the ceiling*

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Thursday, January 29, 2004 :::

Helluva Bad Day

This has got to be the worst day I've had in aaaaages.
Squishy managed to chew up David's new glasses last night.
Lucky bit me this morning when I was trying to take his harness off after I walked him.
Fought with David.
I got pulled over on the way to school.. making me late.

d00d gave me a warning. At least I didn't get a ticket.

Fought with David some more.
I was making dinner... I guess to try and smooth things over... only... I didn't expect him to stay. He went out to study last night... but he didn't get to 'cause the guys he was studying with were talking to him. So I figured he'd be studying like a madman tonight. Only... he told me when he walked in that he wasn't gonna be staying at the apt for long.
'Cause he was going to a hockey game with the guys.
I know I shouldn't have gotten upset... only...
*shaking head*
Well I got upset.
So we talked.
And I told him the truth - about how I feel, why I've been snapping at him... and what I want from our rltnship.
He said he didn't know that getting an email from him mattered to me.
I dunno what hurt me more. That he's not been doing that, or that he didn't know it mattered to me.
And I don't want him to change. Not for me. Not for something like this.
I can learn to live with it. I'd rather live with it than leave.
Maybe I should change?

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Wednesday, January 28, 2004 :::

unsettling experience

David and I are fighting lately. A lot. I know I should be more... understanding... but I'm starting to snap at him for dumb reasons.
Guess I should talk to him about it.

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Monday, January 26, 2004 :::

what's when we dream?

A friend of mine uses that as his screenname. Now I'm really wondering what's going on. I've been having weird dreams lately. Not necessarily scary, although some of them are ~very~ scary, but lately they've just been weird.
Like the one I had tonight.
I was dreaming about an old friend of mine - someone I grew up with. And someone I was engaged to. It was absurd - something along the lines of LXG. I don't even know what the connection btwn him and that movie could be.
I haven't heard much from him since he got sent to iraq. I'm sure he's fine, though. I've been meaning to give his parents a call, to see if they've heard how he's doing and all, only... what would I say?
"Mrs. (Last Name)? Hi, this is Tina. I was just wondering if you've heard from (His Name) in the last few months. I haven't heard much from him since he got deployed."
She'll probably ask about the whole engagement... and why it fell through.
I'm not sure what to say to that. Tell her to ask him? That's awful rude. Only I don't know exactly what to tell her. A lot that happened back then... well...
I just don't know.
Seems lately I've been dreaming a lot about those guys. Well, not all of them, and not a lot. Just a couple of nights ago I had a dream about the one I met in high school.
In that dream, he called to tell me he's getting married, and he wants the ring he gave me back. That it was the ring his father gave his mother.
Maybe I'm just feeling guilty? Just because he asked me to keep the ring doesn't mean I should. It means a lot to his family, and most to his parents.
I'm not sure what my subconscious mind is trying to tell me.
Or maybe it's just the Taco Bell I had for dinner?
Seriously, though. It's not like I'm boinking anyone in these dreams, but I still feel like I'm betraying David.
We had this discussion today, about why he doesn't read my blog. He said he's afraid of what he might find in here. That it's like a diary. And it is, it really is. That's why I still have that javascript error that everyone who visits regularly hates so much.
Ever since Joe and I stopped talking to each other, I've felt like I'm unable to really trust anyone. With what's happened lately you could say that my feelings have doubled. It's so much easier to just spill my secrets into cyberspace than it is to confide in a single person.
Not to say I don't have friends, because I do. And I value them more now than ever. Only this stuff is a bit deep to lay on someone who I just play video games with.
And David. He's such a great guy. I don't know what I'd do without him. So what am I doing dreaming about people I don't hardly talk to anymore? Why aren't I dreaming about him?
Maybe because I see him everyday?
Maybe because he's there when I'm awake.
And that's what really matters, no?

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Sunday, January 25, 2004 :::

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tick tock tick tock

it's been such a slow night. half the unit is closed and we're pretty empty on the half that's open - I've only got 12 patients on the whole floor.
I've been jacking with my template again. I went and made a big mess so I had to reload an old template from a few months ago. For whatever reason I had saved it on the drive here, and I'm ~so~ glad I did.
Today's AJ's bday.

