Friday, September 29, 2006 :::

two bowls & a massage

budd & I went to the ph for dinner last night... had invited lus, but he didn't show.
mmmm chicken fried steak is amazing.
then we walked over to irbyface's... wound up stalking him in the parking lot...
hung out there for a few then went back to the ph. well, irbyface & I did. budd went home.
so we sat at the bar & watched hayden get trashed.

and some guy came up and was talking to irbyface... the conv went something like this:
[drunk smashed into irbyface's chair, then makes some comment about my dark hair & light (according to him) skin. spends a few mins trying to think of the word 'contrast' before irbyface supplies him with it]
drunk: "I was married to a mexican woman"
irbyface & I nod.
drunk: "we're divorced now"
irbyface & I feign concern.
drunk: "and we should be"
irbyface & I tilt our heads.
drunk: "I'm hideouse"
irbyface & I laugh.
drunk: "no I'm not"
irbyface & I laugh.
drunk: "no, I am hideous"
irbyface & I laugh.
drunk: "no I'm not"
irbyface & I laugh.
drunk: "no, I am hideous"
and repeat this for about 5 mins before he stumbles off.
oh good times.

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Thursday, September 28, 2006 :::

bitches is mine!

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someone bought
and on my birthday, too.
seriously - who else could this mean something to?
well, someone, obviously.
and someone, I hate you.


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psa that truly matters

because I know you've been wondering, the number to the pour house is 806.744.9200

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beautiful smile to hide the pain

so one of my sisters, cammy, mostly raised me.
and when things with BoB went to shit, I moved up here.
spent a while getting engaged, and... well... she disapproved of my second engagement. and the guy I was engaged to... he's a great guy, and we grew up together, and I love him. and she said something about him... that even if we weren't engaged I would still have been offended at.
so I didn't talk to her for a couple of weeks. and now those weeks have turned into years.
it's not even about him anymore. I just know she's disappointed in me, and I don't think I could stand hearing it in her voice. or seeing it in her face.
and I so wanted her to be proud of me.
part of me still wants to go home and try to mend things with her. of course, part of me knows that if I did go home I'd screw things up for a couple of people, one whom matters more to me than anyone else I've ever known.
she's still doing ok health wise, but I don't think that'll last too much longer.
of course, I've been expecting this my whole life. it's been coming up more often lately.
and as indifferent to life & death as I claim to be, I'm not entirely sure how I'd handle it.
at least she's got her unmoving faith. this would be easier if I still had mine.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006 :::

all my talk of taking action

so work is being difficult, and it seems they're trying to get me to come in at 0730.
now that's ~only~ 4 and a half hours earlier than I do right now.
guess if it comes to it, I'll be quitting.
it's been coming up a lot lately... working here just isn't what it used to be.
don't get me wrong; I still love the guys.... but the conditions here are such shit.
it'd be nice to have a new job to go to, 'cause being unemployed would kinda suck... but if it comes down to it I'll be ok - not like I'd lose a place to live or anything.
and really that's all that matters.
spending money be damned!

honestly, though... if my schedule did get changed drastically... I'd probably get to see more of budd.
while that seems fine now, I'm sure sometime soon I'd get grouchy about it.

my priest hit 48 last night, and she now knows prayer of fortitude.
I'm so stoked you don't even know.
I think my plan is to spend the next 2 levels on pvp, for honor and such... but really at 51 I'd get to enter alertac valley and that place is mostly free honor.
I take my rogue through a few times a day... get more honor than sock does and I usually do 3 or 4 both wsg & ab with her.
my mage is still 29. went lfging for gnomer for about an hour last night... had 4 people and then our group fell apart.
mcrough's been playing his priest a lot, and she's about passed his warrior.
I made a paladin and another warlock yesterday. I get so bored playing alone.

and supposedly they're turning atlas shrugged into a movie. fun.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006 :::

when I'm alone and the world is a fist

<3 budd

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Monday, September 25, 2006 :::

