Monday, October 31, 2005 :::

geekier than thou

[13:21] parrot boy: ok lets play a game
[13:21] parrot boy: game is called how many screen names are you logged in on
[13:21] tinafish: k
[13:21] tinafish: me?
[13:21] tinafish: lol
[13:21] parrot boy: im on 7
[13:21] * tinafish blinking innocently
[13:21] tinafish: 10
[13:21] parrot boy: shit
[13:21] parrot boy: ok you win
[13:21] tinafish: lol

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somebody ~shit~ on the coats!

milkdud gave me a copy of dane cook's retaliation, and I've had adrian listen to it... he likes it a lot.
he & I listened to a chunk of brian regan's live, but I think I liked that one more than he did.

I'm still not fully moved, ya'll.
my kitchen is still not packed.
I have, however, taken down most of my posters & mirrors.
there's no way I'm getting my deposit back. there are huge holes in the walls from mirror, and my carpet's got that stain from when I ate potpourri.... plus when the pipes in the laundry room exploded my living room was flooded...
/me sigh
oh well. I didn't really expect to get it back

we ended up just watching a few episodes of ds9 last night, and tonight I think adrian's gonna help me move.
hope you have a better halloween than it looks like I'm gonna have
/me pouts

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Sunday, October 30, 2005 :::

you buggery lover!

we're trying to pick some movies to watch tonight:

the excorsist
nightmare on elm street
the ring
the prophecy
the wizard of oz
the nightmare before christmas (<-this one has my vote)

all I know for certain is my gut says 'maybe'
(it also is sad for the spinach pizza I will not be ingesting for dinner today)

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my sobriety is waning

I spent most of the day at my sis's yesterday - painting over portions of wall that I'd spackled...
adrian came by for a bit before he ran off to see a hockey game (he's a big hockey fan) and after he left my sis & I watched tv for a while.
I'm pretty stoked - got to watch some csi, law & order, sg1, atlantis, and a few infomercials. I like infomercials plenty, and if my sis hadn't dozed off I'm near certain she & I would be the proud owners of new cooking/baking wear and assorted new makeup.
but alas she was asleep (and snoring) so I went back to my apt - watched 6 episodes of ds9, including the wire (an episode I've never seen but have read about)... I was so stoked at the end of the episode, where my favorite garak quote comes from -
Bashir: So of the stories you told me, which ones were true?
Garak: My dear doctor, all of them were true.
Bashir: What about the lies?
Garak: Especially the lies.
while watching (particularly there at the end) I was uncommonly aware that adrian was not watching with me. I rolled over beaming at the end of the episode... to bruce lee staring back at me (I've a bruce lee fabric poster hanging over the window in the "tv room"). I thought about calling & telling him about it, but I figured since it was ~ 0500 he'd probably just growl at me and hang up. oh well.

now I'm at work, with tooter (who is suffering from an apparently obscene hangover) just waiting on it to be time to go home.
I was driving past the pour house on my way home from my sis's last night... I realized I could've had an extra hour at the bar last night.
/me salivates
think I should go to meetings or something

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Friday, October 28, 2005 :::

requesting a state of the entity

ok so like... gizmo went home early, and apparently got my cell phone number from the second in command at the office - to try to get me to come in early.
now, I wouldn't go so far as to say that I've taken care to not give anyone at the office my phone number... but they didn't have it on file.
she'd called adrian before for it, but for whatever reason he didn't answer so she never got it. but she got it this time.
adrian's reasoning? "wanted to kiss ass"
/me shaking head
apparently he was not in her graces for something he did yesterday, but at least he did know I'd left my cell phone at my sis's.
when I got here tooter was here alone and said they'd tried calling me, so I emailed adrian asking if there was anything he wanted to tell me.
the question got blown ~way~ out of proportion.

and it's hilarious hearing the guys I work with call in orders - they ~always~ mispronounce my name.

I wanna joing the usmc.
if I am inclined to doubt, steady my faith; if I am tempted, make me strong to resist; if I should miss the mark, give me courage to try again.

