Monday, January 31, 2005 :::


I feel disgusting.
my nose is clogged... my head feels huge... and my throat is sore.
I felt kinda gross when I got up yesterday... and I figured that not going out last night would do me some good... only I feel worse today.
I never got my insurance card... otherwise I'd be seeing a doctor right now, instead of bitching about how gross I feel on my blog.

maybe I'll feel better after a proper shower?
godwilling I won't feel any worse.

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Sunday, January 30, 2005 :::

about bloody time, eh?

I had a crazy friday night... I didn't make it home 'till ~ 0800... not to bed 'till ~ 1100.
went to this party where they smashed a guitar to bits.
I lounged about all day yesterday.

I ~finally~ had the steak I'd been wanting.
doke & I went to dinner... and apparently he'd invited his friend chris and his chick... only they were pulling into a parking spot when we were fixing to pull out of our parking spot.

and now doke's gone out w/ cherokee. cherokee was at that party friday night too.
I'm here watching the hunted.

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Friday, January 28, 2005 :::

come with me...

... on a wild lagoose chase!

so Back @ Zero is playing at JFK's tonight.
anyone in this part of the state oughtta come out tonight!

oh and on a side note:
409 does not remove permanent marker off skin.

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Thursday, January 27, 2005 :::

kudos to tim!

not only is he absurdly old now, but today is his 3rd full day being smoke-free.
smokeless in lubbock.

he quit on monday.... and so did jordan, supposedly.
I've not heard anything from jordan about cravings, so I dunno how that's turning out.

ya'll be strong, fellas!

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bumper office chairs

mlikdud's rolling around bumping us w/ his chair.
I bumped back and he went off balance.
then teh chach seized the opportunity and bumped him too.
and that sent milkdud spewing out of the chair and onto the floor.
ok so maybe not spewing, but he certainly did get knocked over.

chris & I went to pour house for a while... took a couple of shots in honor of tim's bday.
he left a few mins after lus showed up, and then rj got there a few mins after that.
at closing we went to ihop. I drove.
now um... this is bad.
when we tried to leave we found out the battery on my alarm box died.
so I called doke - luckily he was still awake.
he took the guys back to pour house and then took me to walmart for a battery.
I also picked up a couple of books - 2 more from the Worlds of Star Trek series.
methinks I'm gonna spend tonight reading.

This morning lus came by so we could track down a chocolate pecan pie for tim.
he made a few calls and finally found one at this bakery here in town.
We went to China Star for lunch... then we headed to an auto shop for a part for lus's stearing wheel. on our way there we saw aj... tracked him down to say hi.
then.... to that shop. then to the bakery.
then back to my apt to bullshit... when I got an email from itunes about Man� releasing a new album... so I bought it!

then I left for work.
and proceeded to spend about half an hour in traffic.

and now I'm here.

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View my Moblog

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005 :::

do you believe in god?

so it's just me and tim again...
hopefully no songs this time.
he's working on his site.
take a gander if you're up for it.

um... lus and I went out yesterday morning...
played some tekken 5 again.
and we ate at... some place... that serves... food.
that's really the best I can do.

so um...
I added a chatroom & a forum...
but I've deleted them now.

this d00d I'm talking to is all, "yeah tekken's awesome! I play it all the time!"
and I asked if he's played tekken 5.
and he says, "yeah a friend has it - it's awesome!"
*rolling eyes*

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my eyes! how they burn!

so we met up w/ aj at copper caboose... we stayed a few mins then we headed to fox.
On our way out the door we had to kinda push some guy standing outside out of the way.
Now this guy... there was a lot of him to love.
and he had his shirt pulled up... and he was rubbing his right nipple.
and omg there was some funk around him.

we stayed at fox for a while... they don't do anything for bdays, though.
and there was some sort of pool tournament, so we couldn't play pool.
our first waitress was pretty cool and seemed like she was gonna give aj a shot or something, but once we moved our next waitress was not... as receptive.
So we had a few drinks then spent ~ 20 mins talking about how great a bar pour house is, so then we went over there.
At pour house hayden hooked aj up with some drink that was blue and all I can remember is it had 151 in it, plus ~ 5 other things. and it was a pretty big shot. We asked hayden what it was, and all he said was, "it's gonna fuck you up."
we had a few more drinks and at last call sheila & hayden took shots w/ us... the guys had irish car bombs and sheila, hayden, and I took yager bombs.
great fun!

dan was a bit drunk so he stayed at our place.
doke made us salads and hamburger helper.
we couldn't get the air matress inflated, so he slept on the couch.
he had an 0800 class so doke woke him up ~ 0630 - even though we went to sleep ~ 4 or 5.
he got up and left this morning, went home and passed out.

