Tuesday, January 31, 2006 :::

sin king

well I feel a lot better today than I did yesterday... must have something to do with the amt of sleep I get.
I'm not feeling any better about working here, though.
I've been wanting to just quit, but my sis says she won't help me out unless I've got at least another part time job lined up.
problem is, I'm not sure what I want to do.
really I'd like to just get back in school and not work at all.
/me shrug
I dunno... I'm complaining a lot about working here, and like I'm always saying - I can hate my job anywhere.

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Monday, January 30, 2006 :::

that sinking feeling

so I'm still having
unsure what to do
feels like I'm wearing a corset that's too tight
seems every aspect of my life
is going no where
and we're all ok with it

my dad's asked me to start excersizing again
no doubt I'll feel better
endorphins are never a bad thing
what next?

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Friday, January 27, 2006 :::

my soul will have to wait

I just got an email from javi-er.
he's doing well - still up and running.
I'm glad, 'cause I have been worried about him.
it's this big long email, and I've missed him like madd
he talks about being emo... while I'm sitting here fighting tears.
he's out finding himself, which he does every couple of years
just hope we're still friends when/if he comes back to lubbock
hope nothing btwn us has changed...

I spent last night chatting with the guy I keep referring to as sugar lips.
he's fluent in spanish, and so we had this nice conv where he was in spanish and I was in english.
said he's surprised at how much I understood, but I'm really bad with slang and really anything that I wouldn't hear in church.
guess I get most of my spanish from going to a spanish mass, and priest don't usually cuss or call me gross.
/me glares in his general direction
he also lives out in bfe, and I just ~love~ when guy's are like, "we have head of cattle."
so he was all "I reckon we've got 500 head of cattle out back."
and like... when we were talking... and he was all (in spanish), "what do you want to talk about?" and I was like, "I dunno... whatever you want... we could go back to talking about the cows..."
and he popped out with, "deja las vacas"
which I promise was super funny, and I'm still getting a laugh out of it.
I'd planned on making that my title for today, but when I started checking my email I changed my mind.

I ended up not going out with irby;
sounds like he's got the same thing that adrian's still getting over.
we made tentative plans for tonight, assuming aj's still wanting to go out... if that falls through we'll probably get together next weekend, since he's heading home tomorrow to spend the weekend w/ his folks.
forsaken's bday is on sunday, so maybe we'll get to hang out with him too.

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Thursday, January 26, 2006 :::

the killer in me

I miss lus. and javi-er.
and every other friend I used to have.
after all that's happened...
can you really blame me for what I've become?

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acquiring an ass and calves

so aj and I did get together last night...
shared a double (triple?) jim and coke, then headed to the pour house.
I had a really good time, and I've missed him loads.
we've bothed gained more weight... and we had a nice 'constructive criticism' session last night, about dating.

and guys, fyi:
if you're looking for a girl that doesn't play games
when you have "a moment" with her
if she looks away
that's not playing hard to get
that means no

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006 :::

jew bread

"Pan de semita was eaten in pre-inquisition Spain by Jews and Arab Moors. Today, it is popular in Texas and in that part of Mexico bordering Texas. It translates into English as "Semitic bread". It's a Mexican-American custom in the Texas and Tex-Mex border area today to eat pan de semita during Lent which occurs on or around the Jewish Passover.
You bake pan de semita by combining two cups of flour, one half to two-thirds cup of water, a few tablespoons of butter or olive oil, mix and bake unleavened. Even among devout Catholic Mexicans pork lard is never used, that's why it's called Semitic bread. Pan de semita is really the recipe for secret Jewish Matzoth, and it's eaten by all Mexicans today in the north Mexican/Texas border area, regardless of religion."

I like pan de semita. the kind you buy at HEBs in the valley.
I've been looking for some up here, but hadn't found any... I mentioned this to my dad yesterday... and today he had some on the kitchen table for me.
this bread, while it does seem to be pan de semita... is not near as good as the stuff I grew up on.
/me pouts

today's the anniversary of me starting this thing...
and in totally unrelated news, today is aj's birthday.
supposedly I'm heading out to 50th street caboose to celebrate with him, and I'm trying to drag irby out with me.
adrian, since he is half dead, can't go.
supposedly aj'll still be partying this weekend, and I'm thinking irby'll probably be doing something tomorrow (for his bday), so this weekend looks promising.

work today has been absurdly hectic, seeing as how tooter came in late so he stayed late...
he's uh... quite the character.

