Sunday, October 31, 2004 :::

happy hallow's eve

erm... I mean halloween.
It's my favorite holiday ya'll.
I used to throw a party every year... make jungle juice and all. Think ya'll call it trash can punch up here, though.

I've slept the day away.... just... yeah... sleeping.
No one told me about the time change.

I've gotta shower. I've been sitting here staring at the ceiling fan.
*shaking head*
We're gonna watch The Crow and Underworld in honor of the day.


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Saturday, October 30, 2004 :::

"wanna see my cock?"

so like... my best net bud in the world - Rob... he and I were camming here a few mins ago, and he busts out w/ that line.
I was like... wtf?
anyhow... check it out...
(and feel free to read the conv to see the context - it really did come out of nowhere)

gotta love the little brit.
/me hugs rob

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Friday, October 29, 2004 :::

such a wonderful night

dan & I cleaned the apt last night, and then put up the big bruce lee poster...
then doke came by and we watched First Contact.
yeah it was great. honestly the best time I've ever had w/ him.
after that he and I put up the rest of my posters... now there's just a few blank spots - and 2 of them are where mirrors will be going.

I got up early today... had a friend come by the apt that I hadn't seen in a couple of years.
It's weird... most of my friends think of me as a person first and then as a chick.
this d00d... he definitely thinks of me as a chick first.
it's kinda nice, but mostly just annoying.

Oh! I got another package in the mail today!
And since I got up early I was actually able to sign for it!

so anyway... gonna show the jesus fan my top ten list.
take a gander if you can be bothered enough.

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Thursday, October 28, 2004 :::

damn commercials

so I'm watching tv through someone's isight.

that's a commercial, btw.

ooh! thought this was cool

I think I may buy it.

so anyway... almost time for me to get off work.

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homemaker of the year!

I made spaghetti for dinner last night.
When I got home last night dan still hadn't had dinner, and I'd been craving spaghetti.

So I made some.
Only... neither he nor I had ever made spaghetti before.
We couldn't decide whether we're supposed to cover it or not... we ended up covering it... up 'till it like... exploded!
and then we couldn't tell when it was done.

I ended up having 4 bowls w/ lots of spaghetti sauce.
Dan didn't have any.
Doke had one bowl.

I thought that was a pretty good outcome.

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since I'm able to post again...

I was going through the comics (the ones on the right that I don't get paid to link to but I still think are cool and if you read this blog I think you'd enjoy them) and reached little gamers. Naku goes into a rant, and I just thought I'd c&v a bit of it here.
It's not like the president has all that much to do with everything that happens *cough.. congress.. supreme court.. cough* He's just the one that sits and smiles in front of the camera and takes the heat when stuff goes wrong and takes the credit when stuff goes right. He's like Lambchop but not fuzzy or cute.. someone has their hand up his ass and throwing their voice to make it seem like he's talking. Jesus that's an analogy and a half isn't it hah!
So yeah... I find that about sums up how I feel about the election.
And guys... ~please~ stop sending me those fwds that are decidedly election-based.
no offense... but come on... voting is anonymous for a reason, ya'll.

gawd I'm lazy.
I had a pretty tough night last night. I saw david yesterday... he was on his way to work, and I drive past his building on my way to work...
He's still got that haircut that makes him look like an escaped convict.
Last email he sent me he said he's been under a lot of stress.
I know I wasn't happy most of the time... not there near the end... but he's a great guy... and didn't deserve any of this.

I seem to be some kind of plague... that only afflicts those I really care about.
The Ex... guess I can't call him that anymore, since now there are 2 ex's.
BoB is still not wanting to talk to me again. He says I'm just making really bad choices. And he's right.

Did I tell ya'll I dropped all my classes this sem?
I mean... I know it's a cop out, and I know I could've managed... well... yeah, I would've managed.
But w/ david & I breaking up, and then that 3 week binge I went on, the living in hotels 'till finally I got this apt, and then the whole no insurance and having bronchitis... and I almost forgot how just me being here managed to send things to hell btwn dan & his chick.
I guess the hardest thing is still the break up.
I still find it hard to concentrate.
And I find myself waking up and looking for him... when he's not there I wonder how long ago he left, and why he didn't tuck me back in (I especially miss him tucking me in and calling me his little burrito).
Then comes the crushing feeling when I remember he didn't leave... I remember it's been a month since he's been there.
My heart hurts for him.
And I cry.