I couldn't find my bank card or phone earlier. I looked for about 30 or 45 mins.
doke finally found them in my bedroom.
I had an awful dream last night about losing my teeth.
lus & I went out for lunch to some hole-in-the-wall italian place, and RJ finally showed up as I was leaving.
Now I'm at work.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005 :::

all I can do is hope for the best

it's true.
I mean... I'm getting more and more nervous...
which is dumb.
I'm gonna go.
and either things are gonna be great, fine, or shit. heh - they may not even be there.
there's no use in me fussing about it.
I can play out the scenario in my head over and over... but in the end I have no idea what's going to happen.
I have no idea how I'm gonna react.

In the past I've simply run off.
I'm not going to tonight.
it's time I faced my fear - I mean, seriously... how bad could it be?
and even if it is shit...
... there's nothing a bottle of special reserve won't fix.

And lucky for my - lus picked one up this morning.

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this ~must~ be a test...

so work has been great today too.

today's aj's bday.
we're supposed to go to fox & the hound... I dunno.
I invited Lus, Chris, Doke, and doke's friend Adam.
I guess for moral support.
I'm getting more and more nervous as time goes by.
I guess if all else fails I can always get completely trashed.

*wigging out*

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Monday, January 24, 2005 :::


wil wheaton is hot.

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caramel & handcuffs

so I've not been much in the mood for blogging lately.
I've been having a rough couple of days.
heavy heart & all.

On saturday my plans went to shit.
we missed the game...
lus came over & we watched MOSQUITO (which sucked really hard) and a bit of SABRETOOTH.
then we were gonna go to outback for dinner, but it was ~packed~. then we tried cheddars, then we tried applebees... then Buns Over Texas... then we made our way back to where we pretty much started - Pour House (it's ~ 4 blocks from where we live).
I had an orgasmic chicken fried steak, and saw one of my friends (allen) from covenant.
great fun.
I was ~so~ stuffed I fell asleep on the couch when I got home.

tina's friend Chris was supposed to go to tim's lan party w/ me... but I guess since I didn't call him he maybe thought I had bailed so he didn't call me... so I slept 'till sunday.

My sis and I are supposed to go to walmart after I get off work.
And then Lus & I (and possibly my sis) are gonna go play some tekken 5 in the morning.
I ~really~ need to do laundry. I've got one set of jeans left, then I'll hafta wear sweat pants.

work tonight has been crazy.
great fun.


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Saturday, January 22, 2005 :::

busy busy busy

*singing to the tune of Abba's "Money, Money, Money"*

So I'll be off work soon...
then over to my sister's for a bit...
then a basketball game...
and a lan party tonight.
where ~do~ I find the time?

so work has been hectic...
can't complain too much, though...
I was starving earlier, but doke was being really awesome and brought me lunch.

doke got pretty trashed the other night... and then he drove home.
I was pretty mad.
and I kinda yelled at him, I guess.
I feel kinda bad about fussing at him - I mean, he's an adult same as I am. In fact, he's older than me. So I guess it just kinda freaks me out that I still get on my soapbox.
not like I have any right to preach.
more than once he's put me to bed, gotten me water, and helped me around.
Most prominent is the time I locked myself in the bathroom & he got me out.

So I finally saw House of Flying Daggers last night.
Adrian went w/ me. We kinda fought for a bit, but once the movie started I was stoked.
I really liked it - it was so pretty to look at... especially that dancing bit at the beginning.
think I'm gonna be adding that to my wishlist here in a few.

Speaking of spending money - omg.
I noticed today that for the last 3 months I've been getting charges from on the 24th.
I have no idea what I ordered, but I think it's about time to find out.

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methinks I'm an alcoholic

ok so like... the other night that lus & rj came over we finished all my jagermeister (sp?) - they were taking shots of it.
And now I have 3 cans of red bull left over...
since I'm absurdly sleepy this morning (yep, I'm working on a saturday again), so I thought I'd be cool and drink the gross tasting red bull.
which is not cool - since I'm actually more of an AMP grrl, myself.
So anyway... I pop open the lid and take a drink... and omg it's disgusting.
methinks it's the jager part of a jagerbomb that I like so much.


which also reminds me...
a few days ago, maybe a week or so ago... I bought a can of coke from the vending machine...
and when I started drinking it I was like, .oO(this tastes weird)
it took me a while to realize I thought it tasted weird 'cause there was no liquor in it - just coke.

*shaking head*
so I think it's time I lay off the bottle for a bit, eh?

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Friday, January 21, 2005 :::

are you trying to seduce me?

oh man I had a good time tonight.
tina's friend chris **told you I would!** completely forgot about the movie, so we ended up having mexican food for dinner & then heading over to my bar. lus came out too, so it was great!
hayden wasn't working, though. he's a sweetie.

doke went out w/ his friend adam & got totally wasted.

chris & I came back here and watched iron chef while we waited on lus to get here (he was on his bike & also stopped by his house for fishsticks). Chris left after a while... probably ~ 0300 or so.
Lus and I watched The Graduate. Gawd that Mrs. Robinson was manipulative.
then we watched gladiator.