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I miss'em but I'm doing alright

so dirty dan finally replied to my email this morning...
I'm all super sleepy but now I'm super excited too!
he's having a baby girl, sometime next month.
I do miss the little guy, and I do wish he lived closer so we could hang out more.

speaking of wishing someone lived closer...
I emailed amy a couple of days ago, and she replied, and then I replied...
it feels weird, trying to start up a sincere friendship again.
it's not that I don't trust her, but that we're having to start almost completely over again.
in general it's hard enough for me to trust someone, but she and I did grow up together, and I believe it's worth the effort.
there's a lot that's happened in her life that she didn't tell me about, but we've not really had steady communication for the last few years.
a lot's happened in my life too, and she wasn't the person I turned to.
we used to be so close. and then we both got boyfriends, me with BoB and her with manny. our priorities changed, but hopefully we can get that friendship back.
I've lost too many friends not to try.

tooter broke his tooth last night... apparently he was slamming his head agst a window (for fun?) while trashed last night.
/me shaking head
that boy needs to just give up the sauce.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006 :::

suicidal mail servers

our admins here are nice guys... late twenty-somethings with sharp humor.
our mail server, when you enter an incorrect username and password, instead of saying something like, "invalid username or password" it says, "LIES! try again!"
last night, when jordan was trying to log into an email account, he got an error that none of us had ever seen before:
"everything was fine until now when suddenly I realized I just can't go on sorry"
is it just me, or does that sound like a drunk and suicidal mail server?

my sis, adrian, and I went to see underworld last night.
it was a nice action flick, with a sex scene and a bit of a threesome.
I can understand why gizmo liked it.
my sis ~loved~ it, and has been trying to convince me to watch it with her again today.
I don't think that's going to happen, though, since adrian's half dead.
he was sick last night as well, but he'd been looking forward to seeing the movie all weekend, so he went anyway.
and he's at work today, which I really don't understand.
but oh well; it's not my place.

I stayed up last night playing ff7.
I'm now at the beginning of disc 3, and have been advised (by the strategy guide) to breed my chocobos to get the supposedly super awesome knights of the round materia.
I just don't know about this chocobo crap.
at first I was really excited about it and all... I was growing materia to sell back to the shop keeper to afford the greens that I need to feed my chocobos. but now that I've [finally] got the w-item materia I used that to multiply all my greens... so now I've got a load of master materia and a load of gold from selling mastered materia.
/me sigh
oh well. I will breed these damn chocobos and I will get that materia everyone raves about. and I'll finish the game, and finally buy & watch advent children... and then, most likely, I'll start the game over, this time w/ no strategy guide.

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Monday, January 23, 2006 :::

no thumbs

I still have not finished ff7, but now I really want to.
need to, even.
like... I dunno.
I got so carried away playing the devil within in tekken 5, and now chronicles of the sword in soul cal 3.
and I'm still aching for death by degrees, even though I've heard it's so bad.
but, as a tekken fan, I feel it's my duty to at least try the game.
anyhow. ff7. still on disc 2. think I'm gonna give up on breeding chocobos.
then I still hafta watch advent children (wtf - 01/01/2010 release date?!? think I'll just deal w/ crap subtitles).
and then I'll hafta play dirge of cerberus.

aj's bday is on wednesday, irby's is on thursday, teh chach's is on friday, brandon's is on sunday, and jackson's is on monday (next week).
so happy birthday to all of ya'll, and hopefully I'll get the chance to buy each of you a beer.

we're gonna watch underworld 2 tonight...
I slept a lot yesterday - went w/ sarah to the bridal expo (she's engaged, not me) and then fell asleep when I got home.
saturday I painted the rest of my coffee table, but have yet to put the flowers into the top. my sis brought home more flowers, so I'm having to press those and see how they turn out. part of me would like to add them if they look decent, but then they wouldn't be the flowers adrian got me... guess we'll see what I decide.