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Thursday, October 27, 2005 :::

fitful sleeping

I had a ~horrible~ night last night.
super scary dreams that are still making me shudder.
I woke up ~ 06... jacked around a bit... thought about calling my sis (wish I had) but ended up laying around 'till ~ 09.
got up, showered, headed over to her house, and I was spackling the wall by 0930. she got home a few mins later, lamented over not inviting me to brkfst, and then decided we should go to the mall.
I'm not sure why I never learn. we spent 4 hours at the mall. I just wanted some underwear! 30 mins, max! we spent an hour and a half in victoria's secret alone!

and oh yes, let me tell you about what happened ~before~ we'd even left her house.
she was coming into my bedroom, and I'm on a step ladder leaning over the tv stand spackling a bit of wall that had some scrapes in it.
she sees me on the ladder, decides that she can get by, and proceeds to. only she bumps the ladder in the process.
now, my sister's... got curves. and I'm already leaning off the ladder.
she bumps me and I lose my balance. I'd rather not land on the tv stand, and I'd ~really~ rather not hit the 2 stacks of cinder blocks (pressing flowers, remember?), so I push off the ladder, contort in mid air, and land in a crumpled heap. I narrowly miss the cinder blocks (I seriously think they swayed) and bash by entire backside (shoulders to rump).
and she laughs!
/me grr

and here's a nice little map I made in ms paint (made me feel like milkdud's friend the devil) to help you understand what I'm talking about - I was spackling over where the empty space next to tv is. I had to approach from that side because on the other side of the tv stand is a little rolly shelft thingy and then my bed. couldn't move the rolly shelf thingy 'cause of my bed, and the cinderblocks lean right up agst the side of the bed as well.

so anyway. I spent a bit of my morning working on my room and then the rest of the morning at the mall. we stopped at victoria's secret, hot topic, buckle, and waldenbooks. I finally got another copy of the simple truth so I'll read that as soon as possible, and I picked up a copy of the count of monte cristo since it's adrian's favorite book & I've never read it.
so I got undergarments & a couple of books - $60
my sis got undergarments, jeans, tshirts, earrings, and lots of other crap - I don't even wanna think about how much she spent

I'm wearing adrian's flip flops to work today... I nearly fell in a puddle on my way into the building.
I never knew navigating with flip flops was so hard.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005 :::

the face that's in the mirror when I don't like what I see

I dunno. I'm still kind of a mess.
I'd have married him if he'd asked. hell, I'd have married him if he'd just said yes when I asked.

I really do think adrian's a great guy.
I'm not sure what's going on with me, though.
for whatever reason, on the way to work...
I remember now. something like that (Something Like That) came on the radio... only every other memory.
instead of me, he's married to her.

adrian's passenger window got busted in sometime last night.
the married d00d no longer works with us - his last day was last friday.
buying bonnie's ticket to serenity worked out quite well for me; this is my second chocolate banana bread loaf.
my imac came in... I'm pretty stoked.

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the memory of a first love never fades away

I'm not sure where I'm going with this. my thoughts are all jumbled and messy...
I don't usually go back and second guess the choices I've made.
right this minute all I know for sure is that I'd like to spend the rest of the day riding a horse.
does that even make any sense?
/me shrug
I really don't know if I care.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005 :::

"my coworker's having a sneeze attack"

we're all sneezing.
I'm sneezing a lot. and my eyes are all watery.
I think I have allergies.
I'm not sure to what, though.

and I can tell that you not knowing this has been keeping you up at night, so I thought I'd help ya sleep a bit.
Many farmers burn their sugar cane crops immediately prior to harvesting. This practice significantly reduces the amount of trash (dried out and unwanted leaves) that need to be dealt with, but pollutes the surrounding neighbourhood with smoke and ash.

I've been searching for a new review of soul cal 3, but haven't been able to find one.
I'm seriously hoping I don't run out tonight and get a copy...
but I am hoping I get 'hold of some allergy meds.

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the heart of stone I sometimes get

well last night wasn't the most productive night, but I did get to sit around & listen to eddie izzard's circle w/ adrian. apparently I'm missing a few tracks off the end, but overall I liked it. I've never seen the dvd, but it's in my queue, so hopefully I'll get around to it soon enough.

soul calibur 3 is released today... I could've sworn I had preordered it at some point, but judging from my empty mailbox today I didn't.
kinda makes me sad, but not like I've had time to play much of anything recently.
usually after I do the whole home improvement thing for a few hours I'll go back to my apt... usually adrian plays some mercenaries while I'm in the shower... I've gotta admit I'm plenty impressed with his driving skills.
my driving skills, much like my jumping skills, suck ass.

rob got me hooked on this frvade game yesterday... so far I've made it to level 16, with help from the guys (and girl) I work with, assorted internet friends, and adrian.
I'll let you know how far I get today.