In the same breath, Doke's been really good to me, he really has... and I feel this whole thing isn't fair to him.
He asked me last night why I'm with him. He said something like, "If you miss david so much why don't you talk to him?"
And that really hit home. The whole reason I went on that 3 week binge, and the only reason I still drink/smoke, is to try to forget that he & I aren't together anymore.
He's still the person I think of when I go to sleep.
If I still prayed, he'd be in them.

I've lost so much from all this. Not only the one I love, but also myself. I've lost who I am, and I lost my faith.
Dunno if anyone even notices the songs I put on here (up in the right hand corner - white text on purple), but that's how I feel.
For a long time it had lyrics from The Great Below, then My Happy Ending, followed by Just like a Pill... then back to The Great Below, and then for a good run it was Drowning Pool's Sermon.... and now that's At the End, by 16 volt.

I'm tired.
I need to work out.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2004 :::


emma replied to r00's email hooking both of us up w/ that awesome desktop!
(so yes, this does mean more screenshots)

and I dunno when this is gonna show up, since my server's giving me garbage and saying my disk is full again.
still it's just so awesome.

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my shoulder hurts

we went to walmart last night... finally got some batteries and
disposable bowls & forks/knives/spoons. So now I'm finally able to
eat my cereal!
and good thing too, 'cause my milk expires tomorrow.
We also got halloween costumes. Me & Dan are gonna be convicts, and
Doke is gonna be a twinkie!

Today's my neice Sandra's bday. I text messaged her a "happy bday
sandra!" text message.
I'm probably gonna call her here in a few, to wish her a good rest of her day.

Oh! Check out my moblog
for pics of me dressed up like a twinkie & doke dressed up like a slice
of pizza.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2004 :::

I've ~got~ to send my netflix dvds back

I really wanna see nightmare before christmas. I was thinking about that last night, and then today I was reading and noticed (hard not to, lol) that she cut her pumpkin into the d00d from nightmare before christmas.
So I think my posters came in... I'm gonna go by the office here in a few & inquire about that.
*crosses fingers*
I moved my bed over yesterday, and in the process I broke 2 fingernails. *grr* My middle finger on my right hand got broken when I pulled the mattress out of my truck bed. And my ring finger nail, also on my right hand, got broken when I was putting my cinderblock back in my truckbed.
And that may seem like an odd thing for me to be carrying around in my bed, but let me just tell you that it makes for a fantastic doorstop, and there are assorted other uses.
Is it just me, or did that sound like an infommercial to you too?

Doke & I are supposed to have lunch @ Jason's Deli here in a few. I've been craving sandwhiches.
I got out of work late last night... and then I had to stop by my sis's and pick up my laundry. So by the time I got back here, Doke & Dan had already started drinking.
They're such a bunch of alcoholics.
We watched Snatch last night. Made me really wanna buy The Hunted. I love that movie.
Snatch was alright... I was kinda dozing so I'm sure I didn't get the full effect, but it seemed decent. And apparently it's one of Doke's favorite movies.
I wanna buy Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

*looks at clock*
gotta run!

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Monday, October 25, 2004 :::

so much for going out for lunch...

doke & I were supposed to go to the Pour House for lunch today; I've been lusting after those shrimp wraps.
It didn't happen. We ended up fighting last night. Imagine that.
I know, we've only been dating for ~ 2 days or so, but I guess I'm like that.
And I was pretty peeved.
You know how chicks are always asking questions we don't really wanna know the answers to? Like... we'd rather just have the guys we're asking just score some brownie points by feeding us what we want to hear.
Well I'm not like that. I mean, don't get me wrong I'd love to hear what I wanna hear, but in the same breath... if that's all I wanted I could date anyone. I want someone who's willing to bite the bullet and be honest with me.
Also, I tend to not ask questions I don't think I'll like the answer to.
So anyhow... doke and I fought last night.