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Friday, January 20, 2006 :::

ass coffee

so I'm drinking this starbucks doubleshot espresso & cream, and it is horrible.
tastes like cold coffee or warm coffee ice cream.
seriously disgusting.

I spent last night talking to a couple of guys that both mean/meant a lot to me.
my boy roger, whom I've mentioned on here before, randomly im'ed me last night.
we spent a couple of hours just talking... he's so awesome ya'll.
he and I have some definite similarities, and adrian kinda reminds me of him.
not so much that they have anything in common, but that they're both mostly soft spoken, and tend to see where I'm coming from more than most people.
he's a really great guy, and I just wish we were closer.

I also talked to someone from ~way~ back - my first "boyfriend" david. think I've referred to him before as sugar lips on here... if not I'm sure I've mentioned that he called me sugar lips even though we never did kiss. we "dated" back in junior high, and that 27 in my screen name is from his birthday.
seems I'm always trying to patch things up with people I used to know, and I've always had a soft spot for him.
he's all grown up now, and that's just amazing to me; I still think of him as the tall lanky kid I so vividly remember. now that I think about it that may have something to do with my attraction to gangly fellas. heh
and he's got a little boy, which is even more of a mind job.
/me shaking head
he seemed really indifferent to me at first, like if he didn't care if I dropped dead or not... but then the conv became quite lively, and I had a really good time talking to him.

and now I'm chatting with rob, the ever popular sexxxy brit.
he's so crazy, and our convs are always so... difficult to follow.
and I do mean that in the nicest way possible.

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Thursday, January 19, 2006 :::

viva cuervo

I guess I forgot to mention it on here, but over my week long vacation....
I set myself on fire.

see, I was putting the face plate thing on an electrical outlet...
but the outlet was too far in. so I unscrewed it a bit to get it closer to flush with the wall...
only there was spackle or something on it.
so I take my screwdriver and start to chip off the gunk.
and then it slips.
it doesn't go into the prong-holes (hopefully you know what I'm talking about), but slips behind the outlet itself.
and connects to the wires that plug into the outlet.
/me sigh

big spark, followed by smaller ones.

my screwdriver was charred.
my fingers were numb.
my pants were on fire.

I told my dad about this a couple of days ago (he spent christmas at my bro's in dallas) and all he did was kinda shake his head and tell me "you hafta be sure to cut the power when you do anything electrical."
he's right, I know, but I hadn't planned on doing anything aside from putting the face plate on.
the really funny part is, while being shocked, apparently I screamed.
half an hour after all that happened my sis came into my room to ask what happened.
half an hour.
/me shaking head

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006 :::


.oO(I sound like the jesus fan)

so I'm here at work... just hanging out, ya know?
it's not been a bad day at all, and I'm pretty stoked about that.
sitting here drinking mt dew and teasing milkdud about over-priced watches.

I've been thinking about putting an index page on my video folder...
mostly just 'cause I'm bored.
I don't have dreamweaver or anything... but I guess I'm not looking for anything fancy.
/me shrug
really just something to occupy my time.

I also need to pick up some screwdrivers so I can get into my laptop.
yeah... that sounds like a plan.
think I'm probably gonna give the thing to r00 (if he wants it) when I get a new one.
mostly I'm just interested in moving more of my crap.
but I've not even checked what's on my external drive to see what I do or don't have... I know for sure I copied all my music, but I'm really interested in my pics.
if those are moved I doubt I'd even open the case.
guess we'll see, though
r00's given me the idea of putting the drive into an external case... I'd need irby's help to get that done, though. his, or someone else w/ a mac.
sounds plausible... I think.

I've petitioned adrian to get me throwing knives for valentine's.
or any book off my wishlist.
I doubt he'll get me either, though... which always makes things interesting.
I also asked him for a router (the power tool not the "networking device"), but I really don't need one... and I'd probably never use it... so I guess I don't have any reason to want one. guess just 'cause I used to have one I want one again?
and I've ~no~ idea what to get him.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006 :::

but I like tomatoes

really I do.
so it makes sense that I like v8.
just not when it's repeatedly compared to blended poo.

and I thought this was a jem - from tainted bill, about galactica and pegasus on battlestar galactica:
"You also have to wonder how ammunition both ships have. They put up fairly solid walls of flak, so they have to use a substantial amount of ammunition per battle. Of course, logistics is a real world concern that will be ignored for the sake of good storytelling.

