Friday, April 30, 2004 :::

Star Wars IV: A New Hope

I just watched it.
Now I totally get the whole, "Say Thank You in Wookie," that David always tells this one waitress at ihop.
She's full of saying 'thank you' in loads of different languages. This one day, back when David & I first started dating, he asked her to say Thank You in Wookie, and she did this whole little growling type noise. He said she sounded like a dying wookie. So it's this big joke - whenever we go to ihop she makes that noise and david says she sounds like a dying wookie and then he makes some noise.
Also, she's the same waitress who'll do the whole Squirrel noises! lol. She's a pretty cool lady.
So anyway, about the movie. He rented me the Special Edition one, so now I'm kinda curious now about the original version.
Does Jaba just not make an appearance? I mean, 'cause they talked a bit about how that scene was redone... so I'm just kinda wondering.

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stoked & peeved - what a wonderful combo

well Squishy is ~finally~ learning to pee standing up. Only now he's peeing on everything!
This dog is impossible!
Last night I was getting into bed - the comfortor was kinda balled up there near the foot of the bed...
I'm sitting there drinking some water and fixing to pull the covers up over me, when the little jerk lifts his little leg and starts to spray the bed!
*�ber peeved*
I mean, it's great he's learning to pee standing up (instead of squatting) but now I have to watch him constantly!
I can't decide what I'm more afraid of - him peeing on things or him chewing things up!
And I can't believe he'd pee on the bed! Since he was a baby if we were in bed and he needed to relieve himself he'd wake me up to set him down. I ended up having to put all the sheets and stuff in the washer and I had to sleep w/ just some blankets.

And now for the good news.
WWE is coming to Lubbock, and we're going!
I'm pretty stoked, only I'm kinda concerned David's gonna embarrass me. Well actually I'm certain David's gonna embarrass me.
Remember when we saw Freddy vs Jason? At the end he stood up and was clapping and all. I was ~so~ embarrassed. And I told one of the guys in radiology about it, and then everytime anyone came up to the floor to do portables they'd see me and start clapping and raising hullabaloo.
*shaking head*
So anyway. We're gonna go w/ a few of his friends. His mom & stepdad are going, only they didn't get seats next to us.
I'm sure we'll take loads of pics. lol. If you wanna see some pics from last time WWE was here check this out. I was supposed to go but it ended up being on the same day as my neice's bday party.
So we'll see how this ends up.

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Thursday, April 29, 2004 :::

Summer School for Me!

My sis is here, and we just decided to sign me up for summer school.
We've signed me up for A&P 1 during the first summer session.
That means I'll be done w/ the BSN pre-req's a whole semester earlier than I had thought!
And if I can manage to take 2 classes (A&P 2 and Nutrition) the second summer session I'll be done w/ the prereq's by the fall!
*�ber stoked*

got to get to school!

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Tuesday, April 27, 2004 :::

Cherry Limeade Slush

David brought me a cherry limeade slush and then took me to rent Rainman, Gladiator, and Star Wars (I don't remember which one, but the 1st old one).
I'm watching Rainman now. It's not exactly what I was expecting.

I know I should be working on my philo papers, or researching my unknown...
I'm just not in the mood.

I'm getting hungry.

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it's happened again...

I accidently broke this little rat terrier figurine david has. I knocked it off a shelf and one of his little ears popped off.
I decided to glue it back together.
I was looking for glue... all I found was super glue.
So I tried to glue the 3 pieces of ear back onto the figurine.
I glued one small piece to the bigger piece, and my plan was then to glue that combo piece back onto the figurine, and use the last small piece at the end.

Let me just say, I have a history with super glue. And it's not a good one.
For some weird reason I always end up superglueing myself to a wall.

It happened. Again.

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most wonderful boyfriend

you know how you have those days...
There are some days where I feel truly blessed to have David in my life.
And other days I just wanna hit him w/ a sledgehammer.

Yesterday was one of those days where he could do nothing wrong.
I love him.

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Monday, April 26, 2004 :::

Notes on Love...