'cause she can't shoot whiskey

so thursday night beanakin, budd, and I went to see crank.
then we hung out at beanakin's for a couple of hours before budd ran home to bed.
the beanakin went out for ihop and to walmart for crap.
I picked up a bag of ketchup flavored potato chips - quite disgusting, imo. also talked beanakin into getting a tub of peanut butter & jelly ice cream (haven't tasted it, yet)

and friday we went to go watch fearless.
great great fun. saw some kid with a naruto shirt, and poked budd and told him that kid was wearing a naruto shirt. the guy in front of us turned around and asked if I'm a big naruto fan. and I'm not, and I said so. tried to say I'm a budding naruto fan, but I'm almost certain I just mumbled something and turned around.
after the movie we went back to his home and watched the emperor's new groove. I love that movie, and am determined to make him watch it at least 2 more times (so he can get some of the referances I make)

when I "finally" (according to him) woke up on saturday (I'll have you know it was at least 2 hours earlier than I normally do) we went to ihop (the cinnamon swirl french toast is heavenly) and then stopped by the mall.
I finally got a new watch, and I'm pretty stoked with it.
after the mall we went and watched ~ 10 episodes of naruto.

yay for sunday!
we went to the fair!
I ate everything!
he had pizza.
and we took a pic with a couple of sea lions, and also one of those old time photos.
I had a really good time, even though we didn't get on any rides (he doesn't "do" rides).
we stopped by his parents' house to show them the photos. that was... an experience.
then we stopped by the hospital to show my sis & lus. saw king louie while we were there... fun times.

and now it's monday. yuck. I'm sleepy and bored... aaaaand I'm sitting here alone in tech support (gizmo's in school, the new guy is off on mondays, and tooter's got a dr's appt)...
think I'll put on some elvis and see about getting bits of /photos/ back up

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I think we're alone now

I've had an awesome weekend, ya'll.
there's so much I wanna talk about, and I don't even know where to start.
nor what I want to mention first.

and I can't seem to get his goofy laugh out of my head.

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Friday, September 22, 2006 :::

I don't even know him.

who is this ~random~ person sitting next to me?
/me glances in budd's general direction

so last night we went and saw crank, and it was fucking awesome! (seriously - so horrible it was great)
aaaand then we went over to beanakin's to lounge about for a bit...
... then I went to walmart (yay for having toothpaste again!)
and now I'm gonna go watch a movie.

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but I'm so pretty

I'm having a spinach alfredo pizza for lunch...

... 'cause I'm a spaz and forgot about the whole spinach thing.

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when you say it in that tone, anything sounds bad

I'm just some ditzy grrl
/me flipping hair

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Thursday, September 21, 2006 :::

but the memory of a first love

so I talked to BoB for a bit last night, mostly just to tell him about budd...
he was grabbing dinner (seems he's always ordering food when I talk to him), and we only talked for a few mins before the guys got too rowdy...
he wishes us luck, much the same way I wished him & his wife luck.
implied truths, eh?

mcrough and I had made plans to go to ihop for dinner last night, but mcrough's been sick, and took some medicine, and went to bed.
so I drug beanakin out (gawd it's been aaaaages since I'd seen him) instead, even though he, budd, and I are supposed to go watch a movie tonight.
I also invited my sis, since she's off tonight...
she's so weird, ya'll.
I caught her sneaking into my bedroom this morning trying to wash my dishes. wtf.
and I was talking about budd with my sis and my dad this morning, which led to us talking about javi-er and his friends, which led to us talking about javi-er in general. my dad thinks highly of him, which is funny, since the first time my dad met javi-er he was... not incredibly fond of him.
but that's my dad for ya. talking garbage in spanish just 'cause he didn't think javi-er'd understand.
*shaking head*
and I am still convinced javi-er was eating my egg rolls!

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006 :::


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you ain't hiding nothing that I don't know

aegwynn (the server most of my WoW characters are on) is down... so instead of finding out if I managed to get sock to rank... I hung out with budd.
valiant effort on his part to find a copy of the emperor's new groove.... no luck, though.
so we try watching the uh... international copy... of the protector. again no luck; the disc wigged out early on, so oh wells.
instead of watching a movie we ended up lounging about, like we tend to.
fun times.
we did talk a bit about how he's been waiting on sock to level before leveling his warlock... seems ok with trying to catch my rogue and at some point helping me with sock. so hopefully I can get to 60 with my rogue first, after all.
though honestly, I'm not incredibly inclined to rush home and keep playing. like... thursday I've made plans to go out... and saturday...
I dunno. I do want to hit 60, but mcrough hasn't seemed to want to do anything lately? not like I blame him (he's been sick), but it just seems like I spend so much of my time sitting in a city doing nothing.
honestly I kinda miss how roger was all "go go go go go" every day.
guess I just get bored easily.
feel like I'm letting mcrough down, though... we talked about making a push for 60 a while back, and we've never actually done it. I think the last time we even went out and quested, some 60 priest killed us a gazillion times. it was.. humbling. one 60 killed us (I'm 54 and he was 53). repeatedly. for fun.
slave comes to mind... and him refusing to play with me since I'm on pvp servers.
times like that night, I sincerely wish I wasn't.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006 :::