See, I had asked him what he liked about me - what made me different from the chick sitting next to me, ya know?
And ya know what he said?
He said he liked my smile.
Now in case ya'll hadn't noticed I'm really agst the whole "you're so pretty" crap. I'd really rather hear someone say they like me (or don't like me) because of what I have to say, not how I look when my mouth is closed.
So you can see how this would upset me.
I wasn't looking for brownie points. I am seriously interested in what made me stand out to him. And he busts out w/ a bullshit answer like that.
*shaking head*

Anyway. We got it all worked out, so it's fine now, only... I was ~not~ waking up @ 1000 for some stinking shrimp wraps.
And he goes to work early all week, so it won't be happening anytime this week.
oh well.

We went to Target last night. I still haven't been able to find the bedspread I want.
Looks like I'll have to order if off the net...
take a gander

I think it's me.

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Sunday, October 24, 2004 :::

r00 is ~the~ awesomest!!!

r00's emailed emma of for me in regards to this desktop that she had a while back.
I really want it.

how awesome does it look ya'll?
I mean... yeah.

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my back hurts!

so I slept through most of the game last night... the only times I woke up was when I could hear myself snoring.
I hate snoring in front of people.

I don't know what to blog about today.
I've been sleeping a lot - thanks to that awesome cough medicine I'm taking.

I had to work yesterday. It was pretty cool. Apparently the office buys lunch for ya if you work on the weekends.

My friend Forsaken is really getting lucky w/ the chicks lately.
He's doing the whole security guard/bouncer thing now, and apparently chicks really dig that.
good for him.

My back is seriously hurting today. I think I've just been sleeping too much or something.
My roommate keeps teasing me - saying that I don't sleep, I hibernate.
that little turd.

I miss my dog. I was watching a video david hosts of squishy humpy his little blue bear. He's a cute little dog, even if he is the hellspawn.

Well, we're going to target here in a few.
I need a new bedspread.

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Friday, October 22, 2004 :::

it's like I've dusted someone's tailpipes... kinda...

yeah you ever have one of those moments where you could whip out of your parking space, come w/in 2 inches of another truck, shift to neutral, rev my engine, and dust his tailpipes.

sometimes I just know what's going on.

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Thursday, October 21, 2004 :::

my sentiments exactly

gotta love tech support.

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must be teh über beta

I was talking to some man w/ a mac at work tonight...
and I was like, "What version of OS are you running?"
and you know what he said?


attack of the stupid people tonight.
*shaking head*

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so I threw a corndog at my roommate last night...

I went home early from work 'cause my cough medicine wore off and I
couldn't stop coughing... and we all know what happens when I can't
stop coughing.
So I went home and sprayed down my throat w/ chloraseptic and started
chilling w/ dan...
then doke came over...
and we watched Nemesis.
**that was the ~awesomest~ thing!!**
a while later dan was making corn dogs and asked if we wanted any.
and we all know I ~love~ corndogs!
so we did... and on the last quarter of my fourth hotdog I realized I
wasn't hungry anymore.
So I threw it at dan.

and I missed.
by about a foot.

in my defense, it was still attached to the stick.

and then today... I didn't go to school 'cause I got decidely worse overnight.
But Doke came by before he went to work, to bring me some cough medicine..
and he brought me flowers.
that's deserves a font size=+5 and a defenite strong "awww"
'cause that's the sweetest thing.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004 :::

desktops are fun!

here's a screenshot of Word version: mac.

and here's a screenshot from this afternoon.

so yeah... um... don't like... message anyone on my buddy list.

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can you believe Doke doesn't like FishSticks?!?!
OMFG!!! that's like... a FATAL FLAW!


I love fishsticks.
My sup loves donuts.
We've spent the last 5 minutes discussing the possibility of a fishstick/donut hybrid.