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Monday, October 24, 2005 :::

how could it be?

this is good
also got a cinnamon spice mocha... it's not too bad...
"Espresso, steamed milk, mocha syrup and cinnamon"
but no where near as tasty as muh pumpkin spice latte

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must be my haircut

or something. I dunno wtf, but over the weekend I've tried to get a hold of a couple of people, and they flat out never responded.
and I'm not sure why, either. well, I guess I shouldn't say that. doke & I didn't have the greatest rltnship the last time he & I talked... but aj is doing pretty much the same thing.
/me shrug

I'd planned on staying up last night to watch my ds9 dvds, but I was ~so~ tired after all the painting & spackling & moving I did yesterday.
oh and I had a stroke of creative brilliance last night. well, it could be creative brilliance, depending on how well it goes.
I decided to take the flowers adrian got me a while back & press them. and then I'm going to use polyurethane to seal them into the top of the coffee table I've been making for the last 6 months.
so yeah... I'm running into promblems with the pressing-the-flowers part. I've not pressed anything since I was a freshman in high school... but at least I'm making use of my 10+ cinder blocks, eh?

ooh... I'm going to starbucks.
pumpkin spice latte here I come!

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Sunday, October 23, 2005 :::

am I talking to miranda... now... ?

you know, I think I'm gonna buy firefly. may as well; it's more than just a bit likely that I'm gonna get serenity... and I've already got the comics.

good news, all of you who were wondering about my starbucks ice cream quest....
I located several flavors of starbucks ice cream at a united not far from my sister's house.
I stopped by said united for gas station burritos (aka gut grenades) and happened to remember I'd been looking for some coffee flavored ice cream.
so I bought a pint (or some other unit of measurement... now that I think about it maybe it's a half gallon? assuming that the bigger tubs are gallons... ok, I have ~no~ idea) last night, but I forgot to eat it! and it's absurdly cold out now!
I think at this temp I'd rather have a pumpkin spice latte than chocolate almond fudge ice cream.

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nest o' NICs

milkdud's a nerd. seriously.

anyhow... I've spent all morning working on my bedroom and bathroom... mostly the bathroom, though.
dunno if I mentioned it, but at first I'd wanted to go with a pink & purple theme in the bathroom. it didn't work out so well; the purple was really dark and the pink was ~really~ pink. since that fiasco I decided to just go with white.
only... I've painted the bathroom 3 times and you can still see the fucking pink & purple.
so I broke down & got 'hold of some primer...
I taped up my sink & the baseboards.... and part of the floor... gonna primer it up then paint it again.
before I do that, though, I've ~seriously~ gotta tape & float. like... one of the corners in the bedroom... the tape got all wrinkly.
I look like some sort of spackle monster since I've been working on that corner today - corners are not my forte.
/me sigh
and my index finger on my right hand is sore from directing the putty knife
/me pouts

(seriously - it's like... below freezing or something)

friday night milkdud, milkdud's sidekick, sarah, adrian, and I all went to see serenity.
it's still awesome, ya'll. for the life of me I truly can not understand why it didn't do better.
oh and last night - I had 3 ds9 dvds from netflix, but adrian wanted to watch st4.
/me glaring in bubba fett's general direction
I really shouldn't bitch, though, 'cause the voyage home is one of my favorites.

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Friday, October 21, 2005 :::

related on the goldfish

adrian's a sweetie, ya'll.
last night, after work, he took me to sheridan's for a concrete and then to the theatre to watch domino.
I had a great time, but the movie was pretty bad.

but I would like to take this time to say that choco (the one with the hair) almost made the movie worth it.
usually keira knightly's really cute, but she was wearing her ovaries on the outside the whole movie.
and lucy lui was... well... annoying.

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fangirl, maybe?

ok so like... I like tekken.
I'm sure you've noticed.