It's always a process w/ lus.
when he was packing up all the stuff he brought over tonight... gawd. he must've opened & closed every pouch on his bag at least 3 times.
Oh! He's got this little velcro thingy that you tape around your pant leg to keep the fabric from getting caught up in the chain... it's got that reflector stuff on it. ~and~ he's got a headlight... like... a ~huge~ flashlight... and some blinking red light in back too.

you know, I had the weirdest dream a few nights ago.
apparently I was a horse... and wearing a bridle...
and I wasn't in the mood to be told what to do.
I dunno where this stuff comes from.

and before I forget... the chach & I made a couple of "songs" on wednesday night... dunno if I mentioned that or not... but I've gotta convert them from .band to mp3 or something...
they're fucking hilarious, ya'll.

I'm gonna open the blinds for my shrub (yes, it still lives) and then call it a night.

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Thursday, January 20, 2005 :::

I know... I'm weak!

I finally broke down & subscribed to maworld today.
I'd been trying my best not to, but I just couldn't resist anymore.
At least I'm getting 14 issues for $20... I don't like paper issues, but I was got a bit carried away when I was ordering.
but um...
since I missed the Jan issue I just ordered that off zinio.

so all in all I'm stoked that I'm subscribed to macworld again, but I'm not stoked that I'll be getting paper issues.
but at least I'm still subscribed, right?

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allergies? or a hangover?

methinks it's allergies.

my eyes burn and are all itchy...
and my nose is runny.
and I feel like my head is 3 times as big as usual.

and my shoulder's hurting again.
I ought to just stop complaining about it, since it seems it's gonna be a constant for the rest of my life.

I'm supposed to go watch House of Flying Daggers tonight w/ my friend Chris.

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and it gets shorter!

I rode in a cab tonight! that's one more thing I can mark off my list of things to do before I die.

I drug myself to work this afternoon... about 2100 - 2130 I was not sure if I was gonna make it... but then my sleepiness passed and I was fine.
I ended up picking up lus right after work and heading over to pour house. We spent some time chatting w/ our waiter - he's a real sweetie - and then rj stopped by.
we stayed 'till closing - no surprise.
Since I was a bit drunk and lus & I were in my truck, and rj's truck was packed... we took a cab to ihop. We got our meal bought by some guy who knows rj... and then we took a cab back to pour house to drive here.
Once we got here we watched Triumph the Insult Comic Dog...
and I just got back from taking lus home. rj left when we did.

I had a really good time tonight.
I had been a bit concerned I wasn't gonna get buzzed, but lus matched me shot for shot, and even rj took a few.
Since lus paid last time we were there I got our tab this time... and then lus paid for the cab both times... and due to rj we got our food paid for...
it was a good night.
RJ's a really cool guy. Let's all wish him luck (he's got a job interview around noon)!

and that's about all I can handle...
I'm calling it a night.
or something.

omg - the people upstairs have already woken up.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005 :::

oh it hurts! it hurts!

We jacked around the apt 'till 1100 watching I Love the 90s...
then we headed over to cricket's for beer & lunch.

then to the bike shop.
I'm sure I've mentioned this... but... I love fresh-out-of-the-package socks. After I've worn a pair of socks 5 or 6 times, I throw them away.
I get teased about having some sort of sock fetish.
We went to the bike shop... and Lus proceeded to spend $50 on 5 pairs of socks. Apparently he buys socks all the time... but not regular cotton socks, oh no.
He buys biking socks... made from I dunno what, but they're a bit pricey a pair.
So now I don't feel so bad about my issues w/ over-worn socks.

Then we stopped by best buy... I nearly ran out w/ world of warcraft, xmen legacy, punisher, and mk:deception.
I'd asked lus to not let me buy anything... and he didn't.
I'm glad, too.
I really want a digital camera, or an external drive.
Guess we'll see how long I can try to save money.

Speaking of saving money... I'm trying to quit drinking so much. I spent ~ $200 on liquor/beer last month, and that's not even counting the drinks I have at bars.
I'm trying hard to be responsible and not continue spending all my money on alcohol, but no telling, really.

So anyway... then we went to the mall.
We stopped by compusa to look at macs (lus uses a mac too!) and ipods.
Then we went to the arcade and spent about an hour playing tekken 5.
I got about $17 in change to play, plus Lus got ~ $5... I think I spent $1.50... which is awesome! 'cause now I have laundry money!

Then we rushe home...
doke called in...
watched a very small bit of Triumph before I had to come to work.

and now I'm here.
great fun!
I only slept ~ 2 hours... and I'll be here 'till closing...
then lus, RJ, and I are going out tonight.
supposedly, anyway.
dunno if I'll make it.

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maybe I just don't understand it?

I hate basketball.
I mean... I guess I just don't get it.
or something.
it just seems so predictable... and not very interesting.

Lus and I are supposed to be getting together this morning...
he came by earlier & then went home so we could both shower.
that was about an hour ago.
Lus takes as long to get ready as most girls.
it's insane. really it is.