Happy Birthday AJ!

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he said I make him a better person

I was all torn up last night.
I ended up spending an hour and a half talking to one of my friends down in radiology. We talked about a lot of things... from the whole anarchy vs communism to what we look for in a significant other to how we both feel about God. He said some stuff that made me feel a lot better, but I had already decided what I was going to do. And I was gonna do it for him.
So I went by David's this morning with the intent of getting all my things and kissing him goodbye.
That's not what happened at all.
We ended up talking about stuff... and he said some things... and I do love him, ya know?
So here I am and there's still an "us," which is a good thing.
I just hope this doesn't come back and bite me.
For now I'll just bask in what I have.
There's nothing else I can do.

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Saturday, January 24, 2004 :::

from the 2 people who know me best

My ex boyfriend despises me.
My last best friend says he hated the person he was when he and I were talking.

So there's only one thing I can do.

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Friday, January 23, 2004 :::

communism vs anarchism

I've just finished a fairly interesting conv, as you might have guessed from the title....
I'll probably write on it some later tonight... for now I just wanted to mention I got Squishy a tshirt!
He looks awful cute.

My friend Cliff is leaving. He'll be working at the new Heart Hospital. I'm happy for him, 'cause the pay is better, but at the same time I'd really rather he stay here. He's trying to convince me to go over there too. I don't want to leave, though.
As much as I don't like it here, and for all the complaining about how much I hate my job... it's really not that bad. I do get to chat all night, or work on my sites, or do hmwrk. Only now, with Cliff leaving, I'm a little concerned Barnett'll try to get me to go to full time. He's still offering me extra hours if I want them.
Only now's kinda a really bad time. School just started... and I'm not sure how much time I'll need to be devoting to studying.
And there's David. Seems I hardly spend any time with him as it is. That's ridiculous though. We spend pretty much all of our time together. Only, it seems we're not together at all. Like the other day we were both at his apt. I was sitting on the couch watching tv, chatting, and working on some pics. He was at the kitchen table chatting and drawing. We were withing 10 feet of each other, but for the most part we weren't in the same room. Even in his apt we use instant messages instead of talking.
I'm not sure why.
So maybe I'll go to full time, then. If I don't see David as much I'll truly value the time we do spend together, no matter what we're doing. Only with the half hour drive to and from school, and my ~awful~ schedule this sem... I'm not sure I can afford to. I have class on M & W from 0800 - 1215, 1300 - 1545 and T & R 1100 - 1215, 1300 - 1555.
I'm gonna work on my calendar now and see if I can manage.

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I beat Gridlock!!!
Check my Moblog for pics of the winning game!

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Thursday, January 22, 2004 :::

interesting article

The Porn Factor

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"microbiology is gonna kick your ass"

I forgot to mention... I had a meeting with my boss on Tues morning. Apparently my yearly evaluation is due.
We chatted for about an hour... just catching up. Talked about david, what I got him for Christmas, how we're doing... what I'm giving him for our anniv.
Then we talked about school. This whole time my boss had been sitting behind his desk chatting with me. After I told him what I was taking he stood up and said "microbiology is gonna kick your ass!"
I was like, "Shut up!"
And then he said, "Hey now. I'm your boss."
*rolling eyes*
Anyway... he recommended I get a raise, only I've not turned in all my paperwork so I probably won't.
At least I didn't get fired for coming in late all the time and not wearing scrubs and mouthing off to the docs.

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the American Wedding fiasco

David and I were fighting again tonight. As I mentioned earlier... I think the reason I've been so touchy is that he hurt my feelings.
This happened back... oh... maybe a week ago? maybe longer?
I'm not sure how his friends would feel if I used their names, so I'm gonna call them Friend 1 and Friend 2, or F1 & F2.