I�ve just got to school... on the drive over here something happened - I�m not sure what - that reminded me of this guy I used to know, we�ll call him Sublime. I�m going to work on this post throughout the day, and when I�m done I�ll post it.
I was showing David my senior year book a few days ago, and we were talking about what my high school was like.
When I started high school my freshman year, all I cared about was being popular. So I chose who I dated ~very~ carefully.
Also, my birthday is at the end of August, with usually only a couple of weeks in school before my bday. Since this was a magnet school in a different city than the one I�m from, not very many people would have known it was my bday, unless I had to haul some junk around on the actual day.
For the first guy I chose someone from the other side of the valley. His parents owned a flower shop, and I ~love~ getting flowers. He had blue/green eyes, and light brown hair. He was cute enough, kind of a big nose, though... but he knew the right people. Anyhow, we�ll call him Gonzo.
This one day he was walking me to class, holding my books and all... Then he got up the nerve to tell me he wanted us to be �exclusive� and for me to think about it for the rest of the day and let him know the next day what my answer was.
Next day he showed up w/ roses and stuff... so yeah, we were �exclusive.� I wouldn�t go so far as to say we were dating, because we never saw each other outside of school.
On my birthday he brought my a bouquet w/ a dozen roses, some balloons, and a big teddy bear.
About a week later one of my girlfriends was really crushing on this d00d, Sublime. She wanted me to talk to him and see how he felt about her, and who he was interested in. He and I got to be pretty good friends.
Gonzo got a bit jealous, and I got angry at him... We got in this argument, and he almost hit me. Later he ended up saying some stuff about me that a guy in my Spanish class didn�t think he should�ve been saying. So big fight... and Spanish Classmate broke Gonzo�s nose.
Now my Spanish Classmate was a couple of years ahead of me... a junior. And he was a cutie - a real sweet guy. I had such a crush on him, but he was too cute, ya know? So I let that one slide.
So then there was this guy, and he was a real bad ass... we�ll call him Christopher Walkin. He was tight w/ Sublime, and Sublime and I used to skip class a lot. This one day I was walking back to class w/ Sublime, and he says, �Christopher Walkin wants you.�
Now for all my scheming I was not ever actually doing much physically. I was more of a tease... So at first that sentence made no sense. I was like, �for what?� and Sublime just kinda looks at me and laughs. Then I got what he was saying, and I was flattered. I laughed, walked into class, and closed the door behind me.
Sublime later told me he stayed out there in the hall for about 5 minutes, just staring at me through the window in the door, to see if I would look back. I didn�t.
That afternoon he walked me to my bus, and we had a talk... He was convinced I was the girl he�d been looking for. With all the commotion btwn Gonzo and Spanish Classmate, I hadn�t bothered to pick out my next boyfriend. I told him I�d think about it, and that I�d let him know tomorrow.
This was a big deal. It was something I probably shouldn�t have done... it hadn�t been too long since Gonzo had blown a fuse. It hadn�t been too long since my girlfriend had asked me to talk to him. And I didn�t know... he was kind of out of my league.
And to top it off, he chose me. How weird was that?
So anyway... we got together, and it was like we were �couple of the year� or something. Everyone knew about it pretty much when it happened. It was a hell of a career move, ya know?
And who would have thought 4 years later we�d get engaged?
Anyway... a couple of weeks after that BoB and I started dating again... And that was that.
Every time BoB and I would fight - when he�d insist he never wanted to see me again, or whatever... Sublime and I would get close again.
He kept all the letters I ever wrote him... you know those stupid little high school letters you write when you�re bored in class. I remember one day we were out by the tennis courts... and he had brought me some miniature roses... we sat there just watching the cars drive by...
He asked me what was wrong... and I told him. He wasn�t the right height, his hair and eyes were the wrong color... he was the wrong person.
I told him I could never have the same kind of feelings that I did for BoB.
He withdrew from school... and I didn�t hear from him for a while.
I became the ice queen from hell to the other guys at school.
How could I choose an outsider?
Sublime and I... we worked things out. He couldn�t come back to school, but we stayed friends. Well, we didn�t talk much anymore, but if we ran into each other at the mall or something we did the whole hug thing and stuff.
About a year later he stopped by the school to jack around.
You have to understand.. when I was in high school I dressed like the Spice Girls. For whatever reason the day he stopped by I was dressed down - wearing jeans and a sweat shirt.
I was standing in my chem class talking to one of the guys when he stopped talking. I turned around to see what he was staring at and there was Sublime, out in the hall, hugging one of the girls.
I was wearing my glasses, and had blow dried my hair straight (I had a perm at the time). He waved me over, and I walked out of class.
It was so good to see him. I wrapped him in a hug and he swung me around... So much to say, but we both just stood there.
He invited me out that night, to a coffeeshop in a town across the valley from where I lived.
I told him I would try to make it. I didn�t go. I didn�t even try.