Or bad storytelling...as the 40 shuttlecraft that Star Trek: Voyager went through in their seven year odyssey of bad writing."
milkdud swears by voyager, so I've moved the whole series up in my queue, to right behind ds9 and before the battlestar galactica miniseries.
guess we'll find out exactly how good (or bad) the series is.

so all 3 girls in the front office left, within about a month of each other... and were replaced by 3 new women at the same time.
now I can understand that they were only trained 3 or 4 days... but they just transferred me a telemarketer!
someone asking to speak to whoever makes the financial decisions... and they sent him to me!
/me sigh
they've been transfer happy all day.

the jesus fan got an obscene amt back from student loans... he's buying us dinner tonight.
I <3 the jesus fan.

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healthy infuzions

I ~love~ the stawberry guava fuze.
it's ~amazing~.
better than amazing, even.

so anyway... talking to red atm. haven't talked to him in aaaaaaaaaages.
he's crazy, ya'll.
and now I'm wondering whatever happened to mansour (another filipino friend of ours)... he was such an awesome guy, and super cute too.
and not dead, just I haven't talked to him in a few years, so he may have turned into a real ass since then.

my sis and I are both in the midst of tuna crazes...
she came home from the grocery store this morning with... like 20 cans of tuna.
maybe not 20, but certainly more than... 8.
we had tuna patties for lunch, and I think she's making us tuna sandwhiches for dinner.
which I'm fine with, since I like tuna!

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Monday, January 16, 2006 :::

your name on my lips

I talked to my brother yesterday.... haven't talked to him that much since he and I were both living at my mom's (he was in high school and I was in grade school).
we talked a bit about david... about how I didn't handle the breakup well at all...
and a bit about BoB... how his being married has made me want to get married too... how I'm still trying to prove to everyone that I'm "over" him...
it was... an interesting experience.
reminded me of that one time, in high school I think, when I started dating one of his friends.

work has been... trying.
I used to love to come to work; I had so much fun with the guys.
then we got bought out... working conditions have actually gotten worse... things take a lot more effort & time to get done...
I dunno. seems I'm getting tired of working here.

adrian, for the first time since I've known him, actually asked me how my day is going.
I'm not sure what to do with that, aside from bask in it.
apparently we've been dating a few months now, and I can't help but pull out the old timeline.
david and I met... in the first 10 seconds I knew I'd love him, if I let myself. and 3 months later, while dancing around at 2 am in the snow, he whispered those 3 little words to me. and I admitted it too.
adrian and I... his first words to me were, "who the fuck are you?" (we met at work, and it was my first day when he said that)... we dated a couple of months... split up... a year later we're dating again.
and that's that, isn't it. we're already on month 5, but unless I actually count it out it doesn't feel like it.
I wonder if it's cause I'm afraid of commitment? or is it something in him that I'm avoiding? or maybe something in me?
I've never been much for romance... but more often than not I've had to deal with it anyway. adrian's a lot of things, but romantic is ~not~ one of them.
sometimes I think it's 'cause he's not very good at expressing himself. I think that might be closer to the truth... but it's not his fault, really. going into this I practically drew up a contract with rules and guidelines for him to follow, the most prominent being not to tell me he loves me.
when BoB and I were together, he was always telling me. he'd call, email, im, leave voicemails and text messages, notes on my windshield or in my truck...
I miss that. yet I always ask people not to do it. more than ask - I demand, really.
I dunno. I'm not even sure where I'm going with this.
why would I want some cookie cutter treatment when I can have someone who knows me?
is that even what I want?