I was already upset... I'm not sure if I was mad at david or my sister or my situation or what, but I was already in a bad mood. I think it was my sister, 'cause I was trying to give squishy a bath but she didn't want him in our tub. So I called David to ask if I could bathe Squishy over here. He mentions that he and some of his friends are gonna rent a movie, and asks if I want to stay. I said no.
I end up coming over, and when I get here two of his friends, F1 & F2 were here. Now I like both of them a lot, and I do try and be hospitable to david's friends.
It's kinda awkward 'cause david could tell I was mad, but we have to play nice in front of company. He asks if I'd like any movie in particular, and since I'd been wanting to wath The Hulk I ask him to rent it.
Flashback: Now see... I'm not much for the whole american pie humor. I don't like it at all, honestly. And I don't like austin powers... I don't like jim carrey... I don't like eddie murphy's "humor."
When American Wedding was released in theatres david wanted to go see it. I told him to go with his friends 'cause that's not the kind of thing I enjoy watching. I explained how I don't think that type of humor is funny, and that lots of times I can get offended with the material or the way it's being presented. So we didn't go.
Back to story: He comes back with American Wedding. Now I can understand that maybe since F2 had seen it in theatres and F1 and david both hadn't... I can see how they'd rent that. And that's fine, ya know? Just not something I wanted to watch. So I try leaving.
"blah blah blah," he says. So I stay. How bad can it be, right? It's rated R, not NC 17.
Well. It starts out bad enough. And it continues with that same sexual humor. I watched up to the scene with the two strippers scampering around topless.
I may have been able to handle the movie if it was just david and me, but F1 and F2 were both there. It seems I heard my mother's voice echo in my head, and for once I agreed with her. This is not the sort of thing you watch with people if you want them to respect you. Growing up, I didn't allow people to curse around me. True, I can't stop anyone, but I can leave. And that's what I ended up doing.
I got up, grabbed my computer, and went to david's bedroom with the dogs. I was fuming. I ended up watching Finding Nemo.
David didn't come in 'till much later, I guess whenever the girls finally put their tops on again.
And he says ~I'm~ being rude?
That I should be out there watching the movie. That I've probably offended F1 & F2.
I stay in the bedroom watching Finding Nemo with the dogs till the movie's over. At some point David messaged me asking what I was doing. How nice of him to take the time to IM me when he's only in the next room.
I didn't want to make a big scene, so after the guys leave I walk around the apt picking up things I'll need. After I've grabbed all the stuff I can carry I tell him I'm going home and to lock the door behind me. Things escalate to the point where I'm telling him we need a break. And it's true, all this because of some movie.
Anyway. We both say stuff, and the fight is over. I come back inside and things are fine.

Only, they're not really fine. Apparently this is still bothering me. A lot. I've been less patient with him; quick to anger. I don't know what's going on, or why I'm reacting this way.
I know I have issues with my body. I ~know~ I'm not the greatest looking girl out there. And honestly, I'm afraid he will find someone who he finds more attractive than me. I have this fear that one of these days he'll meet someone who's more... compatible... with him than I am.

It just feels like I have nothing going for me in life... and like I'm wasting his time.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2004 :::

packages are fun!

David's iTrip just came in. I love getting packages. The guys at his apt's office already know me from all the packages we get. I hadn't realized how much junk I get off the net 'till I walked in today and the guy already knew what apt I was there to pick up for. lol.
School again today. I ended up waking up an hour later than I had intended, so I was about half an hour late for my first class. I start the day with Weight Training for Women at 0800. That's about as far as my good intentions go, though. Then I've got gov't and hist, then a 45 min lunch break, and I end the day with Chem.
My chem teacher... he's gonna be an interesting fella. He's awful boring in class, but there's something about his attitude that's just screaming to get out. Like he's got a really awesome personality that he doesn't want us to know about or something. I hope he eases up...
In gov't today we had to get up and give a little spill about the classroom morals or somthing like that. The one my group had to talk about was... I don't remember the quote, but the jist of it was "different is not bad." The d00ds in my group were being a little less than helpful... and for some reason I ended up trying to convince them we should talk about star trek, the vulcans, and IDIC.
*shaking head*
Gonna walk the dogs now.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2004 :::