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Sunday, April 25, 2004 :::

not something I was expecting...

We all know about my ex, BoB.
Well last night, around midnight, I got a phone call from a 956 area code number... I answered, since that's the RGV, and I figured maybe one of my friends had gotten a new number.
It was BoB's chick.
I had.. like... a heart attack, practically.
Not something I had ever expected.
After she and I hung up I gave her a few minutes to call him, to let him know she had called me.
Then I called him.

She hadn't told him.

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Saturday, April 24, 2004 :::

muscle heads wearing next to nothing

just got back from a body-building competition w/ some friends from the hospital.
Then we stopped by this place to get some shrimp tacos. I brought one home for david.
gonna walk the dogs now...

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Friday, April 23, 2004 :::

well you see...

The reason I didn't start Slim in 6 today is this: I have no money.
I have no money therefore I can not afford to buy new food... therefore there is no way for me to follow the diet.
Now I could go ahead with the exercises and just not diet... but... well...
I don't have a good reason for not doing that.
They recommend "purging toxins" by not really eating anything but freshly squeezed/grinded fruit/veg products... I think once a day. And drinking ~loads~ of water. They recommend using this time to pretty much lounge around and catch up on some reading.
With the classes I'm taking this sem there are quite a few books I wanna read now, and others I want to add to my wishlist.
Make use of the big purple button to your right; take a look at my wishlist.

I talked to a really old friend of mine today - JS. He's a great guy. We went to grade school together and I know his whole family & his whole family knows me. And vice versa too. What can I say... Raymondville's a small town.
I had this whole paragraph and change written out about the conv I had w/ him this morning... and then another paragraph about the conv I had w/ nicc about the conv I had w/ JS. I've deleted all that, since it's really not my place to be talking about other people's business.

We just watched SWAT. We watched Runaway Jury last night, but I never did get to see all of Indiana Jones. I was trying to talk david out of returning the movies a few mins ago, but he's refusing to pay late fees. I've never seen any of the Indiana Jones & [enter the rest of the title] movies, but I guess they are all pretty much "classics."
I also have never seen Scarface or The Godfather movies.

I'm watching this same episode of Andromeda... this makes it 4 times now.
I wanna get Season 2 already!

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View my Moblog

meant to post this earlier...

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Thursday, April 22, 2004 :::


I got so carried away w/ iTunes I forgot to watch StarGate!!
and it was an episode I've wanted to see!!
(the one where Carter & Daniel meet the Asgard)
david's working tonight so I guess I'll just sit here and eat the rest of this coconut cream pie.
.oO(and I wonder why I've gotten so big. lol)

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there's gonna be a buff new skinny me!

ok probably not... Lord knows I've never wanted to be skinny.
Slim in 6 arrived yesterday. I'm pretty optimistic about it. Even if I don't get those "amazing results" the infomercials are always talking about... it's not like it could have a bad effect on me.
I'm gonna open it all up this afternoon when I get home from school - I'll probably get started on Friday.
They recommend taking 'before' and 'after' pics, to have something to compare it to.
Only, I don't even own a swimsuit that would fit me! And there's good reason too. I ~hate~ the way I look in swimsuits. I can't even stand to wear shorts anymore.
So my sis is supposed to do it with me, but I'm not sure how that'll work. We're both on different schedules all the time now. She still works nights and all I do is go to school.

David's working late tonight. So Yay! no watching wrestling for me! We're supposed to be going to that WWE thing that's coming to Lubbock in May. Me, him, his mom, his stepfather, and some of his friends.
I hope he doesn't get all wacky. *sigh*
I'll probably ruin the experience for him.
Oh! He's supposedly gonna go look at houses (to rent) this weekend. His neighbor's been decent recently, but since the dogs could really use space to run around he's still intent on moving out.