You know, that d00d from Bend it Like Beckham is hot.
I love accents.

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oh such fun!

I've been up working on that header...
I liked it at first...
but the more I look at it the more I don't like it.
I really like the statue, though.
like... a lot.

I talked to my sister earlier... she's still as crazy as always.
she's gone and painted my bathroom pink & purple... only it's a gross peptol bismol pink.

I went to aroma's & talked to chris for a while.
finally got a look at his pwr book.
~very~ cute. sexxxy, even.
I wanted to put it on my pocket and run off.

Well since I'm trying to quit drinking lus is gonna come over in the morning to help me work on all the liquor in my freezer.
so I guess I should head to bed.

and lemme know what you think of that image...

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005 :::

he's the charlie daniels of the torque wrench

I went to bed absurdly early last night...
actually I fell asleep on the couch. must've been ~ 0030.
dunno what time I actually made it to bed, but I was asleep before starship troopers was over.

I had a dream about a guy I went to high school with.
It was always fun to walk up to him and pretend I was gonna kiss him... he never seemed to get tired of it, either.
Dunno what brought him up.

I was at the arcade the other night... I wanted to play tekken 5, but it was being used. this guy who pwned me at tekken 4 was making the rounds w/ a few of his friends.
So I played some tekken tag 'till closing.
I can't wait 'till tekken 5 is released for ps2!

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Monday, January 17, 2005 :::

how I love being a girl

the guys had popeye's for dinner... without me.
so I wanted fried chicken too.

I headed out to Church's Chicken...
there's some kid working the drive through.
I got hit on.
and I got my food free!

how I ~love~ being a girl.

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what is this "heat" you speak of?

we have heat!
I'm like... freaking out... it's not icy in here. for once.
seriously it's usually really cold. we've got 2 heaters set up.
and I can actually feel my fingers.

I came in late today 'cause I'm staying late today.
The guys ate without me.
so I'm starving. (that was my stomach growling, btw)

I was up 'till ~ 1100 today just jacking around... catching up on comics & blogs and such.
I rolled over @ ~ 1430 just like I do every day. And so I got up.
I was looking into making a .ico out of the image I use as my ichat icon, but I wasn't very successful.
also, I think I may have hurt doke's feelings.
guess I should have asked if he really wanted to know the answer to the question he asked, eh? I mean, I usually ask, just to make sure. But I didn't.
I dunno.

Guess I'll get back to work. Updating the database is fun.

::: posted by tinafish at 7:47 PM :::

hey, I'd do it for you

So I'm still working on the layout...
if you notice any links that aren't working properly or anything else that's wigging out, lemme know, k?

and thanks for the screenshots!
my last template was just awful in anything but safari @ 1024x768.
From what I can tell this one looks good in both ie & firefox @ 1280x1024 and in ie @ 1600x1200.
if anyone else is willing to send me shots I'd sure appreciate it.
thanks again, ya'll!

I'm still unsure about what to put there up top... I got rid of my blog title & description there...
no one ever noticed the description in the old layout anyway...
guess that'll do for now... till I can figure out what to put up there.

and I still haven't decided if I should bring the tagboard back or not.
guess we'll see.

about time to be heading to bed, dontcha think?

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dontcha love my sleeping habits?

so I woke up this evening ~ 2230.
I was up 'till ~ noon this morning just watching tv and stuff. I got to watch StarGate!
then after that I crawled into bed & slept 'till this evening.
apparently the guys upstairs were being really loud this evening... according to doke, anyway. I heard them start walking around ~ 0700. did they not know it was sunday morning? go back to bed, ya know?
*shaking head*

I went to the spoon last night to watch Back @ Zero play... I'd planned on staying 'till closing, but doke wanted to leave, so we did. I'd invited Chris out, but he didn't show. Neither did AJ. Thought I'd return the favor on that one - AJ & I were supposed to go out tonight.
lol... ok ok ok I didn't plan on sleeping this late... I'd have gone out if I'd woken up early enough.
Doke had wanted to go see elektra this evening... but again I didn't wake up early enough.

Doke made me fishsticks for dinner. That was cool... except he doesn't like fishsticks.
he made the whole box... and had a few fishsticks that I didn't eat.

Guess I should get back to working on my blog, eh?

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Saturday, January 15, 2005 :::

�que embidiosa soy!

ok I'm not sure if that's even spelled right, but it's true.

tim's site is in the process of coming up, and r00's been forced to remodel again...
and I've had the same template for 2 years.
I think it's time for a change.

lemme know what you think.

(and I know I need to make the title smaller)

oh! if you're using internet explorer and/or your resolution is > 1024x768 puh-leeze send me a screenshot!

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Friday, January 14, 2005 :::

poor r00

he's gone and lost his blog again.
apparently he does this often.

because of him I've started keeping extras of everything.
I have my blog backed up on my drive, on blogger's servers, and on my server.
I have my images folder backed up on .mac, my drive, and on my server.
plus I want an external drive to back up stuff.