I regularly admit my lust for devil jin.
unknown is quite attractive as well.
if you look closely you'll notice they have a certain tattoo...
and while I've been looking for a better picture of this tattoo (so maybe I want it), I've come across tekken: the motion picture that I would ~love~ to have.
~and~ they're making a new tekken movie. I've spent the last hour or so reading the boards for it over at imdb. guess we'll see how that goes.

oh and here's a quiz I found:
tekken character selector

and I just ordered adrian's christmas gift.
I'm gonna give it to him when it comes in so that I'll have time to get him something else if he doesn't like it.
I've gotta start looking around for stuff for my dad and his chick.

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even though it's not purple

I like purple. a lot.
I make a lot of purchases based on the color of the packaging - thankfully purple colored things usually have purple scents.
so even though I don't wear perfume, I usually smell like "sun ripened raspberry" or something very close.
I use either the purple dove 2in1 shampoo or the purple 'rainforest flowers' herbal essences. I use 'berry indulging' caress, the purple aroma therapy palmolive... purple laundry detergent and fabric softener.... the list goes on and on, ya'll.

thing is, lately... I've been going for a lot of pumpkin pie related things.
the pumpkin spice latte from starbucks.
the pumpkin pie concrete from sheridan's.
the apple cinnamon candles (I know it's not pumpkin scented but it's pretty similar)
and now...
I've become near obsessed with turning this into my "fall perfume"... well, when I get around to acquiring one.

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Thursday, October 20, 2005 :::

more new products

apple's made upgrades to both pwrmacs (desktops) and pwrbooks (laptops), and I've just finished getting an imac that was released back in '98/'99.
/me shaking head
pwrbooks have higher resolutions now, which is cool... I do wish ibooks would get bumped up; then I'd be buying a new mac instead of an old one.
and the pwrmacs. omg.
"Eight 20-inch or 23-inch Apple Cinema Displays can be connected to the Power Mac G5 using four NVIDIA GeForce 6600 graphics cards."

so anyway... javi-er and I ~finally~ went to rosita's last night... I'd planned on going straight to bed afterwards, but we ended up playing some pretty heated tekken.
oh it's true. very heated. several matches btwn jin and devil jin. (/me drools)
and the little jer-k beat me with raven when I was fighting with christie AND eddie (my two strongest players)... well, they really should count as only one character, since eddie's really just a costume for christie...

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005 :::

matter vs antimatter

adrian and I have a volatile rltnship, imo. I'm kinda nervous about the whole renfest thing he's agreed to.
I mean, I'm sure we'll have fun... and I do hope he and mike get along well...
there's a lot of things that could go to shit... but mostly I'm concerned 'cause he & I have never spent that much time together.
I mean... we're gonna be in the same car for at least 20 out of 72 hours (driving from here to houston to renfest back to houston and back to here). on top of that we'll be in the same hotel room... about the only alone time we'll each get is in the bathroom!
plus there are things that we're both not ok with... like he dips... I'm not fond of it so he just doesn't do it around me... and lord knows what about me he finds gross.
and I don't drink anymore but he does (again, not around me) so I'm almost certain he'll resent that at some point over the weekend, esp if mike's out there trashed.
well maybe not resent... but you know...
/me sigh

and milkdud's over here going off about how I'm a "bastard covered bastard with bastard filling" and calling me a "bastardologist."
/me rolling eyes

the anarchist hippie and I are gonna paint and hopefully play some tekken tonight.
we got a mac in the office now - it's a cute teal little imac... I'd set the desktop to devil jin, then milkdud set it to a firefly desktop... guess we compromised & it's set to a serentiy wallpaper now.

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now all I need is a matching ibook

so I won the auction last night, thanks to sarah and her awesome ebay sniping skills.
she called to tell me we'd won, and adrian was like "I'll break it to her."
and first he said I'd lost then he said I'd won, so I called sarah back...
she says, "did he tell you you lost?"
and I was thinking "oh crap he was serious" but just said, "um... yeah... ?"
it was pretty funny, 'cause the way she asked that near had me convinced that he was lying when he said I'd won.
anyway... here's a pic:

it's awful cute. comes w/ 8.6 and I'll just hafta get my hands on a copy of 9.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005 :::

oh I do hope

I've decided to bid on an old imac.
hopefully I'll win the auction.
/me crosses fingers

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like a thief in the night

last night I was starting to pack when I picked up my rosary (to put it in a box)...
it's just a small green (my bday's in august) rosary in a small see-through plastic box...
my sis gave it to me a few years ago this one night when we were both at prayer group...
so instead of packing I prayed.
I'm not sure why, but I really wanted to. I've not prayed a rosary in aaaaages... and I've forgotten the words to the apostle's creed.