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Friday, January 13, 2006 :::

potato patch

so last night, as was suggested to my by slave, I went home and watched ong bak with my sis.
we also watched underworld, since the second one'll be out soon.
and yes, my sis is ~quite~ excited about it.

my eye still hurts, and I'm having to hitch a ride home w/ adrian.
well, not really... he's coming to pick me up and take me home.
then we're going out for dinner for my dad's birthday.
with out his chick. so I'm guessing I shouldn't bring adrian.
which is gonna be kinda weird, since he's gonna be taking me home.
I'm sure he'll understand.

after I fought with him last night I told him I didn't wanna see him again 'till sunday.
I'm kinda full of shit when it comes to staying away from him, I've noticed.

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better spirits

today has been... a weird day.
I woke up to my sister asking if I bought her a stove... then asking me to go look in the living room.
apparently someone bought her a stove. she has no idea who it could be, and from what they delivery guy told her that's the way the person who bought it wanted it.
/me shrug
then my dad comes in... asks me to look outside.
there's some car out front and he's asking me if I like it.
apparently he's decided to buy a new car.
/me shrug
and my left eye's got a stye. I feel like wearing an eye patch. think I may get one on over the weekend.

adrian and I did end up fighting last night, but it was after I'd calmed down and was no longer looking to start anything.
funny how that worked out, eh?

so my sis ran off w/ my dad to look at cars, and I'm fixing to head to work.
I back out of the driveway and my truck dies.
could be worse, though. at least it's daylight, not too cold, and I'm at home, right?
I try unsuccessfully to push my truck back into the driveway... go inside and call my sis.
apparently in her rush to look at cars she'd left her cell phone on the kitchen counter.
so I call work to let them know I'm gonna be late, and then call for help.

irby came by, helped me get my truck back into the driveway, and then brought me to work.
I owe him a beer or something now.

my truck, however, has been acting up a lot lately.
it makes me kinda sad... 'cause I don't know what I'd do without it... or what I'd get to replace it.
so all in all today is turning out to be a worse day than yesterday... but at least I'm not taking it so badly.

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Thursday, January 12, 2006 :::

in other words, I've got issues.

You're the uncaring angel. Like it says, you just
don't care anymore. You're sick of people and
their problems and you're tired of having to
handle all of the stress of getting hurt or
betrayal. You don't like being around people
much anymore unless it's going to help you.
You're not evil, you're just lonely. But
instead of making friends, you shove people
away. You've been through a lot of the
different stages of being hurt or misunderstood
and you just don't bother to feel anything. To
other people you seem emotionless, but you do
have emotions. You just keep them locked away
because of your theory that if you can't feel
anything, then there's nothing left to hurt
anymore. Too bad that doesn't always work.

Which Angel of Darkness are you? (pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

ColorQuiz.comI took the free ColorQuiz.com personality test!

"Needs to feel identified with someone or something..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.

I'm in a bad mood...
feels like I'm trying to pick a fight with adrian...
seems he's gotten quite good at avoiding them.

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must have picture id

today's my dad's birthday.
he's 70, I think. I'm pretty sure.
crazy little old man.

seems he finished my coffee table for me.
I'd asked him how he thought I should get the top connected to the legs, and he said he'd get me some little brackets and some wood glue...
guess he got tired of waiting for me to finish it (this was on tues) 'cause when I got home last night I noticed the top was secure.
/me shrug
I've still gotta paint it...
then get those flowers laid into the top.
fun fun.

and I've decided I am going to get a new ibook...
just a little one w/ stock memory... think I'll add more myself (since apple charges $300 for 1 gb) when I get it.
so I need about a thousand dollars.
since I'm starting to pay off my school loans it'll take me a couple of months, but as long as I stop buying random crap and eating out all the time I should be good to get one at the end of feb.
it'll be a nice change, and I'll finally be able to jack around w/ tiger.
so yeah... unless I get bothered enough to want a dvd burner I'll just be getting a little one... and possibly another ipod.
as much as I hate the click wheel I need a bigger ipod.
I've also gotta find out if I backed up all my pics last time I wiped & backed up to my external drive. I'm gonna be super sad if I didn't.

and dirty dan!
apparently he's gonna be a daddy!
that's just mind boggling for me... lol