Stephen Lynch is funny.

ooh... I think everyone should watch Fatboy Slim's Weapon of Choice video.
can... not... blink.

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/me wants

I want this poster.

any ideas as to where I can get it?

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welcome me back to the land of the living

I went to bed yesterday around this time.
and I woke up today about an hour ago.


Doke was here when I woke up... and I asked him, "what time is it?"
and he said, "1130."
and I looked out the window and said, "but the sun's out?"
and he's like... "it's wednesday."

my roommate, last night at some point... I guess I got up to take some medicine or something... but he was all, "YOU'RE ALIVE!!!"

So yeah... I feel a lot better.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2004 :::

"drugs and alcohol are the training wheels of happiness."

OMFG that's profound.
and he's not even the one who's stoned!!!!


(that comment was made in regards to this blog post on my friend Jonathan's blog)

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... become something strange and beautiful...

So I tried to be here to morally support my roommie last night.
Couldn't do it w/out Doke.

I'm still sick.
I've got an a&p test today that I'm grossly unprepared for.

I can't control my coughing.
It hurts.

David finally responded to my email.
Such a minimalistic response it had me in tears.
He really is better off without me.
I feel like I'm now finally able to step back and say that we weren't getting along very well there towards the end.
I still miss him, though.
Some things won't change anytime soon... I'm still the fool making excuses for him.
And he's still out living his life.

When will it be my turn?
Maybe it already is?

But I can grow
In spite of all you know
You might not recognize me tomorrow
Yes I can change
In spite of all they say
Become something strange and beautiful
Like joy, like joy

gotta love liz phair.
and what about how I feel?
ya'll remember this?

today would be a fine day to go

but for the tangled web we weave

or something

as I sat on the kitchen floor

staring at the reflection in the oven's glass

the world tinted black

seemingly just for me

like the first glimpse at the true world I have been living in...

and one more thing... to remind myself how unhappy I had been...
June 30, 2004

now maybe I can stop sulking and concentrate on studying.

And there's a great guy in my corner.
For the first time in my life I feel like I have not been wrong about the way I've always thought I should be treated.
Or maybe it's like that book says... Maybe every other guy was just Not That Into Me.

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Sunday, October 17, 2004 :::

my lips are numb

I feel like I'm on the gravitron... everything is being pushed up against the wall...
my lips are numb, and no matter how much water I drink my mouth is dry.

wish I could sleep!

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taking the isight for a spin

and those are my awesome earrings!

.oO(gawd I want an isight!!!)

::: posted by tinafish at 3:26 AM :::

a bit ~under~whelmed

ok so we finally watched office spaced.
And it was funny and all, but I guess since everyone's made such a fuss about it I was a bit let down.

I slept in 'till ~ 1300 today. And I've been groggy since then.
Nyquil sure kicked my ass.

I bailed on Lus tonight, and Demetrius... and Doke's plans went to hell too.
Was supposed to go to Bleachers tonight w/ Doke & D to watch Lus play. Before Bleachers we were supposed to go to Doke's sister's place for a bbq. and after bleachers we were supposed to go to his friend Chris's house for a party.
And I bailed on it all.
*shaking head*
I'm sick, though.

*cough cough*

Dan and I jacked around a bit w/ his isight earlier.
I'll upload & link to them in a bit (dan's using my comp right now)

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Saturday, October 16, 2004 :::

all moved in with nothing I want to eat

yeah so I'm pretty much all moved in.
I bought groceries a couple of days ago... a package of cookies and bananas.
So in the fridge there are assorted juices and various liquors in the freezer. And about half a package of cookies and a few bananas.
I'm really hungry d00d.

Doke's out mountain biking. I hope he doesn't break himself. (he's always dislocating his shoulder)
*shaking head*

I'm still pretty sick this morning... erm... this afternoon.

oh I just remembered that I need to email all the people who I was considering living with... to let them know I've got a place.
I'm so stoked ya'll.

oooh... the new blade trailer.
I oughtta get a poster.

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dan's got an isight!

so like... yeah I look really gross.
but in my defense, I'm sick.