'cause I'd be pretty peeved if I lost all my stuff.
like he does.
and he doesn't ever get too peeved.
course he prolly has a better memory than I do.

so yeah...
now he's blushing 'cause I'm blogging this.
guess I'm just trying to validate my obsessive compulsive behavior.
.oO(at least I'm not checking the door 3 times... not yet, anyway.)

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kinda spicy but mostly just good

we ordered thai food this evening.
I had pad thai, which was surprisingly good. it was kinda spicy, but it was really good. kinda sweet mixed in with being spicy.

so I think I wanna go out tonight, since I've stayed home last night & the night before.
I was feeling pretty gross wednesday morning... like... my throat was hurting and my body was all achy... so I didn't go out wednesday night or last night.
and now I feel better, so I wanna go out.
And I think I will.
great fun, eh?
just the whole paying for my own drinks kinda sux.
like... really sux. hard.

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it's a new record!

so I've never been single for more than 48 hours.
it is surprisingly easy to acquire a new boyfriend.

It's been 4 days now.
and I'm handling it really well.
I guess having 15 thousand channels to choose from and 2 video game consoles is helping.
and of course there's my freezer full of liquor and fridge full of beer.

So yes, I believe I'm handling single life quite well.
who'd have thought?

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Thursday, January 13, 2005 :::

I love tim. he's my bacon!

I love taco bell.
tim brought some and shared with us.
like... an appetizer or something...
now I want taco bell for dinner.

oh! and look what I pulled off some d00d's profile:
"No vemos las cosas como son, las vemos como somos"
deep, huh?

::: posted by tinafish at 9:58 PM :::

dontcha love overdraft fees?

so I made some purchases after my rent check went through and before my paycheck completely cleared.
I was -$34.53 for a while. with the overdraft fee being $33.00 that means I was overdrawn by a whopping $1.53.

I came to work early 'cause gizmo was here by himself.
~great~ fun, ya'll.
it was absurdly busy... viruses make our network vomit.

my hands are really cold.
I think I should quit working here.
the whole thing with adrian was just a bad call on my part.
I do believe I've inconvenienced him enough.
a few of the guys have been surprisingly supportive. I'm not too sure why they'd want me to keep working here.

::: posted by tinafish at 7:48 PM :::

omg I want one!

so I ~finally~ watched the keynote!
it was great!

I meant to go to sleep when I got off work @ 1800, but I ended up watching csi and law & order...
and then the keynote and all...

I was talking about getting an external drive... mostly just to have a back up of all my music & such... plus a dvd burner so I could make hard copies if I wanted to...
now I just want a mac mini.
for about $1400 I could have one!

and I still can't decide how I feel about the ipod shuffle.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2005 :::

the light at the end of the tunnel...

*looks at watch*
I'm stoked - it's almost time for me to go home.

I'm gonna take a lot of advil and call it a night.
unless I wake up later.

::: posted by tinafish at 5:47 PM :::

teh sexxxy

so I still haven't gotten to watch the complete keynote... but I did look around the apple store.
like I said on r00's blog, I'd have sex with him if he had that mac mini.
what's most funny is that it's true.

I went out with my boy Chris last night.
hadn't seen him since before david & I split up.
it was... trying.
and I was drunk.
and crying.
I made a fool of myself... like I do.
no really I did though. Seems I was looking for some sort of validation? or some answers? I don't know.
But I feel really bad 'cause I was a mess. I don't usually get that busted up unless I'm provoked. And I wasn't provoked last night.
Got home a bit past 0200... and I had to get up at the crack of dawn.

today's my dad's bday. we went to ihop this morning. My eyes were all puffy from crying... it was pretty bad.
plus his chick showed up. It was supposed to be just me, my dad, and my sis... but his chick always goes anyway. I dunno if she just doesn't care, if he doesn't tell her 'cause he doesn't wanna hurt her feelings, or if he just doesn't care. It reminds me a bit of Father's Day the first year I moved up here. In my whole life I've never seen him on father's day. And here I was in the same town he is... and he decided to go to dallas to spend the week w/ my brother.

After brkfst I went home & napped for a bit... well, not really napped... mostly I just laid in bed with my eyes closed & waited 'till it was time to come to work.
Yes, I'm at work. Gizmo & Milkdud aren't back from Cozumel yet... so here I am at work at such an ungodly hour.
methinks I'm gonna nap a while when I get off work.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005 :::

omfg I can't believe I forgot!

the macworld expo!

... watch

*watching now*

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we say grace, we say ma'am...

if you ain't into that we don't give a damn...

it's one of the wireless guy's birthday today. he's out on a 3 hour trip...
he's gonna get back late.
poor guy. I'd buy him a beer.

It was some d00d's bday at the bar this morning...
A round for the house meant only 5 drinks, including one for the waitress.

think I'm gonna go out tonight.

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his tires were bald... and they went flat...

so did our love... and that was thaaaaaaaaaat...