I still haven't done my last philo test.
I better get ready for class.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2004 :::


So I was hungry, right?
So I get out the bottle of pickles.
I open the dishwasher but there are no forks. Since I don't feel like walking the extra 2 feet to get a fork, I grab a knife out of the dishwasher.
I stab the pickle and pull it out of the bottle.
I put the pickle in my mouth... and as I pull the knife out of it... it cuts the side of my mouth.
And I'm eating a pickle.
And it HURTS!!!

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I want a three pack!

and either


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Eternal Sunshine...

we finally saw it... um... monday? I think it was monday... or... well... no telling, really.
Just the two of us.

We thought up the idea for a and it's gonna be a spoof of ninja turtles.
AJ thought up the idea for Michaelangelo to have dung-chucks!!!
It's gonna be great... if we ever get it up and running.

Back when I made that last post... I was...
Suffocating. I felt like the walls of this apt were closing in on me. Like my skin was 2 sizes too small. I couldn't breathe. I wanted to drop all my classes, pack all my clothes, and get the hell outta here. I was gonna charge a tank of gas and drive until my truck was empty.
I talked to my sis... she was "supportive" of whatever I decided to do.
I opened all the windows... but the dogs kept barking at passing cars. I closed them all and then sat on the balcony for about half an hour. I was a bit uncomfortable, so I went downstairs and sat on my tailgate. I was out there for about 2 hours, just staring at the stars.
It calmed me down a lot.
Afterwards I took a hot bath and then went to bed.
I felt loads better in the morning.

Oh! I shipped the G3 yesterday! It was ~loads~ easier than I had expected it to be.
Only I'm back to being bummed... Apple released new iBooks... again.
So now I wanna sell this one and buy a new one... again.
When will this end?!?

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Monday, April 19, 2004 :::

Ever have one of those weeks?

I hate my life.
I want to drop all my classes, move out, and get the hell out of this town.


When will I start feeling better?
I am ready.

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Sunday, April 18, 2004 :::

scripts are dumb

that's my display name on msn mssngr right now, and it's THE TRUTH!!


all I want to do is switch out the way the artist & song are displayed...

.oO(I wonder if david can help me)

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"bittersweet memories..."

I was going through my different site statistics and I ran into something I'd almost forgotten about.
On my geocities site I used to have hidden links... links I put there for me.
There were different pages these links took you to... a poem I wrote and various pictures of BoB and me.
I took the links down the night I first kissed David.
I never did delete the pages, though. I'm not sure why.
I just visited one of the pages.
It was... a bit... more... intense than I had expected.
It was filed away... no hint to what it was in the name, among other pages that have nothing to do with him.
The counter was extremely low so I clicked on the file...
The first image was a picture he and I sent out as Valentine's Cards to all our friends... back in 2001. It was our last valentines together.
Then there's a picture of him sitting on my bed in Houston... trying to look all serious.
Next there's a pic of us clowning around... I've got my fingers up his nose and we're laughing.
The last one is a pic of him sitting on my bed in Houston laughing. I don't remember what he was laughing at... but it sure is nice to see him smiling like that.
These pictures have reminded me that not all the time we spent together was as bad as I sometimes remember it.
They reminded me of that for a long time... too long, really. I got hooked on thinking that all the time we spent together was like that.
Like it says on the page, "These are the chains that keep me living in the past."
I did that for a long time.

Now I have David. He's a good guy... just he's really working hard at school right now.
It makes me feel like I'm not most important to him. And that's small of me. What he needs right now is for me to be supportive, not selfish.
We've sure got our differences, but nothing too bad. I've brought a lot of baggage to the rltnship, and he's been really understanding about it. I try to be understanding too... I try not to take things so personally. He spent a long time being single, and I need to remember that.

He kissed me today. It was wonderful.
Not that he doesn't kiss me everyday... just today... it made the whole world melt away.
Just me, him, and us.