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Friday, October 15, 2004 :::

a place of my own! (kinda)

yeah so I have an apt now!
it's great.
well, the apt is shit, but it's great to have a place to live!

Had maintenance in there today to light the pilot for the heater and to work on the tub (drains ~very~ slowly) and the fan in dan's room was not working very well (running ~very~ loudly).
Talked to dan a few mins ago, said he's got a brand new fan in there.

So yeah... um...� I'm still sick.
Think I may ask to go home early tonight.� I'm actually worse than I was yesterday.
Gonna go home tonight, take some nyquil, and sleep 'till monday.
sounds like a plan to me.

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Thursday, October 14, 2004 :::

I almost forgot!

I invited Lus and doke over about as soon as I got the key to the place.
we were all sitting there on the floor and Lus was all playing w/ his new bass.

I said something like, "don't you love the doors?"
and he was like... "yeah they're great."

thing is, I was talking about the group.

and he thought I was talking about the doors in the apt.

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I'm half dead, I can tell.

I feel awful today.
I woke up this morning and I couldn't hardly swallow.
Apparently my tonsils are swollen again.
My head hurts a lot, and my whole body is kinda achy.

And yet, I've still gotta go to The Library just to keep face.

Oooh! We went to see Taxi last night!
It was great!

and I think I'm sick 'cause we had a cold front mosey on in last
night. Well yesterday afternoon it did. It was chilly in the
morning, decent around noon, but when I came to work it was ~cold~.
like.... madd cold.
And it only got worse.
Like I said, when I woke up this morning I was feeling crazy gross and
was not very happy to be alive.

I've moved into the apt.
I'm pretty stoked.
I still have no furniture.
My plan is to buy a futon, since the room is kinda small.
And a tv.
And probably a small fridge to store my liquor.

The place overall is pretty gross, but at least it's somewhere to
sleep everynight.
And I have the right to stay there.

So I feel like crap, but at the same time I'm stoked.
imagine that.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2004 :::

ooh it works!

so yes, now I can blog straight from my email. Well I guess I've been
able to for a while, just I'd forgotten my "secret word" or something.

so anyway... I was at the mall earlier w/ aj... saw david's friend brian.
I bought a little tinkerbell print that I'd been meaning to buy for
the last year, and aj bought that poster of those two chicks kissing.
then we went around to various other places looking for chicks of
naked or scantily clad chicks. He's got loads of posters of chicks,
but he still thinks he doesn't have enough.
*shaking head*

the weather here's gone to crap. it's ~really~ cold outside.

I'm probably gonna get a bit wasted tomorrow.
Going to The Library w/ aj and his crew tomorrow. And also I'm in the
process of acquiring a fifth of crown.

ok ok ok work.

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testing email...


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per drew

so hop to it, ya'll!

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Tuesday, October 12, 2004 :::

shuffleboard makes you healthy!

we're gonna go play some shuffleboard after I submit some hmwrk for my lit class.
and my friend aj has invited me&doke to the library on thursday. I haven't been to a club in ~ages~ so I'm not sure if I'll go... but it'd be nice to go out w/ some friends of mine, ya know?

what else?
gonna go play some shuffleboard tonight

so yeah... gotta get back to work.

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monkeys are cool

so that's my friend dirty dan, and yes that's a MONKEY on his shoulder!
he's my hero for the next 24 hours.

I had a lot of fun this weekend. Yesterday Doke and I went to Ransom Canyon to play hackey sack, but got distracted and ended up walking around the little canyon thing... and I lost my phone... and I didn't notice I lost my phone 'till I got to the top... and then we had to go back looking for it since all the numbers for all the people I've been looking into living w/ were in it.... and then I like... twisted my ankle and came really close to having a cactus up inside me. *cringing*
but I had a really good time, overall.
And I ~finally~ found someone to live w/!
None other than Mr. Dirty Dan himself!

So anyway... I can't sleep. And I've got school in a few hours. I'd call Doke but I don't wanna wake him up, since I'm fairly certain he's already asleep.
He's really nice to me ya'll. it's amazing.