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006 :::

no stranger to the rain

my sis and I were talking about hwoarang and taki while we were making orange juice.
we both miss the ugly little rats...
I've taken their deaths harder than friends and family members who've died... most I can tell is maybe 'cause they died 'cause of me?
see, I was doing laundry, so I took them off the washer and dryer and put them on the floor... then fell asleep while doing laundry.
these little d00ds are supposed to have a heat lamp even in warm weather... and you know how cold a kitchen floor can get, I'm sure.
/me sigh
every time I get cold I think of how horrible it must have been for them.

sarah mentioned that having another cat around helped her get through the death of her 7 year old cat.
I dunno.
I called the pet store... they have one hairless hamster in stock.
it's a chick.
I just don't think it'd be the same, though.
hwoarang was so hello-how-are-you-my-name-is-hwoarang and taki was so why-are-you-bothering-me-I-was-very-busy-sleeping- and- yes-I-will-take-some-more-food-thank-you.
adrian says that whatever animal I get'll most likely be a hello-how-are-you'er 'cause that's how I am...
/me sigh

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006 :::

show me your stats

so the new intel macs are out...
I'm watching the macworld keynote now. these things are always so long.
and looks like he stuck to the black slacks.
hm. he just said "scrolls like butter."

calendars and cards direct from iphoto. good stuff.
wtf - podcasting for photos?
yeah... it's kinda growing on me.
wonder if you hafta dload the photos
seems awful wasteful of disk space
and if you hafta use iphoto for it....
oh wait
he just answered it
you can use any rss reader to subscribe. which means yeah, you hafta dload the images.
but can only publish to .mac
aperture seems nice but I didn't pay too much attn to it

I've never really used imovie, but the whole 'export to ipod' seems cool
dunno about video podcasts, though r00 speaks highly of them.
the themes in imovie are pretty cool... only it kinda reminds me of the geocities templates.

podcasting in garageband sounds super cool - lets you record ichat audio directly into the podcast you're making. also has some loyalties-free jingles you can use.
"Hi I'm steve & welcome to my weekly podcast Super Secret Apple Rumors," jobs says, "the next ipod will be huge - an eight pounder with a ten inch screen."
wow. I'm quite impressed. I've never made a podcast, though... so I really can't compare... but it seems really awesome.

the iweb app that was leaked seems quite nice, but I'm not entirely sure it's something that'd make my life too much easier.
and again it publishes to .mac
I do wish they'd change that.
you know, I'm not entirely sure ilife would be so great if I didn't have a .mac acct.
and boooo it only adds links to the itms so people can preview the music you've added.
and a 30 day free trial on iwork for all new macs.

so the intel imac is supposedly 2-3 times faster...
for the same price as the pwrpc imac. sounds like a bargain.
"crossgrade" sounds dumb. still dunno how I feel about rosetta...
this roz ho claims there will be a msn mssngr update soon... about bloody time.
50% off ms office when purchasing a new mac. that's nice.
photoshop sure takes a while to load using rosetta... seems to work just fine after loading, though.

this crowd is going wild over the intel mac commercial.
and then, of course, his "one more thing..."
the macbook pro. (I don't like the name)
the stats look impressive.
very thin, awesome display, frontrow, and a built in isight.
magsafe is a nice idea, too - more than once my laptop's gone skidding across a desk 'cause someone tripped on my pwr cord.

so the big news is the intel macs running ahead of schedule.
guess that's all for now

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shattered inspirations

adrian and I went to see bloodrayne last night.
maybe 10 other people in the theatre with us...
and I'll admit, the movie wasn't that great.
but it wasn't that bad, either.
honestly I liked it better than king kong and aeon flux.
adrian, however, almost died.
/me rolling eyes

my dad bought an el cheapo drill yesterday, so I charged up the battery for a while and then decided to make my coffee table.
most of the wood was already cut, so mostly it's just assembly... but the wood's not in the best shape anymore.
guess lounging about for a year in my apt and then in the backseat of my truck for a few months isn't the best place for keeping oak in good shape.
so it's not going to be the best looking table, but at least that takes a lot of pressure off me.
I do still plan to put the flowers I pressed on it... probably just on the top... maybe on the legs or border as well.
anyhow. I didn't finish, but this time it wasn't my fault - I worked 'till the battery on the drill needed more charging.
I plugged it in then went to bed... and I'm guessing it's still charging now.
hopefully I'll get it finished tonight.