back in school

school started today. I think I'm really gonna enjoy my philosophy class. My english teacher from last semester is the one teaching it. I like him a lot.
Dunno about my microbiology class. I got there right before class started so I ended up getting a really crap seat. I sit in the center row, in the ~very~ back. And my teacher... she's really soft spoken. It doesn't help any that I forgot to ask her if I could take notes in that class on my comp. I sure do hate writing things out.
I've been fighting with david lately. Well, not really fighting. But I've been getting really agitated at something... I'm not sure what. I guess it's just all the stress I've been under. And now with school starting it's only gonna get worse. I hope I don't do anything stupid. Like what happened with the whole American Wedding thing. I'm not sure if I mentioned it in here - I'm not sure if I want to. Guess if we keep fighting about stuff I'm gonna mention it, since that's probably the real reason behind why I'm so upset.
Anyway... we're gonna go study.

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Monday, January 19, 2004 :::

My Dog is Crazy

I think maybe Squishy thinks he's a cat. Here he is, laying at the top of the couch.
Keep in mind there's nothing next to the couch. He's just kinda laying at the top, where he could fall back all the way down to the floor.

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So I'm still awake. I was up last night jacking with some images, chatting, and watching tv. I did manage to remember to go get my tb test read, so I went by the hospital this morning. I stayed about an hour longer than I had expected to since I stopped by radiology to see who was working and ended up shooting the bull for quite a while. Then I went home. For Certain Reasons I then decided to go to walmart. I bought a tshirt, some jeans, these awesome little kid style unmentionables, and food. I bought loads of food. I took a pic of the freezer a few mins ago so I'll most likely post it up here.
David's ipod came in earlier. He decided on getting "Mr. Grumpy Gills" engraved on the back. We're both pretty stoked about it. I sure wish my ipod was working. We've still not managed to go drop the box at airborne express to get it shipped to apple. I'm hoping today's the day we'll do it.
David's got the day off from both work and school due to holiday. I'm guessing we're gonna head to some coffeeshop so he can study. Either I'll read Che or maybe keep working on those images. They're for only I'm using photoshop (which I've never used before) so it's taking me ages to do anything with it.
David's still drawing a lot. He's also making loads of changes to his site, so visit if you get the chance. He made this drawing last night, based on something by AppleGeeks... I kinda made a small change to reflect how I feel about the current title of his page ("women are good for cleaning").

(I accidently deleted the black outline; his looks better than this)
Let's all keep in mind that last time he asked me to clean (when we took the christmas tree out) I threw the broom over the balcony. Is he trying to tell me something? Or is he just being a turd?

I think he's just being a turd.

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Sunday, January 18, 2004 :::

Alternate Ending

We watched Freddy Vs Jason earlier. I was just a little bit scared. I still wish Freddy had won.
The alternate ending, in my opinion, should have been kept.

The chick and her d00d are getting it on... when suddenly he sits up and raises his arm... and his fingers become BLADES!!!

I definitely prefer the alternate ending!

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snow here in lubbock (that's already melted!):

Snow in Michigan where Nicc lives:

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Saturday, January 17, 2004 :::

it's snowing!!!

It's snowing! The last time it snowed was last March... on a very special night for me.
I love you David!

I got back from my massage a while ago. David was home for lunch from defensive driving when I got here. I was a little concerned he was mad at me... he said he wasn't, but I'm still not sure if I believed him or not. He didn't eat, but we did play some darts. Check my moblog for a pic of one of our games. I didn't know there was a score involved - I just figured whoever got closest to the center won. Little did the falcon know, huh.
He won most of them. Ok - he won almost all of them. But in my defense, I feel like pudding. I'm so tired now. Gonna take a snooze.
Heh... I finally changed my contact info on the links up top here. Feel free to email me.