What else? Oh man!
I got ~the~ AWESOMEST earrings! I've ~got~ to take a pic of them soon.
They're like... screws! well, they look like screws. they're not really.

*cough cough*

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Saturday, October 09, 2004 :::

believe in angels

so yay! I talked to my friend dirty dan and we're gonna get an apt together!
I spent all day on friday looking at various houses and apartments... but I was still feeling pretty uneasy about moving in w/ people I don't know. But that's what you do when you move into a dorm room.... just.... I dunno.
and doke wasn't real fond of the idea.
what else?
um... yeah the places I looked at were either crap or awesome. But it'd be great to have a roommate I actually know.
and it's cool w/ his chick, and doke's fine w/ it too.

We went to the omni max just now. well, we just now got back from it. We saw Forces of Nature and Top Speed. gawd... the whole mountain biking is ~way~ more hazardous than I thought. No wonder doke's always dislocating his shoulders.

We went to amarillo last night. I saw david at best buy and freaked out. I wanted to go up to him and say something... or... something... I'm not sure. But all I ended up doing was running out of there and wanting to keep running.
So I just drove to amarillo. About half an hour out of lubbock I started feeling better, but still kinda freaking out.
I really needed to work out. So I pulled over and pushed my truck for a bit. It wasn't what I was hoping for, but I did feel a bit better.
Also I should mention that a couple of people pulled over and offered to help. That was really nice of them. They looked at me kinda funny when I was like, "no I'm just pushing to get rid of some tension."

I miss those burger king commercials that had the whole office crowd. They were great.

I'm doing laundry right now, and tonight I'm gonna chill w/ doke and some of his friends.
guess that's all for now.

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Thursday, October 07, 2004 :::

flying pretzel of death!

fun fun fun last few days.
I'm looking for an apt or a roommate.... it's been interesting.
and hotels... yikes. getting very expensive.
what else?
met a guy I might move in w/ last night... I don't think I impressed him. I can be rather... unamusing... at times.

work has been great tonight.
I dunno.
I really can't think of anything else to say.
I'm actually living my life now instead of blogging.
go figure.

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Tuesday, October 05, 2004 :::

squeakem squeak

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Monday, October 04, 2004 :::


so I was sitting in the hot tub while reading my lit assignment.
It was nice. I'm thinking about hopping back in.
Well, the tub was nice. The whole mixing splashing water w/ a 3 thousand page book... well... it's not my brightest idea.

I've been having that pain in my shoulder again.
Think I'm gonna pay topher to give me a massage.

Ooh! last night! I almost forgot!
we ~finally~ made chocolate martinis!
doke was kinda worried that I was drunk; he was kinda leading me down the flight of stairs.
I had a good time, though. They were really good.

I've been trying really hard to get a hold of my friend the anarchist hippy, whom we all know and love.
I haven't chilled w/ him in aaages... and I can't tell if he's still mad about that day he and I were supposed to drink together but I started drinking by myself and was too intoxicated to drive.
Speaking of which... I sitll haven't had a hangover yet.
it's something I'm aiming for, yes. I'm also hoping that at some point I'll be able to go to a bar and just order a beer.
Crown & Coke's just aren't as tasty as they used to be. I'm thinking that may have something to do w/ me vomiting up crown and coke that night I had that valium.
Speaking of valium, I was supposed to get some more today... I just now remembered.
.oO(I wonder if it's too late to call Meter?)
One thing I don't understand... people don't seem as concerned when I say I wanna take a bottle of valium w/ a bottle of whiskey as they do when I say I wanna drive off a bridge.
food for thought, eh?

What else?
Doke's still being really nice to me. That's always a good thing.
Neither Veg nor the Ex have returned any of my calls. guess they still hate me.
big surprise.
oh wait... they're just "disappointed" in me.

I'd like to have another martini tonight.
wonder if I can find lus in the next hour.

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FUCKING SHIT (followed by loud bang)

oh it's so fun to work here!

will blog more after work.

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Saturday, October 02, 2004 :::

safety first, because I care

oh man I just got back from the fair.
I had ~so~ much fun!