So I ~finally~ went to speeds again this morning.
had loads of fun. Played some pinball and had a few drinks...
and apparently rj (the barkeep) has quit drinking.
weird, eh?

about 1300 lus & I headed over to the pour house for lunch.
today's hamburger steak day!
Lus picked up some dunhills and I was seriously considering picking up some cloves, but I didn't. Those dunhills looked cute. I should have tried one, but I didn't.

And now I'm at work!
tim is here!
he is my beacon in the night.
/me loves the chach

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Monday, January 10, 2005 :::

"not both of us were lucky enough to get to keep our significant others..."

you know... I can handle nightmares. They scare the shit outta me and I wake up in a cold sweat... but I can handle them.
what I can't handle... the nights I dream about the good times.

doke came into my room this morning to wake me up...
the way he sat on my bed and whispered my name... softly at first then louder as I continued to sleep.
david used to do that. he'd come up and sit on the bed and kinda whisper at me 'till I woke up.

seems I've pushed adrian too hard.
he's awful proud.

it's been really busy tonight... and my shoulder is hurting a lot.
and I'm kinda in the mood for scotch.

I've got $13 in my pocket. I don't think I can get very far on that.
guess we'll see.

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not that I've ever had fruity pebbles...

the cookie lady made cookies for us - 2 big bags. they're like... strawberry flavored... or something...
they taste like fruity pebbles. only... I've never had fruity pebbles before. My parents were really against me eating anything with a lot of sugar, so I grew up mostly on Basic 4 and various other old-people cereals.
I've had about 15 of these cookies. I'm headed straight for a stomach ache and I don't really care.
But yes... I've never had fruity pebbles before... and I am convinced that this is what they taste like.
so um... back to eating cookies.

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another rainy night...

You are a classical apologist! Marshaling arguments first based on competing worldviews, you can show reasons to believe in the Christian faith. You have learned much from C. S. Lewis, Norman Geisler, and Peter Kreeft.

Classical Apologist




Reformed/Presuppositional Apologist






What kind of apologist are you?
created with

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I just finished watching michael. I hadn't seen that movie in aaaaaages... since before david & I were dating. It's got that lady w/ the awful voice from all in the family.
This is a really cute movie.

doke made tacos for his dinner & my brkfst. They were surprisingly good. I guess it shouldn't surprise me that a 27 yr old hispanic bachelor can make tacos... but it does. lol. Lord knows david couldn't cook to save his life.

looks like it's gonna be another bad night.
they always are.

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Sunday, January 09, 2005 :::

the best part of waking up...

is smelling tacos!
doke's making tacos!
/me loves tacos!!!

so I just woke up...
I sat up @ 1402 (like I do ~every~ day) but since it's my day off I decided to sleep in.
so I did.
an extra 5 hours!
lol. I'm a sleeping machine.
Dan would understand... *wink*

The only thing I hate about sleeping for a really long time is the way I feel when I do finally get up. It's so hard to lift anything... like my muscles have atrophied or something. And there's no way I could open a bottle of soda... like... I can't twist anything either.
So yeah.

My shoulder's back to hurting loads.
methinks I'm gonna see a doc & get something done.
'cause it fucking hurts.

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victims... aren't we all?

I watched The Boondock Saints with adrian earlier. it was great. I like... wanna buy it now.
and is it just me, or does it have that kid from ET?

now I'm watching the 5th element... I wanna buy the soundtrack. I just love how that blue chick w/ the "hair" sings. and she looks really awesome too.
I'm also watching something on the science channel... about crabs... it's pretty cool.
erm... I just watched a guy crab shag a grrl crab while her new shell hasn't hardened yet.
I'm pretty glad I'm not a crab, eh?

so I'm wide awake...
I took a couple of darvocet earlier for my shoulder, and it was heavenly. I slept a bit when I got home... first time in the last week that my shoulder wasn't hurting me.
I took a bit of a snooze here on the couch while I was watching the tail end of Monk... I woke up a couple of hours later when doke got home.

I've still got that plank of wood in my living room.
it's propped up here in the corner.

now it's almost 0600.

that's a cockroach he's controlling!

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Saturday, January 08, 2005 :::

wishlists are fun

think geek

I love when people call in and blame us.
actually, she's blaming the billing office for jacking up her modem.
*shaking head*

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since it's a new year...

CLICK HERE and let me know when your bday is, so I won't miss it.

I'm here at work... I'm thinking about signing up for credit counseling... I could sure use lower interest rates. My credit's already shot ta hell... I have no money in savings... and depending on when my rent check goes through I may be overdrawn again.

Had fun last night... went to pour house... stayed 'till closing w/ lus, doke, and doke's friend adam. Then we headed to ihop (Lillie was our waitress).
lus and I ran off looking for geese when we got home.
then I went to bed.
apparently lus borrowed doke's bike & rode home.

adrian is still being difficult.
it's his right.

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I dunno how that happened.


I blame gilbert.
just like doke.

/me winks

and you too lillie!