I'll be the death of him

poor budd... I've spent pretty much all weekend pvping.
like... seriously.... well I've spent a good portion of my time with him, but pretty much the rest of my time has been spent pvping on WoW.
I wanna rank up with my priest. it took 40,000 honor for my rogue to hit sergeant major, and gdi I want sockninja to get there too.
except I've gotten a lot of honor from av (it's a... kill-the-bad-guy type game) with my rogue and sock (my priest) isn't a high enough level to get in there.
so I've spent -literally- a gazillion hours playing ab (it's a... control-the-territory type game). now that may not seem like a lot (lol), but I promise it is. especially since we win ~maybe~ 5% of the time. probably closer to 1%.
and back to poor budd... I've spent a lot of time pvping, and I'd also been wanting to do this dungeon... and by the time we got started (in the dungeon) it's about an hour before he has to go to bed.
and these things can take 3 or 4 hours (they shouldn't usually be that long, but sometimes they are).
so he got to bed late, and I feel awful. he'd been bitching about being sleepy earlier, but I totally didn't realize how late it was.
and to top it off, I let him die.
*bigger sigh*

I've had a good time telling everyone about him... I talk so much garbage, ya'll, but seriously I think he's awesome.
no doubt we're ~super~ different (as everyone keeps bringing up), but I have a good time when I hang out with him.
sarah & I half-assedly made plans for the 4 of us (me & budd and sarah & zach) to get together this weekend... but I'm sooooo bad about following through.
I wanna see what everyone thinks of him... like... javi-er thought he was nice, which is cool... but javi-er also takes into account what kind of video games a person plays, and how well they play them.
I dunno... some point soon I'll hafta drag budd up to the hospital to meet the girls, and lus... only... then I'd have to meet his friends... and I've gotten a lot better about meeting friends/family of my SOs, but that's not saying too much.
gawd I'm rambling. I don't even know where I was going with any of this. in my defense, I'm sleepy.
I've spent ~way~ too much time in ab. and if I don't rank up I may commit suicide.
or homicide.
or just bitch about it on my blog.

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Monday, September 18, 2006 :::

like a tragic farming accident

so you know that tekken statue I've been raving about wanting?
well I found one.
for $650.
another one that ended a few days ago was going for $3500.
I had recommended to the fella I was talking to that he should auction it with a $100 buy out...
I was ~way~ off.

I'm kinda tempted to bid on the $650 one...
... it'd be a helluva conversation starter.

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not enough of a hint

so that chick looking for christy is ~still~ calling.
I blocked her number, and now she's calling from a different phone.
I finally just changed my greeting to say "hey this is TINA, NOT CHRISTY. that's why you keep getting the machine; I DON'T KNOW WHO YOU ARE."
so if anyone calls me anytime soon... um... yeah.

and on a less... boring... note...
javi-er and co came by tonight... had great fun playing (read: getting owned at) tekken and soul cal.
and one of his friends, this kid named brandon, did things with ivy I've never seen her do before. I was like, "I wanna have your babies."
and speaking of, budd came by too. so really it was me, javi-er, his buddy jeff, and brandon. I finally pulled the chairs sarah gave me out of my truck, and the foot rest, so we weren't all crowded on the couch & my one stool.
good times.

oh and remember how I said I was sick?
I had spinach at luby's.
don't eat spinach