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Saturday, April 17, 2004 :::


I just finished vacuuming the living room & dining room. And I rearranged the furniture... again.
I'm tired. And sweaty.
All the windows are open and I ~love~ it!
I love open windows.
Back home... one of the walls of my bedroom was a sliding door... I used to sleep with it open & a fan on.
I hate air conditioning. It's so... I dunno... I just don't like it.
When I grow up... *wishful thinking*
When I grow up I want a house like Mr. Miyagi's (from the karate kid). I love his house. It was nice. Simple but home.
David wants some big house with marble pillars and crap.
*shaking head*

Lately... more and more... I've just been feeling... hopeless.
Like he and I are going nowhere. Fast.
I was talking to him about my girlfriend's wedding... how it's about that time in our (hers & mine) lives where we thought we'd all be getting engaged and married. I mean, that's what girls do, right? We dream about getting married from the day we're old enough to understand the concept. And we hispanic girls get a practice wedding - our Quincea�eras.
I had my quincea�era at our country club, since one of my sisters had her wedding at her country club.
It was catered... the dance was choreographed... the cake was huge... my dress was custom made from a combination of 4 dresses I'd seen... and there was ~drama~ that night.
Now for my wedding... I want a simple dress. Satin... possibly a cheffon veil. No long train, and NO hoop slip. **I ~hate~ hoop slips. I was the flower girl in one of my sister's weddings and I had to have a hoop slip. Ugh!** I want baby's breath woven into however I decide to wear my hair, and no tiara. I want lots of flowers at the church... but I did like the way the club decorated the tables for the reception of my quincea�era. I want a mirror with a candle on it. Quite a fire hazard, but it gives off a nice glow. For music... well, I hate live bands. In this day and age, I think I'd probably just make a playlist and plug my ipod into the sound system. It's ~my~ wedding, so I decide what we dance to.
I don't know what the groom will be wearing. Well, a tux, obviously... but I don't really care what kind.
I don't know why I'm thinking about this. It's just depressing me.
I'm gonna close the windows and watch tv.

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.oO(I think I have an oral fixation)

We saw The Punisher tonight... It was practically a date, only 2 of his friends went too. I like them loads, though, so I can't fuss. One of them is a guy I really connect with, who I kind of use to get a feel for David.
The movie wasn't that bad... there were a few parts where it kinda drug a bit...
The highlight, though..
There's this scene where he kills a d00d - by shoving a knife up through his chin/jaw... They back away to get a shot of the blade in the guy's mouth. It was great.

Also... the highlight of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre... there's this chick that shoots herself...
The ~best~ shot of the movie was... Well she takes a gun, puts it in her mouth, and pulls the trigger. They back away and up... you see smoke coming out of her mouth.
It was a nice detail.

Anyway... David's drawing now. It's one of those days where we're in the same room but worlds apart.
I feel like we're... like he and I...
I just don't know how much longer I can deal with this.
Some days it's not so bad. Or maybe it's just that I'm in a better mood.

I'll probably feel better in the morning.

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Friday, April 16, 2004 :::

pics from the wedding...

here are an assorted few pics from the wedding...

Me and David

Me and David ~again~

Me, David, and his Stepfather Bob

Me, David, and his Mom

The Happy Couple

"You may kiss the bride."

"Mr. and Mrs." for the first time

so enough of the pics... I am bored.
I really want to see Eternal Sunshine, but David's gotta study.
We fought last night, so I guess that means we can't go out tonight 'cause he didn't study last night.
That's cool. I mean... I know he has to study.
I just ~really~ want to watch that movie!

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still unemployed...

well. I won't be working at CompUSA.
They wanted me to work days, starting like... now.

school is more important.

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View my Moblog

also you can visit David's Gallery to see pics of the wedding.

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courtesy of Forsaken

ahh... that was a good laugh.

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Thursday, April 15, 2004 :::

I don't want to know...

It all started because I was gonna print a coupon.
David's printer was out of paper, so I asked him where he kept more. He said in his closet.
I was rummaging around and saw what looked like a package of paper with a photo album resting on top of it.
I pulled the package of paper out... and in the process the photo album fell over.
Now here's the deal. I don't go poking through david's things because I am afraid of what I will find.
He's never given me a reason not to trust him... but I am afraid I will learn or find something I don't want to know or see.
And I did.
Out of that photo album a picture fell, landing face down.
Writing... and big lips drawn at the bottom.
I didn't want to look. I didn't want to know.