Doke's kinda a wuss, so it took some heavy duty talking to get him on the zipper w/ me.
I loved it. I actually had more fun laughing at him freaking out than from the ride itself.
Also we got on this ride called Tornado... gawd it was great. It ~totally~ mimicked the way I felt that night I took that valium.
We ate a lot too.

and the weather was great too!
I took my sweater just in case it was cold or started raining... but it didn't. I wore my sweater tied around my waist pretty much the whole time, except for when we were actually on a ride.

I ~really~ had a great time. Like... seriously. We got on loads of rides... well, not loads, but more than I did last year. Also we got on that same ride I had gotten on last year - the one I almost fell out of - and it wasn't so bad this time, since I remembered not to swivel in my seat.
And OMG! We got on this big swing thing that spins you around in circles while you're swinging, and there was this woman riding with us who was screaming the entire time! It was so great. Made me wanna follow her around and get on other rides w/ her too. lol.
After that we got on this other ride that looked really cool, and it was... only... it ~really~ needed a headrest. My neck is still kinda tired from trying to keep my head attached to my body during that ride.

what else? Ah yes... the reason for the title of this post.
We got a funnel cake there towards the end, and you all know how retarded I can be.
*shaking head*
I'm holding a piece up to my mouth to start to eat it when I have a stupid attack and decide to inhale through my mouth with the funnel cake covered w/ powdered sugar and cinnamon right at my lips.
spaz attack.
so then I kinda laugh, w/ the funnel cake still at my mouth... so that sends a spray of powdered sugar & cinnamon all over doke & his brother.

So yes. Let's pretend this is the end of a Jerry Springer show; I'm sitting in a chair agst a wall facing the camera:
"Safety First, because I care about more than just ratings. Do not inhale or exhale while actively eating a funnel cake."

*fade to black*

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I haven't moved from the spot where you left me...

after work last night we went to watch resident evil. I'd already seen it, but doke hadn't. and I was willing to watch it again.
after the movie we were supposed to hook up w/ his sis and her husband, but that didn't happen.
also we were supposed to hook up my friend aj and his flavor of the week... that didn't happen either.
went by my friend chris's (he had a chick over) to pick up the party-in-a-box I'd left at his place.
then we went to the hotel.

had a bit to drink... watched cartoons and infommercials 'till the sun came up.
he asked me last night if I felt like he was smothering me.
I told him that since I'm such high maintenance I was actually really enjoying myself. It's been aaaages since I've been doted on.
it's amazing.
I'd forgotten how much I like it.

well, we're going to the fair here in a few... better shower and all.

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Friday, October 01, 2004 :::

the wonder of marketing

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Is that an iPod mini in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?`

so like... I had a bit to drink wed night/thurs morning... so I was a bit late to class...
got my a&p exam back... 65%.
then I spent ~ 15 mins trying to do all my math hmwrk... didn't go well.
I had been so convinced that the test was gonna be a joke, but since I never went to class and didn't do the hmwrk, pretty much all I had to work with was the formulas.

last night after work doke and I sat in front of the building here for about an hour just talking and stuff.
then we went to this bar called PourHouse. I dunno why, but the crown & coke I was drinking just wasn't as good as usual.
doke had a zieganbock... apparently that's his favorite beer. I took a pic of it and now that's the pic I've set for his caller id.

omg - we're gonna go watch a movie tonight, and doke bought the tickets. like, irl. He went all the way to the theatre and bought the tickets!
I didn't know people still did that.

so anyway. yeah, after we left pourhouse we went to walmart for a few hours.

I had forgotten that I had been up since 0700... I'm retarded like that I guess.
And now I'm at work.
we got paid today... no direct deposit. my check is sitting right here under my keyboard. I really wish I had gotten here early enough to pick it up and go out and deposit it.

what else can I talk about?
david called me yesterday. he was looking for someone else. apparently he's deleted my phone book entry.

doke just told me his today's his sis's bday... think we're gonna go out w/ her & her husband. how fun, eh?

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