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Friday, January 07, 2005 :::

send reinforcements!

oh gawd it's busy today... been on the phone constantly since I came in @ 1530.

and my should hurts more today than it did yesterday.
I can't decide if it hurts 'cause it's gotten worse or 'cause doke rubbed it w/ his elbow for me.
it hurt a lot last night while he was rubbing it... then I put some tiger balm on it... lol
fun fun fun.

I've been working on this post for the last 30 mins.
josh is here now.
and looks like it's slowing down a bit.
just gotta find the needle in the haystack and we're good.
erm... gotta find the 3 needles in the haystack. heh.

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that chevy 4x4 says it all, sitting in my place...

so I watched donnie darko for the first time last night.
it wasn't what I was expecting... for one, that bunny looked ridiculous.

we got a note on the door today saying to vacate by tomorrow.
we've not signed the lease yet or paid rent...
I sure hope it all gets worked out.

I watched 50 first dates last night... I love that penguin.

My shoulder still kinda hurts. I was half-assedly trying to get ahold of some vicodin... but it didn't happen.

I had a dream about david's mom.
apparently in my dream he and I had worked things out... but she was unwilling to forgive me.
it was horrible.
I dunno what sparked that one. I thought about him a lot night before last, but last night I stayed sober and just watched a couple of movies.
maybe that's why?

I dunno.
can't find solace, not even in my dreams.

"are you suicidal?"
"only in the morning."

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Thursday, January 06, 2005 :::

my shoulder hurts

so dan's friend amber is in town for a while... we all went out last night.
me, doke, aj, dan, amber, and adam all went to the pourhouse for a while... dan had to work today so he & amber went home about the time adam showed up.
the rest of us went to whiskey dix after a while.
aj & I walked home.
I cried. a lot. 'till I was sick.
slept in my clothes.

my shoulder hurts a lot. like OMFG it hurts. methinks I need a massage.

doke & I are supposed to go sign the lease in the morning.

guess that's all for now.
thanks all of ya'll who voted!

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Wednesday, January 05, 2005 :::

rawk the vote, ya'll

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I hate the guys I work with

and I love my mac.
*hugs ibook*

so the guys are edging me on to post a poll...
so I probably will here in a while.

these guys.

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Tuesday, January 04, 2005 :::


it's been raining ~really~ hard for about half an hour...
and now there's hail!
the jesus fan reached outside & grabbed some hail for me to hold!

oh and funny story:
roger just reminded me about this story - roger & I went to my floor's christmas party... and my awesome friend clifford was there... and cliff made some sort of racist joke or remark... and roger & I both got up to go to the bathroom... when we got back cliff apologized and offered his being gay as proof that he's not racist or anything...
and I'm telling this to doke over the phone...
and tim's gone and gotten himself stuck to his chair. I'm sitting here laughing about tim being unable to extract his shoelace from the chair's wheel... and trying to tell this story to doke.
I accidently say "tim's gay" instead of "cliff's gay."
tim's kinda shrieks and goes off saying things like, "I had no idea." and other stuff.
and I'm laughing even harder now... and still trying to explain to doke about the story...

and tim's still saying, "I was so scared."

*rolling eyes*
I love working here, though.

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time for a new desktop...

this is one of roger's pics... a dig painting from a pencil drawing...

it's raining now... absurdly hard. streets are already flooded. I just wish I'd worn my waterproof boots instead of sneakers.

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I am not a guy in disguise

I used to be such a strong person... and now I'm not.

I don't know what I'm going to do.

I'm eating pretzels now... I traded the married d00d aaron's left over fries for them.
I like pretzels.
especially the chocolate covered ones the most, but even plain ones are good too.

I spent a couple hours talking to roger last night & this morning.
he's got a helluva lot better memory than I do.
like... he remembered us buying the rubber chicken & going to that christmas party... and he remembered that I smoke cloves... and that I was a hardass... and that we went to a funeral together... and that I took him to his first catholic mass... and we were looking for a parking spot at the mall and some chick I cut off flipped me off...
we only knew each other for 2 months, but we sure did a lot of crazy stuff together.
he even remembers my bday - that's something I used to drill into the guys I dated... can you believe that? gawd.
he's a good guy, ya'll.
I haven't talked to him in about 2 years... that's what I used to say about him... and apparently that's what I still say about him.

guess I'm gonna check my email now.
fun, eh?

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Monday, January 03, 2005 :::

I lived in a castle in the sky...

"The Great Below"

Staring at the sea
Will she come?
Is there hope for me
After all is said and done
Anything at any price
All of this for you
All the spoils of a wasted life
All of this for you
All the world has closed her eyes
Tried faith all worn and thin
For all we could have done
And all that could have been

Ocean pulls me close
And whispers in my ear
The destiny I've chose
All becoming clear
The currents have their say
The time is drawing near
Washes me away
Makes me disappear

I descend from grace
In arms of undertow
I will take my place
In the great below

I can still feel you
Even so far away

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teetering dangerously close to a homicidal rage

ok so I'm in a ~really~ bad mood.
I'm living a fucking soap opera at this point.

dan... has almost officially moved out. has a bone to pick w/ doke. has been one of the best friends I've ever had... and has left.
there's doke, my new roommate... rules are: can't bring any guys home & can't talk about adrian. he also happens to be someone I used to date.
adrian... he doesn't want me talking about doke. we're dating right now. I'm not sure for how much longer, though.