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Sunday, September 17, 2006 :::

so much for being nervous

well, budd just left... well, a while ago. I just got back from walmart.
budd & I watched bloodsport and zoolander while waiting on mcrough to get home so we could all play WoW together.
mcrough just now go home... apparently he ran out of gas.
I'm not gonna lie, I'm dead tired... feel almost obligated to try and stay up for a while, to see about maybe getting either my priest or my rogue to level some.
buuuut at the same time there's almost nothing I'd rather do than grab my bear and crawl into bed.
I'm not gonna spaz tonight, though (last night I decided to wash my sheets when I got home, and I got tired of waiting for them to dry so I slept on the couch)... maybe a few rounds of pvp and then go to bed.

yep. sounds like a plan.
I've gotta be rested to present my best game face tomorrow with javi-er and co.
gawd knows how that's gonna go, but my guess is I'm gonna get owned.
I totally haven't played any console games in... well... I don't even remember how long it's been.
so woooooh I'm gonna suck ass.

and budd came over; we watched the movies at my house... and like... it's always an interesting time to see how people take my bedroom.
I've uh... got a few star trek action figures set up... and um... also a zillion star trek books.
he really surprised me this evening. totally went balls out. not that I didn't think he had it in him... but... he just seems more of a go-along type. being surprised is awesome.

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Saturday, September 16, 2006 :::

neither bored nor frustrated

well the movie was an experience. I was definitely entertained, but I don't think I'll be buying it on dvd. at least not the american release, anyway.
after the movie we went back to budd's apt and played tmnt (tmnt ftw!).
seriously, ya'll - how awesome is that?

then we lounged about talking about nothing for a few hours.
waaaay past his bedtime.
about pushing on mine.

I had a wonderful time, and I know I pretty much always say that, but I really did.
like... he's such a spaz... and... we have nothing in common, it seems (aside from "reading," he claims).... but so much fun.
I kinda worried I was just enjoying the nice-to-meet-you vibe, but I totally think I made a good choice.
so that's that, huh. no more singles days of staying up all night playing WoW or some other video game. oh wait... he does that for fun too.
<3 budd

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Friday, September 15, 2006 :::

I'm gonna pass on the biscuit porn, thanks

mcrough and I went to see SoaP last night.. it was great fun.
I totally screamed, ya'll. and while I did not have a phobia of snakes prior to watching it, I think I may develop one (/me nods in doke's general direction).
I had a good time, though... endless amusement - he kept asking me if I was ok ('cause I was squirming about hiding behind my knees), and of course I was [mostly], but still.

budd is still quite awesome, imo. his warlock is about the same level as my priest, and I think he doesn't want to get too far away from her... 'cause then we can't do stuff together. as it is, we can't hardly do anything together since we don't have any of the same quests, and he seems to go about this completely differently than I do. honestly I'm still not completely certain I belong in an mmo, much less on a pvp server. I'm all about wandering about lost, while everyone around me is always "thottbot!"
we're supposed to go see the protector tonight, at 22ish (late for him, can you believe it? he's totally an 8to5er). not like I can fuss; I was up 'till ~ 06 playing WoW, so I'm kinda dragging ass.

and I've been sitting here typing this for over an hour.
I think I may be dozing, but I can't say for certain.
I know I lost interest and checked my myspace mail, and I've been chatting, and omfg I can't believe I didn't mention this sooner.
I may have found one of those little tekken statues I'd been looking at about a year ago. the little description said something like 'jin and true ogre' so I'm quite hopeful. if the seller can get me a pic (so I can be certain) I'm gonna buy it.
and that's it for now, folks.

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Thursday, September 14, 2006 :::


yay my archives are all up!

so I'm sitting here...
and I don't even know what tooter said...
... but you know how whataburger has those little tubs of ketchup? I threw one at him.
and it exploded.
(I still don't believe I threw it hard enough to make it explode... I think the ketchup just wanted to be free)
all over his cap.
all over his hair.
all over his back.
all over the back of his chair.
and now it smells like ketchup in here.

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my name is not christy

I keep getting phone calls from some number I don't know asking for some chick I don't know.
you'd think, after 4 voicemail greetings of milkdud saying "you have reach ti-na" she'd realize this is not christy's phone number.
I bet at some point I'm gonna hafta answer and say, "lady I ~still~ don't know who you are."

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006 :::

breaking news

so I totally didn't get to go to bed after I posted last night... well I did eventually, but I stayed up chatting for a while.

aaaaaand I heard from budd again today, which is always a good sign.
he seems to think I'm cool, which shouldn't surprise me ('cause I so totally am), but I was being a bit difficult with him.

and omg!
16volt is on itunes!
only one album, but still!
and I'm totally gonna link this now and find an image here in a few!