I still don't.

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I just read this article about Sapphire: Water that isn't Wet. Looks like some really awesome stuff.
I want some to just play with.

Also, I just saw a commercial for the La-Z-Boy Camilla. It'd look ~nice~ here in the corner.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2004 :::

changed my mind...

I'm not gonna go through and try and figure out what time on what date things happened.

The rehearsal. Lasted about 4 hours longer than it was supposed to. I was livid. We fought, and I almost left. I got home... but someone was there. So I came back. He said some things... and that was that.

The wedding. We were supposed to go to the mall in the morning to buy some clothes for me to wear, since none of my old clothes fits me. He didn't even get out of bed 'till one of his friends came over. He got dressed and ended up going to the mall with another one of his friends. I was livid. I talked a bit to my sis and she thought I should go to the wedding. So I did. I was still kinda angry, but his mom came up and hugged me and called me her Baby. It was the greatest thing. He and I talked a bit... and that was that. Then he went on a limo drive w/ the rest of the wedding party... that lasted about 3 hours longer than it should have. I was livid. I was gonna leave, but I talked to a friend of mine who recommended that I watch a movie or something... to see how I'd feel once I'd called down a bit. David showed up a few minutes into the movie, apologizing like crazy. I was ~so~ angry.
We talked a bit... and that was that.

Easter. We had lunch at his mom's. It was great. Fell asleep after eating... and woke up... Monday.

Took my sister out for her birthday, since she worked on Easter. She showed up 45 minutes late. I was getting pretty angry, but david was surprisingly calm. So he played a long and my mood lightened significantly. We all watched The Texas Chainsaw Massacre after we ate. It wasn't too bad... but what kept me up that night was what we did after the movie. David and I started looking up Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Gein, and Charles Manson. wtf were we thinking? I kept waking up all night to check and make sure all my limbs were still attached.

Turned in my Morphological and Cultural Statistics for my Unknown in Micro. I was incredibly unprepaired... I'd screwed up 2 of the stains that were required so many times I ended up just guessing. I also never got the chance to run my Oxygen Requirement test. So I guessed on that too. We'll see how I did. When I got home from school I made this chicken/broccoli casserole we had bought... I fell asleep right after we ate (~ 1830) and woke up this morning too late to make it to my first class.

You know the rest.

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I have been ~such~ the nerd today.
Well not true.
lol. I still can't believe I forgot all that stuff earlier.
*shaking head*

So anyway... My archives now work, even April 2004's! I've changed the html file name, so if you've bookmarked me you'll have to change it (again).

I dloaded something called iChatStatus... it shows what I'm playing in iTunes as my status on iChat. So far I've been told it doesn't work with AIM, but it's working for me using Adium (a multi- mssngr) on AIM. As far as I can tell it shows up like any other status message.
I was jacking a bit w/ AppleScript.... utterly failed to make it do what I wanted it to.
But I did get my blog working again so I'm pretty stoked.

I'm gonna go through and post a bit about what happened this weekend now... I'd been unable to post due to be intimidated by blogger. But no worries now. I raped it.

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I could have sworn my hair was brown...

I skipped class this morning to prep for my chem test this afternoon.
After a couple of hours of working on stuff w/ my calculator it was time to go to class.
So I left.

So there I am w/ no calculator. "I'll just use my phone," I thought.

So then I open my bag to take out a pencil and a scantron.

So anyway... updated per request.

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Sunday, April 11, 2004 :::

double you tee eff

ok so like... all my archives are up.... only... not April. I dunno why.

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Extra Special Day!!!

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Thursday, April 08, 2004 :::


I'd like to change one of the songs...

Ignites a Specific Memory...
The Circle of Life, by Lebo M., off the Lion King Soundtrack. It reminds me of the last year I did ballet. I was in every other dance of the recital, either performing or leading the little kids... It was ~really~ hectic, with all sorts of costume changes and such. I was the only one doing pointe that year, so they used my pointe solo as the finale. I was wearing this red and yellow leotard with a sheer loose and ragged red skirt that came down to mid-calf. I had one of those ribbon stick things... and I remember... You know how for the end of the song they have that drum beat? Well I went down into a split the last few seconds of the song, and I was twirling my ribbon around me. Then right when that last drum beat hit, I threw my body forward so my face was against one of my knees - and I brought the ribbon down... and as the drum beat faded the lights went out. It was one of the proudest moments of my life.