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Monday, October 17, 2005 :::

romping around swinging a sword

I've been unable to decide if mike would like adrian.
I mean... mike wasn't exactly fond of david, but I don't think mike'd have looked twice at him if it wasn't for who he was to me.
but I think mike and adrian will either get along wonderfully, or absolutely hate each other.
mike's invited us to go to the renaissance festival with him. I think I've been allowed the days off, and I do hope adrian agrees to go.
I've never been, but I think it'd be a lot of fun and I wanted to go last year too.
/me crosses fingers

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firefly & st:tng fans

both adrian, milkdud, and I all thought this was hilarious.

the guys at joy of tech are great.

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it's a great day to be alive

I'm mostly moved, with only my loveseat, futon, dishes, and bathroom stuff still at my apt.
I went by my sister's this morning before work (since I've moved all my books) and I found a couple of awesome things waiting for me - adrian got me some flowers (with a sweet card) and bonnie made me a chocolate banana loaf.
so I'm in a great mood.

adrian and I watched 8 episodes of ds9 on saturday night... it's one of the greatest things that he's a scifi fan. and last night we watched days of thunder.
oh and get this - I think it was last christmas my dad's chick got me one of those over-the-toilet space saver things. I decided yesterday afternoon that adrian & I should put it together.
now... I should have recalled that the little shelves he's got in his bedroom are uh... well... one of the pieces is upside down and backwards. and I put together some shelves for my sis... and one of the pieces I put in backwards.
can you see where I'm going with this? lol.
first I couldn't match all the pieces to the pictures (it hadn't occured to me to turn some of the pieces over) and then the first step adrian couldn't get the pieces to stick (they were upside down)... rofl... it was a lot of fun, though. the finished product is um... well... it's got personality.

adrian, my dad, and I moved my couch saturday afternoon. it near killed them (it's got a fold out bed so it's absurdly heavy).
plus it was tech's homecoming and traffic was bad, but I had a really good time gloating (I'd recommended we should go around through a residential neighborhood but they decided to take one of the main roads, so we spent about 30 mins in traffic instead of about the 5 mins it usually takes).

oh and merle haggard's coming to lubbock at the end of the month.
I'm gonna try to get both adrian and the anarchist hippie out there with me.
/me crosses fingers

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Friday, October 14, 2005 :::

que mas da si contigo estoy feliz

adrian & I went to rosita's last night for tacos and chicharrones.
our waitress was this crazy little old lady who was in a really good mood and making jokes with us and all - she's the same one that gave the anarchist hippie and I so much garbage the last time he & I ordered chicharrones.

I was so stuffed (read: content) after dinner that instead of packing I went home and got into bed.
I woke up this morning ~ 09, and decided to get started.

I moved my bed, most of my books, and one of my little shelves.
I'm hoping I can talk either adrian or javi-er (or both) into helping me move my couches next. hopefully tonight, if I can manage.

I loaded most of my books into this one box... I near broke my arms getting that box from my bedroom to the living room to my truck... I was ~so~ glad my dad was home to help me get that box into my bedroom. he lectured me about not moving stuff by myself... not like I used bad body mechanics or anything. really what hurt most is my fingers from holding on to the edges of that huge box.

I made mango bars night before last... they're kinda gross, imo; too buttery.
so I brought them to work to see if the guys'll eat em.
guys'll eat most anything.

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Thursday, October 13, 2005 :::

we're an entity

"like matter and anti-matter"

omfg! I want mexican food ~so~ badly!
I've been sitting here daydreaming of tacos, chicharrones, carne guisada, barbacoa...
enchiladas, chalupas, margaritas (which are just chalupas w/ ground beef)...
fideo and quesadillas...
y caldo y menudo tambien...