16Volt (<--- yay all my itunes links are gonna work again!)

I'm such a spaz, btw... last night... I swear I was asleep and woke up laughing 'cause I was thinking about milkdud bitching about shamans.

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you win some, you lose some

I met up with budd earlier this evening...
and ya'll he's adorable.
overall I had a wonderful time, and I do hope I get to see him again.

one thing worth mentioning, and only 'cause it made me step back and think about it at the time (and I guess it still does)...
I totally let him hug me.
we just sat on my tailgate for a while talking about old video games and old movies...
lol - omg ya'll he's a contra fan.

... and that's all I can think of saying right this moment. I had planned on doing a +500,000 pts for [enter random thing I find endearing here] or [other random thing I find endearing here], but right this moment all I can think about is him finding my aim handle on his own... and I know there's other stuff, 'cause I remember thinking I didn't wanna forget stuff, but oh well.
what can I say? I've been up since 08 and I finally had dinner just now... so I'm going to bed.
just wanted to talk a bit about how surprised I am, while it's still fresh in my head.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006 :::

boys are great... every girl should own one

so welcome back, welcome back.
something I consumed over the weekend kicked. my. ass.
I spent all day yesterday just vomiting.
so fun.

I feel a lot better today... aside from cringing when I laugh 'cause my stomach is sore.
and I'm laughing a lot, 'cause the guys are being such weirdos.
what I wouldn't give for tooter to keep his shirt down and quit rubbing his nipples.

aaaand... I know this is coming a bit soon after I made that post about wanting a new guy... but I think [mostly] this is unrelated...
so I met this guy on WoW... and he seems really cool... and we're supposed to meet up irl soon...
and I can't decide if I think this is a good move or not.

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Monday, September 11, 2006 :::

famous last words

so I think
I am never going to el paso again.

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Sunday, September 10, 2006 :::

and I live!

lus & I just pulled into town... first order of business was slathering on some burt's bees... gonna hafta go return the car before too long...
and the trip back home was mostly uneventful - for me, anyway.
all I did was sleep.
not so much because I was tired, but because nothing feels more right than closing my eyes when the sun's on my face.
and gdi I didn't buy a hammock.

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well they weren't the best laid plans, I'll admit

but I honestly don't think I'd change anything.
this has been an amazing yet horrible experience that I'm certain I'll treasure for the rest of my life.
there's so much I wanna talk about, but I'm running on two hours of sleep... wait no... I slept... 6 hours thursday night... and 2 hours earlier today (saturday)... so... lol... omg I don't even know where I'm going with this.
we took a few pics... not many, though.

so we did go to mexico, and oh you're not so lucky for me to get kidnapped, but I just now got back to the hotel... the game was fucking amazing! omg!
... ooh preview for fearless... sept 22 I am ~at~ the theatre.
we should be heading back to lubbock noonish, but... if all goes according to plan (if you can consider it a plan) we'll be stopping at carlsbad caverns on the way back tomorrow... so no telling.
omg I'm more tired than I'd like to admit, but I don't think I'm as tired as I should be. does that even make any sense? I think I'm still just alive with excitement (almost getting hit by a bus [several times] will certainly get your blood pumping) and honestly sad that I've gotta go back to my mundane routine in 24 hours.
of course, part of me wants to load up WoW right this moment to see how much wsg I can squeeze in before I totally crash.
... and speaking of crashing... I'm sipping on a double shot of special reserve and I'm getting a bit fuzzy.

and on that note, I'm gonna grab some socks, finish my crown, hug my teddy bear, and float away.