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good eatin'

My buddy Lus made a big pot of chicken soup for the radiology dept, and since I'm so incredibly awesome he called up to my floor and invited me. It was some good stuff, d00d. mmmm... And he made garlic bread too!
On a totally different note, I'm gonna rag on my boss. Apparently he hired new secretaries since we lost all on 3-11 and I didn't wanna change shifts. So there are these 2 girls wearing scrubs walking around the floor from about 0630 to 0720. I'd never seen them before, and I didn't know who they were. So I didn't say anything since they seemed to be amusing themselves with the soda machines. *rolling eyes* They came back and forth for abouut 6 rounds 'till I guess the machine ran out of syrup 'cause one of the girls was like, "it's gross!" Anyway... these two girls were the stereotypical hispanics. One had colored her hair black, the other that caramel color Mexican women like so much... and they had cut slits on their scrub pants to make it so you can't hardly see their shoes.
Debra, my relief this morning, said something like "teenagers" when I asked who they were. She told me they're the new secretaries. Ugh.
And I was 19 when I started working there - but I got trashed all over the place. Not saying I want them to get trashed (at least not at work), but it's a bit much how they've been acting so far.

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Did you ever know that you're my HERO?

ok I'll stop singing. I'm just ~so~ stoked 'cause my buddy Nicc over here really helped me out with that purchase I mentioned earlier.
I don't think I've been this happy since I was eating in Houston.

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updating... per request

Well a lot has happened in this last week - very personal things. I'm not going to mention what's been going on, but I will say it's been very trying.
I had made a couple of posts, but because of the template changes I've been toying with I never did publish them... I got to that tonight.
I'm sitting here bored, when I should be working. I'm not much in the mood. So I sit here chatting instead. lol.
I found someone who has a ps2. I'm stoked. I need to go buy the little internet thingy so I can play with this d00d. Here I come Socom II. I guess I could just play with him irl, but what's the fun in that?
Guess I shouldn't get too excited since school starts next week. It'll be nice though - I'm finally taking a full load.

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Friday, January 16, 2004 :::

the ~perfect~ gift

I found the perfect gift... only they don't sell to Texans.


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Thursday, January 15, 2004 :::

Glorius Revolution

David ordered an ipod!!!
15 gb of listening bliss.


It would appear my spending habits are rubbing off on him.

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Monday, January 12, 2004 :::

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Sunday, January 11, 2004 :::

Finished ( - color)

David finished Spiderman. He's gonna do one of DareDevil for Niccalo' today - instead of going shopping with me. *sigh*
Anyway. Like I said yesterday... he's better than I give him credit for.

We watched Average Joe this evening. It was pretty good, I guess. I hate reality shows. If I want more reality I'll go back to my life.
David wants to go see Cheaper by the Dozen... dunno if we're really gonna go, though.
I've got something scheduled for Monday... I dunno how it's gonna work out, though. Things are getting worse.

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Giving Baptists a bad name

Well some preacher d00d is coming to town... er - already has come to town, to protest the display of Elton John's eyeglasses at the Buddy Holly Center. Oh and he thinks Marsha Sharp should be replaced.

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Saturday, January 10, 2004 :::

I'm impressed

so not only is he stronger than I give him credit for, david also draws better than I thought.
(if in doubt see my store; david drew that pic)

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Wednesday, January 07, 2004 :::

"just cause your an awesome girlfriend"

David gave me an iTunes gift certificate... only since my iPod's broken I dunno what I already have!
ironic, isn't it?

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*sniff sniff*

so my iPod is broken. I need to take it to CompUSA tomorrow. I've been meaning to do it since we got back from the trip... just haven't gotten around to it yet. It makes me kinda mad since ~I~ paid $400 for it. But not too mad I guess since it should still be under warranty or whatever.
I've been up all day watching Andromeda. It's been such fun. How ~cool~ would it be to be purple?!?!

Trance Gemini. Even her name is cool! She's my hero!!

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Tuesday, January 06, 2004 :::


I want a pink one.

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Monday, January 05, 2004 :::


well today's the day....

One year ago I opened that email from him.
Who would have thought I'd fall in love?

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Friday, January 02, 2004 :::

the apple store

OMG!!! I'm blogging on a 17" PowerBook!!!!

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