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Monday, January 09, 2006 :::

hey mansquito!

so I've been searching for mansquito off and on for the last few hours...
r00 (who has awesome google skillz) provided me with this gem:

May 20th 2005 - Mansquito is now available to buy on VHS and DVD in the US. It is available under the title of Mosquito Man. It is available through Amazon at the price of $22.48. Please note the DVD is only available in Region 1.

now get this - not 15 mins before he sent me that I added mosquito man to my netflix queue.
I don't really think it's the same movie 'cause the actors are different, but I guess we'll see.

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pooling ip addresses

so I'm not sure why, but after being at work for only about an hour I am seriously tired of answering the phone.

tooter over here...
he just crossed his legs and asked if adrian and I are still in a monogomous relationship.
/me rolling eyes
he's ~such~ a weirdo.

I had a good enough weekend.
did some laundry.
finished the hot zone.
played some soul cal.
started on one of the books about the crusades.

my dad made tripas this weekend.
they were amazing.
I had... 5 or 6 tacos worth.

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Friday, January 06, 2006 :::

the aslan of orange juice

so I'm feeling loads better, thanks in no part to those coldeeze lozenges I purchased last night.
see, I didn't read the package at the store... but I did when I was at home fixing to put one in my mouth.
"do not consume any citrus juices or other citrus products from half an hour before to half an hour after taking coldeeze" was right next to "do not chew" on the bag.
/me sigh
all I drink at home is juice. orange, apple, crangrapeapple, and v8.
so I didn't take any.
instead I took some sudafed and then went to bed.
so either the sudafed or the going to bed has helped me feel better.

and I've gotta tell you... I'm glad it's friday.

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Thursday, January 05, 2006 :::

gonads and strife


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ew. seriously.

so I started reading the hot zone last night.
it's disgustingly descriptive.

and I think I may be getting sick.
every morning for the last week and a half my throat's been kinda achy right when I wake up... it'll be gone by the time I get to the shower, though.
so I'm gonna head to market street to grab some coldeeze that emma recommended.
and some medium pulp minute maid orange juice.

I've also been meaning to read up on vista (the new windows os)...
just haven't gotten around to it yet.
did get r00's new site addrss, though.

irby got a 360.
he says it looks awesome on his tv (he's got an awesome tv)
and that's mostly all I've got to say anymore... hopefully I'll finish the hot zone tonight & start one of those books on the crusades.

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006 :::

reckless, hell! I hit just where I was aiming!!

so we just had a meeting at work...
they're not closing us. not yet, anyway.
something about pto changes.
/me shrug

adrian's in somewhere-that's-not-lubbock atm.
his sis had another baby.
fun fun.

well I woke up absurdly early (I went to bed a bit after midnight) and began playing soul cal 3.
when my sis got home she brought me brkfst & then played soul cal with me.
she's crazy, ya'll. just a button masher, but soul cal is button mashing at its best.

and one of my friend's has invited me to do a little game review thingy on a site he runs...
I said I would...
guess we'll see.

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006 :::

mumble mumble

well, I've not had as wonderful a day as I had all weekend.
most of my non-wonderfulness can be directly traced to being at work.
so yes.
I had a wonderful weekend.
absolutely wonderful.
particularly yesterday; I played soul cal 3 & ff7 all day.
well not ~all~ day.
I did take a 3 hour break to head over to adrian's... to watch him play res evil 4.

my sis's washer is toast.
makes me sad 'cause I need to do laundry, so either I'm buying more clothes or heading to a laundry mat.

omg adrian's niece is super cute ya'll.
she came to my nephew's bday party saturday afternoon and we all had a great time.
I had an especially good time on the bumper cars w/ my niece & nephew and some other folks who were at the party.

and new year's.
I had a wonderful time drinking sparkling grape juice and watching st:tuc.
and eating cake left over from the party.
after adrian left the kids, gloria, and I stayed up jacking around.

ugh. I've been plagued with email calls all day.

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