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Saturday, September 09, 2006 :::

we didn't even make it out of the town!

so lus and I ended up leaving-leaving at about midnight.
we get pulled over in wolforth - that town is within 10 miles of lubbock.

it was so awesome ya'll... I got to sit in the back of a police car!
the copper searched our car... methinks there was a bit of racial profiling going on (the cop actually put that in my head, when he said "now I'm not racial profiling..." which is, well, suspicious).

we stopped a few times on the way in to look around (we totally took the "shortcut" through new mexico, and while it didn't save us any time I totally enjoyed the view - full moon ftw!), and lus got spooked at the first mention of bears (/me glances in doke's direction) and mountain lions when we were reading this landmark sign.

so we've gotten checked into our hotel... it's like... pretty awesome.
used to be a 5star back in the day... the lobby looks ~super~ cool... there's even a picasso painting hanging out down there.
there's webtv here, which is lame, but also wifi, which is awesome.
and brkfst is being served now, and we've been up all night driving (the trip totally seemed to last only a few hours) and my tummy's a rumblin'.

and I totally called my sis the moment that cop let us leave, to tell her the awesome news of me being in the back of a police car. she was quite disgusted, and recommended (along with lus's mom) we ~not~ go across.
I think we will.
and omg there's a luby's!
I ~love~ luby's.
... oooh brkfst.

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Friday, September 08, 2006 :::

and we're off!

woooooooh the road trip begins!

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*dancing around in underwear*

I dloaded manĂ¡'s new album this morning... I'm totally loving it...
... but my spanish sucks such ass... so I'm not entirely sure what they're saying... but so far it sounds good, imo.

I was totally gonna tell my dad (about going to el paso with lus) this morning...
I totally didn't; I'd have been late for work!
so I'm gonna tell my sis this evening. I did mention it the last time I talked to her, but I think that was 2 weeks ago... and she's about as forgetful (if not more) as I am.
plus at the time I talked to her I only said lus & I were thinking about it, since so often he & I make plans that don't work out.

and irbyface I know I told you I didn't wanna see snakes on a plane, but I've heard so many horrible things about it that I kinda wanna watch it now.
I mean, you all know of my affection for bad movies, ya?
speaking of movies, tony jaa's new one is out today. and I do wanna watch that. obviously not as bad as I wanted to watch ong bak (since I've waited for the theatre release of the protector), but I still wanna watch it.
and fearless! when is that released in theatres? does anyone know?! I wanna be dazzled by it on the big screen~

and you know... every time I hear about someone I used to date getting a new chick... my psycho jealous side comes out a bit... and I end up wanting a new guy.
more often than not I follow through and get a new guy... and then lose interest... and eventually they get a new chick... and the whole messy cycle begins again.

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Thursday, September 07, 2006 :::

a lonely broken heart full of love

so all the plans are set for this weekend - hotel's been booked, car's been rented, and tickets have been bought.
hopefully we'll get the chance to go to mexico, for some real mexican food.
I shall have tacos! and I will hold them up and think of the anarchist hippie!
seriously, though, I'm stoked about it... it'll be a nice change of pace.

and I'm sleepy.
I always wanna sleep more when the weather gets colder...
... seems I just wanna sleep during the day, though.
when I get off work tonight I've ~got~ to get to bed earlier.
no later than midnight, methinks.

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006 :::

but it's a beautiful ride

road trip!
lus & I are going to el paso this weekend for a tech football game (yuck).
I'm pretty stoked - gonna head out friday night after work and come back sunday afternoon.
I haven't been anywhere in so long; I'm really looking forward to it.
my dad's probably gonna flip when I tell him I'm going out of town for the weekend, but he'll be fine eventually, I'm sure.

so my labor day was quite... well, all I did was sleep.
about 20 out of 24 hours I was out.
so fun times.

and my obligatory WoW update.
milkdud got all his stuff taken on monday morning/tuesday night. he was a naked 60 standing in ironforge.
my rogue hit 54 last night, my priest is still 43, and my mage is 29. my hunter is still... hm... 14? yeah, I'll go with 14ish.

that's pretty much it guys.

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Sunday, September 03, 2006 :::

the nameless face

everyone always says I'm so hard to get close to - that I let so much just roll off me and no one can tell if they really matter to me.
I have no idea how true that is, but I will say I usually am more of a "well rock on, then" type person than "omg no."

I've known rob for 6 years now, and we used to cam all the time.
never actually spoken to him.
and I've never seen him irl.
for years we've both said we should meet; that I should take a trip to england or he should come here.
he's claiming he's gonna try to come over in december.

I can't decide what I should worry more about - whether or not he'll actually come, or if he'll even like me if we do meet.
and what if I like him? or what if I don't?
he's one of my closest friends... and I've always wanted to meet him...
but ugh I'm afraid.

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