I hate my life.
I don't even want to go out, but I certainly don't want to go home.

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I like the spice girls...

and I miss them.
I'm watching Spice World right now... I haven't seen this movie since I was in high school.
I went to see it in theatres, and I remember I had to ~drag~ BoB to go see it with me.
it was great.
I love this movie ya'll.
like... it's not that great... but it's no In Hell, either.
And it's fun, ya know?
like this d00d has a pet pig that he's carrying around and just petting it and stuff.
it's cute.
I think I wanna buy it.

I dunno why I'm still awake.
I tried to go to bed earlier... it just didn't happen.
there's not even anyone online to talk to...
I've just been sitting here watching tv.
at least we have five hundred THOUSAND channels.

lol - I used to want to grow up to be just like posh spice.

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help me decide!

so here's the thing w/ the apt...
we've got an empty space on the wall...

here's what that whole wall looks like...

here's the bob dylan poster on half that wall...

and here's what's on the other wall...

here are the posters I wouldn't mind having:

I love elvis, but doke doesn't...

and I like this poster a lot, only it's got color in it...

this poster is my favorite, only... I think it's purple, not black and white...

doke's voted for this one, and seeing as how stevie ray vaughn & bob dylan aren't smiling, I kinda agree w/ him.

but I like this shot of him better

so what do ya'll think?

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Sunday, January 02, 2005 :::

wow it's late for blogging...

doke & I stayed up late last night just watching movies... actually I watched a lot of movies yesterday - basic, gladiator, princess bride, the matrix, matrix reloaded, and atlantis. today I watched a five hour (methinks) block of law & order. and that's mostly all I've done today.
dan & the typing chick and adrian & me were supposed to go out, but the typing chick had to go back home early, and then I got distracted watching law & order so I didn't hear my phone ring.

I need to pay rent. I dunno how that's gonna work out.

roger im'ed me today... He used to blog here too, back when I first started this thing. It was more of a community blog back then...
I don't really remember what happened exactly, but when things went to shit I do remember he made quite the fuss. I remember being really hurt, 'cause I felt he and I had a lot in common... Plus he went through and deleted all the posts he'd made, save for one... That made me feel really bad - like he regretted ever knowing me. He gave me one of my star trek ships for christmas the year we were friends. I've got it on a shelf here.
He asked if I hate him... which is weird. Life's too short to hold grudges.

He said he was reading my blog... that I haven't changed a bit. lol. I dunno... I just think that's really funny.
I'm not sure there's anything left in me of who I was back when I knew him. Then again, maybe I haven't really changed at all.

guess I'm gonna see what doke's watching now.

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Saturday, January 01, 2005 :::

oh how I�ve missed spike tv

dan�s moving out right now.
I�m sad.
I�m making tuna helper. again. minus the light (yuck!) shells & cheese.

had fun last night... aj & I went out to the strip to pick up some stuff... got a bottle of malibu, a bottle of jagermeister, case of zeigenbock, and a six pack of blue moon. AJ was trying to convince me to try blue moon - he kept saying it tastes like wheat bread.
We were watching the Manly Man Action Movie Marathon - I watched all of bloodsport, and we watched most of kickboxer before doke got here.
We were supposed to go to fox... actually we did go to fox... to meet luke & his chick and some others... but uh... I saw a few of david�s friends... and at first I didn�t even wanna go in, but if david�s crew was in a different room than aj�s crew I was willing to stay. but they weren�t. doke & I left.
we came back here & had a few jagerbombs... then we went over to conference to meet up w/ cherokee & his chick and a few others. Had fun there. Then we came back here.... and at some point we left to go to some party... I remember trying to climb the trees outside... um...
When we left conference I convinced doke we should walk to my apt (it�s like... ~right~ next door) and about halfway here I realized I�d left my keys in his car... we were walking back and I was walking on some pole thing... like... that�s there to prevent people from crashing into the dumpster or something... and that got me thinking about gymnastics... and I started turning cartwheels in the parking lot.
we came back here & kept drinking... I was ~loving~ the infommercials
doke tucked me in & took my key to lock the door behind him.

dan�s almost done moving all his furniture... about all that�s left�ll be his dishes.
doke should be here soon... with his stuff. he still hasn�t signed a lease.
I need to get the apt people to replace the carpet. it smells gross. and I need to get some drano for the tub. and I ~still~ need to talk to them about my mail.

we never walked on the moon
elvis ain�t dead
you ain�t going crazy
it�s all in your head

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welcome the year on in

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