/me salivates

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not so vintage

I've finally gotten around to looking at the specs for the new imacs and ipods....
I am somewhat irked that imacs no longer have modems and that ipods no longer support firewire.
plus my itrip and imic won't work on a new ipod... guess that's not too big of a deal right this moment, but I'm sure it'll ruffle my feathers eventually.
the built in isight is nice, I guess. and shipping with a mighty mouse isn't too bad, but I was never fond of them to begin with. I just feel that apple should've stuck to a one button mouse - if you want more buttons get a mouse by logitech or something. not saying the mighty mouse is bad, I've obviously never used one... I just feel that they could've left the mouse business to someone who's already in the mouse business.

so that's that, I guess.
I'm not exactly informed, so I may change my stance before too long... but for now that's where I'm coming from.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005 :::

breath of a whim

so yesterday I was totally into vintage macs...
today's theme seems to be coffe and tea. making coffee and tea... and coffee flavored ice cream...

I've decided that I'm gonna get away from the maroon towels I have... in which case I'll most likely go with white and purple towels... so I'll need a new robe.

I've got a lot on my mind atm.
no matter what I choose I stand to loose someone dear to me.
I must handle this well... tactfully.
I want to pray for guidance. for hope. for grace.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005 :::

it's like looking at a 70's sci fi movie

so I've been looking at old macs all day... I'm dwelling on the apple II.

javi-er and I went by irby's last night... grabbed the desk and chilled for a bit.
we took it by my sis's, and my dad was kinda embarrassed and trying to pretend he didn't remember javi-er.
(last time my dad saw javi-er he was talking garbage about the anarchist hippie in spanish 'cause he thought javi-er didn't understand what he was saying)
so that was fun.

adrian's back in town tonight, so that's cool.
and now I kinda wanna watch the pacifier.

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form over function

I work on macs when they get brought in.
I don't touch any of the pcs in the shop.

every time I work on an old mac it makes me wanna buy one - I want an old imac (those that look like emacs) running os 9.
for the last hour I've been scouring ebay...
think it'll be one of my first purchases post-move.

I'm also thinking about buying an old pwrmac from lus.
sounds like I'm a budding vintage mac collector, no?

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I can still make a fist

david was a big fan of garfield. and I like garfield well enough - I even liked the movie.
david had books of garfield that we kept in the bathroom...
and like... I added garfield to the comics that I display on
for the last few months garfield has been getting steadily worse. imo, anyway.
for the last couple of weeks I've been like... seriously almost disgusted with the lame punch lines.
and then today I checked little gamers and was delighted to see I am not alone.

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Monday, October 10, 2005 :::

I will take my place

yesterday, before I came to work, I fed the hamsters and played with them a bit.
when I left simon was on his wheel running, taki was putting pumpkin seeds in her cheeks, and hwoarang was watching me leave.

when I got home, I made tea and ramen... when adrian came by I decided to take the hamsters out and put them in their balls.

simon was dead.
only 6 hours earlier he'd been running around playing and such.
he was my favorite.

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Sunday, October 09, 2005 :::

reflection in the black tinted glass

ok so like... adrian and I went to the theatre last night... I was hoping to see serenity again, but since he was buying we ended up watching a history of violence.
it took me back to this one long conv I had with my friend demetrius aaaages ago... how I'd rather have my nieces and nephews watch something like bloodsport (lots of action/violence) than original sin (lots of sex).
some of the kills in ahov were gruesome... I mostly chuckled.
for the sex scenes, though... I was mostly shocked.
there was this one scene where you see tom put his head down btwn his wife's legs, holding her little skirt down, followed by them maneuvering into the ever-popular 69... later there's another sex scene, that I thought seemed a bit out of place, followed by a full-frontal of her that I didn't think was allowed w/ just an "r" rating.
there was no real closure at the end, and a lot of the people around us seemed a bit disgruntled.
the preview in no way hinted at the uh... moral implications of the film.
/me shrug
I've still not decided if I like it or not.

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Friday, October 07, 2005 :::

nyquil means business

I took some nyquil last night and then adrian & I made tunafish sandwhiches.
I borrowed my sister's toaster, so our bread had mickey mouse on the side - it was pretty funny.
but yeah, I took some nyquil... and I've been unable to really wake up all morning.
think I rolled over around 09 and just couldn't get up... did the same thing 'till ~ 1120... was almost late to work...
I dunno. I'm super thirsty and dead tired.
and taco friday has been cancelled. again.