I can't believe I didn't use that the first time. iTunes has been playing random songs and that came on.

**David didn't know what pointe is, so here's a pic:

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Wednesday, April 07, 2004 :::

"I am going to shoot you"

I'm watching stargate sg1 and Teal'c needs to shoot O'Neil.
O'Neil says... something like... "give me a warning"
And Teal'c says... something like... "I am going to shoot you."
I busted out laughing. No one's here but the dogs and me... they both had been napping so when I started laughing they both jumped up and ran over here to see what was going on...
and now I'm waiting on David. He's at his mom's right now...
We're ~finally~ gonna go watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and then out to dinner.
It's a date!

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to evade my inner turmoil...

I could sit here and fuss about the conv I had with my mother...
But I'm gonna do this instead.
The point is to name the first song that comes to mind for each.

Reminds you of your youth... Knockin' on Heavens Door
Knockin' on Heaven's Door, by Guns N' Roses. My brother's bedroom was directly above my room back home. One of his favorite bands was Guns N' Roses, and more than once I fell asleep listening to this song.

Gives you the chills... Riding With Private Malone
Riding with Private Malone, by David Ball. The first time I heard it BoB and I were on our way back to my mom's from somewhere... and we both just sat there listening to the words. Gave me goosebumps.

Makes you want to bang your head...
Feuer Frei, by Rammstein. It always makes me wanna mosh!

You wish you knew the lyrics to...
Mis Ojos Lloren Por Ti, by Big Boy. I wish my Spanish was better - I love that song!

Makes you so upset you turn it off...
Pretty much anything by Reba McEntire. I can't stand how all she does is howl into the mic.

Was/is 'your song' with someone else... The Freshmen
Freshmen, by The Verve Pipe. It was playing during my first kiss.

Makes you want to dance...
Bad Reputation, by Joan Jett makes me wanna dance around in circles. I almost said anything by Aqua, but that's more work-out music than dancing music.

Helps you heal after a breakup... Caress Me Down
Caress Me Down, by Sublime. It reminds me a lot of a guy I knew in high school.... and some stuff he said to me the night he asked me to marry him. It helps to remind me that as long as I'm happy with me, sooner or later I'll meet the right person.

Your parents made you listen to... Ring of Fire
Ring of Fire, by Johnny Cash. My mom is a big Johnny Cash fan.

Ignites a specific memory... Hey Mama
Hey Mama, by Black Eyed Peas. This guy I knew in Houston was a big Black Eyed Peas fan. That song reminds me of him... and walking around downtown Houston in the middle of the night, with not a care in the world.

You've dedicated to someone... Dancing With Myself
Dancing with Myself, by Billy Idol. I dedicated it to my sis 'cause she's crazy like that. lol.

You identify with... Bitch
Bitch, by Meredith Brooks. That's where the title of this page and the scrolling text (in your status bar) come from..

So anyway...

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Tuesday, April 06, 2004 :::

Rendevouz can be cool...

but it can be trying...

While it is cool to chat w/ people around you... it sometimes leaves them wanting to sit next to you and talk irl. It's like, "chill. if I wanted to get together irl, I wouldn't be at a coffeeshop by myself doing hmwrk."
Speaking of which, I've gotta email my philo test to my teacher.

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Monday, April 05, 2004 :::

and so it begins... again...

I'm getting depressed.
I failed my gov't test today. I got a 69. While that is about 20 points higher than my last exam, it still makes me sad. I studied for that test. It makes me feel... useless. All the cases just got so jumbled in my head. *sigh* Because of that test I ~bombed~ I now have to make at least a B on my next test (the final, mind you).
On top of that I was looking at my degree plan. I was wrong about how many classes I'm short for the BSN prog at Tech. I still need to take Statistics, A& P I, A&P II, Nutrition, and a Visual/Performing Arts class. Oh and get this - I've got a little more than 30 hours that I'm never gonna use.
I was gonna try and take Photography over the summer, but the 2 classes SPC was offering were cancelled.
It would have been a stretch anyway. I'm too broke to really try to go to school this summer.
On the brighter side... I did fairly well on the History exam I took last Wednesday. I would have had a B, except for some reason I though California was east. *blushing* Check my Moblog for a couple of pics.
Guess I'll go back to working on my philo test...