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Thursday, October 06, 2005 :::

when her prince pulled up... a white pickup truck...

it's fuck all cold out.
seriously - I'm wishing I had a jacket instead of just a hoodie.

had another day of ignoring adrian.
he's just left for the day, and we've made plans to have tunafish sandwhiches for dinner.
I've decided to start calling him bubba fett, and he's chosen sockninjafish for me on his boards.
he's got a website now, did I mention that? he bought it yesterday, and it's mostly up and running... well, the boards are, anyway.
he did a "special thanks" to some of us, which is where he christened me sockninjafish.
from what I've gathered the site's mostly for his uh... fleet (?) on matrix online.

slave & I've spent all afternoon talking.
it's so nice, and I hadn't realized how much I miss him.
I <3 gmail

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I have tiny iboobs

adrian and I got in a fairly big fight last night.
it's odd... it's like I step back and watch the argument from over my shoulder... and instead of saying something to diffuse the situation I'd either say something hurtful or not say anything at all.
/me shrug

I'm supposed to meet up with irby tonight, to acquire the now infamous desk.

the guys I work with are ~so~ weird.

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005 :::

look at them boots

well I spent about 2 hours and change mostly ignoring adrian.
he & his buddy were testing radios back here when I came in...
last night, when the guys "hacked" my blog, I'd gotten up to go talk to him in the other room.

it's weird seeing him here.
the difference is like... malibu barbie vs regular barbie.
it's still barbie, but different.
I'm not sure how he'll like being compared to barbie. lol

dunno how I feel about dating someone I work with.

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005 :::

I am an island. I am bloody Ibiza!

so like... we went to sheridon's last night...
I had a pumpkin pie concrete & adrian had a.... mt rush s'more...
I also had a mango dango and a razzle dazzle.
I love mangos, but it made me really ache for a papaya.
And, I must say that i am a whore...monger for that place

I added some books to my wishlist... I get the feeling the blind watchmaker might offend me.

the married d00d & the jesus fan are poons.

[hacked by the SexyMonkey & Jesus Fan] <-(badly)

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the art of war

oh it's true - I didn't want anyone specific.
I was more than happy to just date occasionally and spend the rest of my time by myself or with friends.
and no, adrian didn't trick me into dating him; he's a great guy and I like him loads.

but I do still have my bad days...
and sometimes I still want to strike out at him.

I'm not saying this is the best choice I could've made, but I'm also not saying I'd make a different choice if I could repeat it.
he and I still have a very volatile rltnship, but we always have.
but he does stand by me, and he allows me to lean on him when I need it.

the most difficult part for me is deciding when to believe him.
like... this fella I chat with mostly every day... I hadn't seen him all weekend... when he messaged me yesterday he said he missed me.
and I rolled my eyes.
I didn't see adrian saturday... on sunday when I saw him he said he missed me...
and I rolled my eyes then too.

honestly I'm not even sure where I'm going with this.

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Monday, October 03, 2005 :::

I used to like apple butter

do you know what I'm talking about? that stuff that's like... apple jam but not.
I really used to like it.
apple butter on potato bread.

I may never have apple butter again.

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Sunday, October 02, 2005 :::

I am a franchise whore

but their pumpkin spice latte is ~amazing~ - kinda like drinking a pumpkin pie. I know that sounds gross, but I promise it's good.
oh and they're ice cream is good too - think the javachip and coffee almond fudge are my favorites, and the plain coffee flavor isn't bad either.

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I am a leaf on the wind

OMFG! serenity was awesome!
if you haven't seen go out right this minute and watch it!
/me commands you

adrian, my sis, bonnie, and I went to see it friday night.
adrian & I saw it again saturday morning...
I really can't believe it's only at number 2.
I'm not just being a fangirl when I say this, but the movie really is amazing.

what else?
taco friday was postponed and then cancelled.
I will have tacos for dinner tonight! even if I have to go alone!

I gave adrian his christmas gift left over from last year. "better late than never," I always say.
I pulled out the old star trek christmas cards and gave him the joss whedon is my master now tshirt I got from thinkgeek.
he seemed to like it, so I'm pretty stoked.

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