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I've been playing this game called GROW and it's awful addicting.
The point of the game is to max out all the parts - for a grand total of 20,000 points.
That I have received!!!
I'm ~so~ stoked!
I just finished the game... after playing for the last hour or so.
It's been great fun!

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Sunday, April 04, 2004 :::

I love my pets

last night I was sitting on the couch & squishy was asleep on the top of the back of the couch (that doesn't make any sense. he was asleep here). I was chatting and working on my link page for fishykisses. I was sitting stretched out on the couch and Squishy was curled up kinda directly above where my laptop was resting on my lap.
For no apparent reason Squishy wakes up and kinda looks at me.
Then he jumps down - over and across my ibook and onto my chest.
It hurt a lot.
Then he lays down on my chest and puts his little head up around my neck... starts nudging me and whimpering.

It was the cutest thing in the world.
cuter than those baby bald eagles, even.

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no one told me about the time change!!!
I've lost an hour of my life!!!


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omg aren't they cute?

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Saturday, April 03, 2004 :::

a bachelor's party... and I'm not invited!

So david's at a bachelor's party right now. And I wasn't invited. I wasn't invited to the bachelorette party either.
It's kind of odd.
Then again, the couple getting married aren't my friends - they're david's.

I've been to a couple of bachelor's parties. I'm usually 'one of the guys' so I end up getting invited. I like it better that way. It's always so awkward to be around girls... they can be so prissy.

I'm watching Merlin and The Emporer's New Groove.
The Emporer's New Groove is one of my favorite movies. David and I are always alluding to the whole speaking squirrel thing. It's great.

Oooh we ate at Quiznos today! And then we went to Drumgoole's and had a Strawberry Banana Smoothie. Mmmmmmm it was ~absolutely~ delicious. We were joking at Quiznos that he rented the entire restaurant because we were the only people in there. At Drumgoole's we were alone for the first few mins, then other people came in. He's not really that romantic.
But oh man that sub sandwich I had - the Mesquite Chicken w/ Bacon - oh it was ~so~ good!
And the smoothie and Drumgoole's - I had a food orgasm!
ok I'm gonna go back to watching tv.

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Friday, April 02, 2004 :::

Squishy's New TShirt

it says SUPER DOG

and when david and I walk the dogs... oh it's soooo cute!
Poor Squish has to take like... 5 steps for every 2 of Lucky's.
He looks like those cartoons where they run so fast that their little legs are just a blur of movement.
he's just too cute!

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*in serious pain*

oh man...
On Wednesday I was putting mascara on my left eye and I noticed some slight discomfort when touching my eyelashes.
Then this past morning (Thurs) when I got up for school... I noticed some distinct discomfort on my left eyelid... pain whenever I touched my eyelashes.
Then I was watching tv on the couch... and napping... I got up to go to the bathroom and looked in the mirror on the way.
My left eyelid is kinda red and a bit swollen.... and the skin is shiny - like when it's stretched.

So here's the big problem.
I lost my job... and I'm guessing my insurance. I'm not sure how much this will cost...
Nevertheless, tomorrow morning I am going to the doctor.

I hope everything works out.

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Thursday, April 01, 2004 :::

we're never alone

We rented The Rundown last night... and FFX2
David was all excited 'cause Blockbuster was running some sort of promotion... he ended up getting the game for free.
I put the movie on... only he's doing something for work so I stop the movie. After 10 mins or so I give up and start the movie. Then he throws a fit about how I wasn't waiting for him.
So then I pull out my computer too and start chatting, since he's working so hard on finding something on his computer at work. **he was chatting too**
So yeah. Then he says he's done, so he moves to the couch, bringing his computer with him!
So the whol time we're watching the movie he's still on his computer.

It's be real nice if sometime we could just curl up on the couch and watch a movie.
Just the two of us.

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